Transcendent Class Event – Mai


A Transcendent Class event will be held starting from 09/18

The event – VIDEO GIRL MAI! This event will drop an exclusive character that will be useful in the future and can even reach 99 Luck for free!

This will be your chance to get a copy of Mai Kamio from Video Girl Ai!

Event Duration: 09/18 15:00 ~ 09/25 14:59

Stage Info

The stage will be available in 2 difficulties:

  • Super Class – 20 Stamina
  • Transcendent Class – 30 Stamina

On the highest difficulty she will have 100% drop rate!

Curse 165dbbaf308_c13a1e1ce51f80fd49c4a4a4fe028cbc

A new Debuff that reduces the amount you are able to recover. Be prepared because even stacking Heart bubbles may not help you in a pinch…

Multi Play

If you play with others online you can recieve more rewards through the Luck Bonuses of all 4 players in a game!

The boss will have a chance to drop a 5★ copy of herself, you can also receive multiple copies per run with Luck bonus in Multiplay. Mai is a powerful unit who can be awakened to 6★ rarity so try your best to get her to 99 Luck!

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