3 Million Downloads Campaign


It’s unbelievable! Already 3 Million downloads have been reached! As a thank you to the fans, a big campaign will be held starting 09/21!

3M Login Bonus


Login and receive rewards for up to 8 days during this campaign! Earn a 3 Character Gacha Ticket every day collect up to 8!

Login Period: 09/22 04:00 ~ 10/06 03:59

Seize your dreams, Jumputi Dream Treasure Gacha!?


Summon here once a day and dream of the fantastic luxury rewards!

  • 1st Prize: 100,000 Yen worth of Rubies
  • 2nd Prize: 24,000 Yen worth of Rubies
  • 3rd Prize: 2,400 Yen worth of Rubies


You will get one try a day so make sure to take part!

Event Period: 09/21 15:00 ~ 10/05 14:59

3M Friendship Bingo


The special Bingo event has returned! Work together as a community to clear goals and earn luxury rewards! Below are the goals for this time:



  1. Power Up 2 Million characters
  2. Awaken 40 Thousand characters
  3. Collect 14 Billion coins
  4. Retweet specific tweets 10 Thousand times
  5. Clear Super Class Events 1.28 Million times
  6. Clear Stages in Multi play 600 Thousand times
  7. Talk in team chat 1 Million times
  8. Clear Transcendent Class Events 4.08 Million times
  9. Send 1.2 Million Friend Points


  • 1 Line – x3 of each kind of secret scroll
  • 2 Lines – x1 of each Legendary Tier enhancement book
  • 5 Lines – 1 of each Jewel
  • 8 Lines – 5★ Guaranteed Ticket

Event Period: 09/21 15:00 ~ 09/28 14:59

Luxury items Opportunity


During the period below, there is a chance of special rare items dropping on certain quests, are you excited, what could drop?

Event Period: 09/21 15:00 ~ 09/28 14:59

Unity Battle Starjun


During this event, special rewards will be given out for the best participating teams! Aim for the top and receive many luxury rewards!

Event Period: 09/28 15:00 ~ 10/05 14:59

Boss Rush


Challenge one boss after another in this new game mode, special rewards will be available for those who can go the distance, how do you measure up?

Event Period: 09/28 15:00 ~ 10/05 14:59

3M Special Ruby Sale

Two sales packs are being released to celebrate reaching 3 Million downloads!

3M Bonus Boosted Ruby Pack


For 960 Yen, you will get 600 Rubies! This can only be purchased once.

Sale Period: 09/21 15:00 ~ 10/05 14:59

3M Massive Ruby Pack


For 4800 Yen, you will get 2250 Rubies! This can only be purchased once.

Sale Period: 09/21 15:00 ~ 10/05 14:59

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