09/27 Data Download Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

A big data download this week, a lot of questions raised here about the new format and such but biggest of all, where is Jojo? well I guess I was wrong this time but it’s not like i don’t expect it soon….

New Heroes Gacha


WOW what a banner. My 2 most desired series come to the game at the same time, that was completely unexpected. Makibao is also there…

I love the idea of this new summon format, 3 guaranteed pick up 5★s for 4250 rubies instead of 8250, thank god it came with this banner first!

Suguru Kinniku from Kinnikuman

A 1970s era unit getting some love is always appreciated and Suguru is one of my absolute favourites! Kinnikuman was also one of the few super popular series remaining that were yet to be added, though we are still waiting on Jojo and Slam Dunk. In terms of the outfit it seems they have gone for his Blue costume from the first few original volumes. I am delighted to see him added and I know many others will be too

Sawada Tsunayoshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Another character I was looking forward to a lot! To finally see the Vongola family in action is too good! Akira Amano’s art translated to sprites so well!!! I know that Katekyo Hitman Reborn is quite popular but I wonder how many units can actually make it in?

Reborn from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Ignore the rarity in the image because we don’t actually know what rarity he will be, however he is expected to be 5★. This sprite is done so well that it doesn’t even look stylized for jumputi at all, that is just Akira Amano’s Reborn ❤

He was a surprise inclusion for me, I know he is a popular character but I assumed his appearance would be as a part of Tsuna’s character, similar to baby Beel and Tatsumi Oga or as a Legend Summon. I’m glad they didn’t do that though because it would have diminished 2 of the best sprites in the game!

Midori Makibao from Midori no Makibao

I know a decent amount of people will be excited to see Makibao added however I must say that he feels a bit out of place in this gacha. If poor luck strikes me then Makibao may end up being my new best friend/mortal enemy.

With the new event system I would expect that we may see Cascade as a Transcendent event next week, if that is the case then it would support the theory than we won’t get a new gacha on the 8th…

Limited Gacha

No limited gacha this week, that will be a relief for many players I know. I believe this has something to do with the new format, it looks like we may still get another limited on 10/05 though so don’t worry if you are looking forward to them. I think Mugetsu Ichigo Kurosaki has a good chance to be next!

New Ultimate Class Event


Akuma Shogun’s Rage will be the next Ultimate Class Event! The boss Akuma Shogun will be available as a drop! He will be Fire (Red)!

Akuma Shogun from Kinnikuman

Akuma shogun I know for a fact will be a highly desired unit for many players. I hope I can beat this stage because I am very excited to finally be able to use him. I do wonder who would be a Unity Battle or Limited unit from Kinnikuman in the future? I could definitely see Terryman or Meat as a Friend point unit also Robin Mask as a second gacha 5★ ❤

Defeat Akuma Shogun Gacha

_BoGNYYH.jpg large

Now this is a nice banner, 4 really good units and 3 stand out favourites of mine, can you guess which ones ;D

Two early era and two late era units share this banner and in game any of these units are very useable Blues

New Transcendent Class Event


Flames of Wrath will be the next Transcendent Class Event! The boss XANXUS will be available as a drop! He will be Fire (Red)!

Xanxus from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Another Super popular unit! Xanxus and Akuma shogun are the same type (Red) which means Kinnikuman and Tsuna must be the same type? (Blue)… we have a very strange gacha on the way it seems. I love to see Xanxus here, he is definitely going to be my new 99 Luck Red unit.

Missing Units?

There are missing units from 2 of the new series that we can see in the files. Now this doesn’t mean they will be added anytime soon considering there are still some gaps for a long time ago, however it’s fun to speculate.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Missing Unit


My first thought is definitely either Gokudera or Hibari if we are talking about second gacha units. However because Reborn is already there as a second, maybe it will be a friend point unit or some other event unit, in which case I would say Yamamoto Takeshi would make a great Friend Point unit

Kinnikuman Missing Unit


Can I just say, if you are going to release Tsuna and Reborn, doesn’t it make perfect sense to release Meat with Kinnikuman? Maybe that was the plan but things changed? I have a feeling that this may be an even better indicator that Cascade is coming next week, eg. they only included Makibao in this gacha so they had a new series to add a Transcendent for after Xanxus ends….

Super Ready for Battle Gacha

These gacha have already been announced to be coming tomorrow. I personally think these banners will be a massive skip for 99% of players and I highly recommend avoiding them. Don’t be fooled into thinking there will only be 4 pick up units because most likely all units from each colour will have the same rate…

Unity Battle Starjun

Unity Battle is returning to it’s old format I guess… I don’t know if the rewards will be any better than the Dr. Mashirito Unity battle but I have a feeling they will be far far worse than the Golden Bomber Unity Battle. If the difficulty has also gone back up that wouldn’t be as annoying if the rewards were still amazing but I have a feeling they will be lacklustre.

Midora Legend Summon

buHeZLKU.jpg largeMidora is the Legend Summon exclusive to the Unity battle. Because of the Golden bomber event it really feels like a long time since the last Legend Summon, but with most of them only being mediocre, I don’t think it was much of a loss

The ranking rewards with the exclusive costumes are cool, but considering something like 170k players were actively playing Unity battle during the Golden Bomber event, your chance of coming high in the rankings will be very low.

Scar’s Notes

And that seems to be all for this week. I expect a much smaller data download next week. If I had to predict then I would say Cascade Transcendent and Ichigo Kurosaki Limited with some kind of event campaign, maybe 3 Million Downloads event part 2? For now however, there is no way to know for sure.

I still find it bizarre that the typings for this banner are going to be very odd (Tsuna and Suguru both Blue?) I can only assume that they knew how desirable Xanxus and Akuma Shogun were so they wanted to give fans a fair chance to get them. I guess the types will be announced on Sunday/Monday so we will be able to see what they are planning a bit better.

I really did think that Jojo was coming but I guess not this time. It is not impossible that it could come at some point in October I suppose but really the thing I am most excited for is Halloween! New costumes and an event please!

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