Limited Quest Honmaru


Starting 10/01, this stage will be available to play once per day for a limited period

Event Period: 10/01 12:00 ~ 11/01 03:59

Clearing this quest will earn you your first 3★ copy of Honmaru

For each clear you also receive;

  • Edojou Honmaru Vouchers x10
  • Exchange Points x2500
  • All Rounder Scrolls

This quest is a beginner difficulty quest that any player can enjoy so no need to prepare for this!

First Ever Clear Reward

  • 3★ Edojou Honmaru
  • Jump Orbs x20

Guaranteed Rewards Each Time

  • Edojou Honmaru Character Vouchers x10
  • Exchange Points x2500

Random Chance Rewards

  • All Rounder Scroll (Small) x5
  • All Rounder (Medium) x5
  • All Rounder (Large) x5

Honmaru’s Road to Victory


Honmaru can be evolved all the way to Victory rarity using character cards:

  • 3 x 3★ Character Card
  • 4 x 4★ Character Card
  • 5 x 5★ Character Card

3★ and 4★ Red Ribbon army soldier will be available from missions to help you evolve Honmaru quicker!

Let’s Trade for Honmaru


As with normal events, trade in the Character Vouchers you earn for Honmaru in exchange for a 3★ copy of the unit. You can trade 50 Vouchers for one copy!

Grab copies for Overboost to make your Honmaru even stronger!

Event Unit


Bullied Child who became the Strongest – Honmaru Edojou

from Magical Taruruuto-kun

Type: Strength

Class: All Rounder

Era: 1980s

Ultimate Attack: Area of [God]

Boost this unit’s Damage Dealt to units with the Evil characteristic by a Large amount for 1 turn and inflict 700% damage to the target (Cooldown: 36)

Skill 1: I remember these punches with my body

Inflict 2 hits of 150% damage that ignore defence to the target, if they are Intelligence type, inflict a further 150% that ignores defence damage (Cooldown: 33)

Skill 2: A heart that does not give up

Reduce the Damage Received from Intelligence enemies for all team members by a Large amount for 3 turns and Block damage once for all team members with the Hand to Hand Combat characteristic (Cooldown: 30)

Skill 3: Power of Nature

Boost Recovery effects for all Strength allies for 3 turns (Cooldown: 27)


  • Boost the Attack of all Strength team members by a Medium amount
  • Boost the Defence of Strength team members by an Extreme amount
  • Boost the Damage Dealt by all team members to enemies with the Evil characteristic by a Medium amount

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