Midori Makibao Character Quest Info


A new character quest this October will be added to Ore Collection! New unit Midori Makibao from Midori Makibao will be available!

Event Period: 10/02 12:00 ~ 10/09 23:59

What are Character Quests?

A type of quest that can be challenged to earn Character Vouchers for specific characters. These can be traded in at the store for 3★ copies of the unit.

Let’s earn lots of tickets and get 3★ Makibao!

How do the Character Vouchers work?

  • Character Vouchers will be dropped as rewards for chapter clears
  • Every time you collect 50 matching Vouchers you can exchange them for a 3★ copy of the unit on the ticket
  • There is no limit to how many copies you can farm!
  • The Vouchers can be exchanged at the general exchange
  • Specific Vouchers are dropped on specific events and can only be exchanged for the character on the Voucher

Quest Challenge Times

These quests can only be challenged at specific times as indicated below:

Makibao Quest Days

  • Tuesday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Event Times

During this event, Midori Makibao’s Character Quest will be available for 1 week straight so for now don’t worry about Quest Challenge Times and start farming!

Active Dates: 10/02 12:00 ~ 10/09 23:59

Special Missions

Special missions will be held to commemorate the release of these stages. Defeating the stages certain numbers of times or under certain conditions can earn you Jump Orbs, Character Gacha Tickets, Dumbbells etc.

For each Quest these missions will be held for the first week that they are available.

Makibao Missions Period

  • 10/02 12:00 ~ 10/10 03:59

How to Evolve Character Quest units?


These characters have their own exclusive evolvers that can be purchased from the general exchange. Use points to purchase the evolvers and vouchers to purchase copies of the characters. These units can be evolved all the way to Victory without using any other character cards so all it will cost you is points in the general exchange!

Stage Information

  • Stage will feature Strength Units
  • Agile units are recommended
  • Makibao will use Guts and Block, as well as dealing massive damage to a single unit!


The following evolvers are required to evolve Makibao. Purchase them from the shop and evolve him to make the most of his abilities.

  • 3★ Chuubei – 250 Points
  • 4★ Shabitel – 500 Points
  • 5★ Shabitel – 2000 Points

Revamped Unit!


White Miracle – Midori Makibao

from Midori no Makibao

Type: Strength

Class: DPS

Era: 1990s

Ultimate Attack: Mustang Special

Negate one Stat buff on the target and inflict 900% damage to the target (Cooldown: 42)

Skill 1: Remove the Burdock

Inflict 300% damage that ignores defence to the target (Cooldown: 37)

Skill 2: Chuubei’s Advice

Boost this unit’s number of normal attacks per turn by +2 for 4 turns and boost this unit’s Damage Dealt to Intelligence enemies by a Large amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 32)

Skill 3: Guts for Victory

Boost this unit’s Attack and Defence by an Extreme amount for 4 turns and this unit enters a Guts state where he can survive up to 2 hits that would kill him at 5% HP or less (Cooldown: 40)


  • Boost the Speed of all Strength team members by a Medium amount
  • When this unit’s HP is 50% or less, boost this unit’s Attack by a Mega amount
  • When this unit’s HP is 50% or less, reduce this unit’s Damage Received by a Large amount

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