6 Month Anniversary Stream Event Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

Here we will add in info from the stream! A lot of exciting things were teased to let’s have a look! You can see the VOD of the livestream down below:

6 Month Anniversary Campaign

The game has reached it’s half anniversary so a campaign will be held to celebrate!


Login Bonus


Login for up to 8 days during the period below and receive 100 Rubies per day for a total of 800 Rubies!

Login Period: 10/05 04:00 ~ 10/20 03:59

1/2 Stamina Adventures and 1/2 price FP summons


During the period below, certain adventures will be half stamina cost and Friend Point summons will be half price!

Event Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59

Character Enhancement Event


Great Success and Super success on character enhancements will be 1.5x more likely to appear than usual!

Event Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59

Jumputi Present Event


Earn luxury rewards including a multi ticket for clearing this event!

Event Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59

Welcome to the Outer Zone Event


This event will give you the chance to drop Misery Stalker from Outer Zone as well as Moteuchi Yōta from Video Girl Ai and Komatsu from Toriko

Event Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59

4★ Breakthrough Awakening Vote


A vote will be held to decide which 4★ units will be allowed to awaken to 6★ in the future!

Event Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59

Customer Survey


A survey will be held so that you can tell the developers, which characters and series are missing from the game that you want added!

Event Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59

RT Gacha


For every 1000 retweets on a certain tweet, free summon on this gacha, the limit is 30,000 so up to 30 free summons!

Event Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/08 23:59

Once Per Day Lottery Gacha Returns


Chance to win a large amount of Yen’s worth of rubies! Summon once per day for a chance to win, Additionally chance to win your favourite 5★ unit!

Event Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59

Shiroyasha and Sagittarius return!


Shiroyasha Gintoki and Gold Cloth Seiya return in this Limited gacha!

Gacha Period: 10/05 15:00 ~ 10/12 14:59

Buffed Units


Adjustments will be made to the unit’s below starting from 10/05! More news will be available in game later!

  • Hibino Makoto – Ult: Damage UP, Recovery UP
  • V1 Kurama – Ult: Damage UP, Poison Damage UP. Passive: Bubble requirement reduced, Recovery UP
  • V1 Seiya – Ult: Damage UP, Damage Reduction UP for Blue
  • Cobra – Ult: Damage UP, extra damage to weakened enemies. Passive: Bubble requirement reduced, Attack boost UP
  • V2 Gintoki – Ult: Damage UP, Counter Attack Damage Up
  • V2 Kurama – Ult: Poison Damage UP. Passive: Damage Reduction UP
  • V2 Luffy – Ult: Attack Boost UP. Support: Reduced cooldown, Damage Reduction UP. Passive: Attack Boost UP, Damage Reduction UP
  • Makoto Ichijou – Support: Bursts Red Bubbles, Reduced cooldown
  • Trafalgar Law – Support: Reduce turns of Guard for all enemies, Altered Cooldown
  • Arshes Nei – Support: Inflict Weakening to all enemies, Altered Cooldown
  • L Lawliet – Ult: Attack Boost UP, Recovery Boost Up. Support: Attack Boost UP, effects extended by 1 turn

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