Fierce Battle – Chrollo


Event Holding: 10/24 12:00 ~ 10/30 23:59

Subsequently starting from 11/05 00:00 this event will be held every Monday!

What is Fierce Battle?


A challenge beyond the Super Assault, Battle with Chrollo! However:

  • 1 Stage
  • No Friend Leaders
  • No Continues

In this event No Character Vouchers will drop! The stage will be available without any time slots on the scheduled days, so no 1 or 2 hour rushes, you can take your time to prepare and challenge!

Clear Rewards

For your first clear of this stage you can receive

  • 50 Jump Orbs
  • 2x INT 50 Overboost Soda
  • 1x Character Gacha Ticket
  • 1x Guaranteed 5★ Gacha Ticket

Super Assault Chrollo


Additionally, Super Assault Chrollo will be available for 24 hours every Monday starting from 10/22. Initial rewards will be reset so for your first clear get yourself some Overboost Soda and Jump Orbs!

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