Version 1.1.3 Update

As was stated two weeks ago, the third and final major update has occurred. While the contents of this update are not as big as the last one, it still brought some interesting features and updates for us to play with. So let’s dive on in and see what is in store for us!

1. Jump Stadium Slots


This is the minigame the devs were talking about in the last two updates. This addition here, every day you play it, will give users items based on what the slots have shown. Essentially, it is a slot machine only you will receive all the prizes you see on the screen. So while there is no need to match 3 in a row, your prizes will DOUBLE if you match three in a row!


The prizes of this are as follows:

  • 25 Gems
  • 3 Black Chips
  • 10 Silver Chips
  • 100 Jump Coins
  • 30 Red Grips
  • 3,000 Coins

This new feature is accessible through a button on the top right of the screen (beside the gatcha menu button)


2. New Pick-Up Gatchas

New scenes were added to the game, and with them, new Gatchas were introduced to help you get these scenes! The two new gatchas are as follows:

Gatcha Dates: 10/24 13:00 ~ 11/07 12:59 JST

1. The Select Skills Memory Pick-Up


This gatcha contains 4 new scenes that will boost either your attack power or will lower your SP Technique recharge time! These are the first scenes of their kind, and matching them with the characters they correspond to will give an even further boost! These scenes are:

1. [My chest feels heavy…]


Memory Skill: Increase Aerial Damage (+250)

2. [I can’t sleep]


Memory Skill: add SP Technique & decrease cooldown (-15 sec.)

3. [You guys noticed it too, huh?]


Memory Skill: add SP Technique & decrease cooldown (-15 sec.)

4. [Uraraka’s Dream]


Memory Skill: Increase Grounded Damage (+250)

2. The Certain Knockout Pick-Up


This Gatcha contains scenes that have a very high attack or defense stat on them! Using these with their corresponding characters can make their attack or defense increase by up too 600 points! Even if the skills aren’t great, these are scenes you will surely want on your characters. The scenes are:

1. [Please… Tell me more!!!]


Attack (lv. 50): 209

Defense (lv. 50): 453

Memory Skill: Increase Combo Attack string (+1)

2. [You’re… So Amazing…]


Attack (lv. 50): 330

Defense (lv. 50): 330

Memory Skill: increase number of Jumps (+1)

3. [Saori’s Confession]


Attack (lv. 50): 453

Defense (lv. 50): 209

Memory Skill: add Charge Attack

4. [Let’s talk for a bit]


Attack (lv. 50): 323

Defense (lv. 50): 330

Memory Skill: add Dash & increase Dash Distance (small)

3. Challenge Cup


Event Dates: 10/24 13:00 ~ 11/07 12:59 JST

A new single player cup has been released! Move through the ranks and challenge the many fighters in this Cup and win some luxurious rewards, including new scenes from both YuYu Hakusho & Ring ni Kakero!

This Cup consists of 21 rounds, every round getting increasingly more difficult than the last. Rules and challenges will shift around every round so you will have to keep on your toes if you want to fully complete it all!

The two new scenes can be found in the last 6 rounds (16-21), with two copies of each as rewards for completing challenges in rounds 16-19! The new scenes are:

1. [The Flying Shadow]


Attack (lv. 50): 310

Defense (lv. 50): 340

Memory Skill: add Charge Attack

2. [Struggle! Ishimatsu!]


Attack (lv. 50): 330

Defense (lv. 50): 320

Memory Skill: increase Combo Attack (+1)

4. Small Fixes and Bug Clearing

Nothing noticeable has been changed in regards to bugs, but they have added a connection meter for players in the Rank Stadium, and the charge time for every characters SP Technique has been added to their information page.

That covers everything that has happened in the update today, I hope you are all enjoying the new content!

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