11/01 Data Download Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

A very small data download this week, not much to cover unfortunately….

New Heroes Gacha

Still no new heroes gacha, does this mean my idea from last week that they are preparing the characters from the vote gacha was correct? Well I don’t know for sure but 2 Limited banners in 2 weeks instead of a normal gacha might reinforce that idea a little. It’s sad to see but better than nothing.

Limited Gacha


If you had told me that Muga no Kyochi  –  Teni Muhō no Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection) Ryoma Echizen [無我の境地  –  天衣無縫 :  越前 リョーマ] was planned as a future Limited unit then I would have believed you. But I am conflicted, I want to pull but going in to a limited banner without the rubies to finish it is ALWAYS a bad idea…

Ryoma Echizen from The Prince of Tennis

His sprite looks great and unlike last week, which was pretty non-standard all around (where is that Gon costume huh?!), he seems like a standard limited unit. So if you have 9 Multis worth of rubies then he can be yours but personally I need to know what is coming next before I summon…

I could really do with summoning a limited unit but I think Aqua (Blue) is one of my strongest types at the moment so it’s probably not worth pushing my luck.

New Ultimate Class Event


The men who stand at Championship Point! will be the new Ultimate Class Event! The boss Seiichi Yukimura will be available as a drop! They will be Fire (Red)!

Seiichi Yukimura from The Prince of Tennis

This was a surprise addition for me, but a pleasant one, Yukimura (幸村精市) being added before anyone else from Seigaku, or the playable Atobe who we know will be coming at some point, is kinda cool. Hopefully this is a continued sign of things to come with shiny new units appearing from old series almost every week now!

The Prince of Tennis – Missing Unit


Well who could it be? I still think Tezuka is the most likely but I could also easily see Momo in there or I guess with Yukimura being unit 031, anyone could be in there from the series really.

New Transcendent Class Event

No new transcendent class this week, I assume that they want us to Max Luck Bisky before she goes which is fine, even if I already finished her I can still use the extra time to farm other stuff.

Battle Rush –  Fierce Test (Shin)


Well I said I wanted an obtainable version of Shin last week and…. oh wait no, it’s still the same as before…

Well it’s still always nice to have a Battle Rush come back, good chance to stock up on some nice rewards, including the Multi ticket for clearing the newest stage, Stage 25.

New Defeat Shin Gacha


This gacha has been completely revamped and it’s looking a lot more tantalizing! A choose your own gacha ticket on the 5th multi + 4 really nice featured units is surely going to tempt some of the players who struggle with Shin. I personally won’t be pulling because I have no rubies for this banner 🙁

Scar’s Notes

And that’s it. Last week was pretty substantial in size, even if it didn’t have a new heroes gacha, so a more chill week this week is perfectly understandable. I just hope that my predictions are correct (for once) and we will see a new heroes gacha with units from the votes in the next data download, if not then I don’t really know what they are planning…



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