11/08 Data Download Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

A decent sized data download this week, nothing too crazy, mostly things we expected with a little extra on the side. We don’t have all the info yet on this stuff, just what’s been put in the game but I still expect some more campaign info of some kind from the devs soon so look forward to that!

Limited Banner?

No new limited banner this week and that’s fine by me. Two weeks back to back with just a new limited and ultimate and no new heroes was cool but I could do with a break from banners like that for a little while…at least a week…

New Heroes Gacha


Well my predictions (that the poll units would come this week) were right for once! It looks like the winners of the polls were Dr. Stone and Captain Tsubasa! I had hoped Dr.Stone would be added soon and to be honest I (and I think most others) pretty much expected Tsubasa to walk to an easy win in the survey.

Tsubasa Ozora from Captain Tsubasa

One of the most popular manga series of all time, it was never a matter or “if” but rather “when”. I sort of think it was a shame that Tsubasa was included in the vote and not left out like Slam Dunk was because it was obvious it would be added at some point and that survey slot could have gone to a series that was much less likely to get in without people showing support for it.

Tsubasa’s sprite is true to the manga style and looks really good, it seems like he is going to be Fire (Red)

Taro Misaki from Captain Tsubasa

I always felt there was a bit of a dilemma with sports manga due to the sheer number of options that have for potential characters. We have seen this a little with Kuroko no Basuke but Tsubasa is on another level when it comes to character options and this time around it’s Misaki but don’t be surprised if we see a lot more later

Senku Ishigami from Dr. Stone

Ah this is awesome. Senku is just such a dope character and he hasn’t really gotten a chance to shine yet in Jump games because his series is still so young and the anime is yet to be released (though seems to be planned). This sprite is AMAZING, seeing Boichi’s art in this game is such a treat, I hope this isn’t the last we see of Dr. Stone just like the many other series that got 1 character and vanished…

Yami from To Love Ru

As with Kise in the last new heroes banner, it seems like a new hero from series already in the game being included in the new heroes gacha will be the new norm. I’m fine with this and Yami is very much deserving of finally being added.

On that note, it seems that a number of events for series already in the game have been prepared and ready for a long time but they have waited to add a new unit from that series before adding the new events in, which old series do you want to see get a new gacha and event unit? For me I would LOVE to see some Hinomaru Zumou content!

Yami appears to be Thunder (Yellow) which makes perfect sense for Golden Darkness herself!

New Transcendent Class Event


To Love Ru – Metamorphose will be the next Transcendent Class Event! The boss Run Elsie Jewelria will be available as a drop! She will be Aqua (Blue)!

Run Elsie Jewelria from To Love Ru

Despite it’s over the top ecchi harem nature, To Love Ru was still quite an enjoyable read but with so many characters and so much going on, sometimes characters like Run seemed to blend into the background. At least the jumputi devs had a place for her, I wonder if her male counterpart will make an appearance….

New Ultimate Class Event


Super Great GoalKeeper (S.G.G.K) will be the next Ultimate Class Event! The boss Genzo Wakabayashi will be available as a drop! He will be Wood (Green)!

Genzo Wakabayashi from Captain Tsubasa

I had a distinct feeling that we would see Wakabayashi when Tsubasa was added. It’s not entirely a surprise to see 3 new units added at once for one of the most popular jump series of all time but 2 gacha units and an Ultimate class is pretty nice similar to the attention that Hokuto no Ken got upon it’s addition to the game. As I said before, the Captain Tsubasa sprites look so true to the original art style, it really is a nice touch considering how different the new anime looks in comparison.

Missing IDs

There is still 1 slot left open for To Love Ru! There are so many options that could fit in there but for me personally, I’m hoping to see Yui Kotegawa in there!


The Spooky Keys

I couldn’t work out what these keys were for at first, until I took another look and saw the banner below along with a bunch of other updated banners


It seems like these keys will unlock Transcendent and Ultimate class events in the Hidden Grotto (where the limited islands that require keys are) and these new versions of the stages will all have 100% drop rate! A pretty nice touch, but again, they have been very inconsistent with the keys in the past and I’m not sure that will change any time soon….

Defeat Seiichi Yukimura Gacha


This seems to be becoming a trend, release the Ultimate class and then release the gacha for it in the second week, I find it a little strange but regardless, this is a decent looking banner however considering it has the old summon format, it’s a skip for me.

Step Up Gacha


I’m not really sure what this is about yet, 4 nice units rated up in a step up banner yeah okay sure….isn’t every banner a step up though?

Another Sale


Speaks for itself really, 1 time only, 500 rubies for 480 yen.

Scar’s Notes

I’m conflicted really, this is a nice week of content and I really really want to pull for Senku, but when you consider what was on the other half of that survey (new units for popular series already in the game), I do start to wonder if next week or the week after is going to be absolutely crazy.

One thing is for sure, expect a new One Piece unit at least and most likely a Dragon Ball too, I’ve learnt to only rely on one thing and that is how crazy popular those 2 series are….

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