Version 1.1.4 Update

An update has occurred in the game and as such, some new content has appeared as well! let’s dive into what was added.

1. Updates to the Game

A minor change was made to the tutorial section of the game. Now you will be able to tell what level of completion you have made in each tutorial cup!



2. New Pick-Up Gatchas

New scenes were added to the game, and with them, new Gatchas were introduced to help you get these scenes! The two new gatchas are as follows:


Gatcha Dates: 11/07 13:00 ~ 11/21 12:59 JST

1. 2-Series Select Pick-up Gatcha


This gatcha contains 4 new scenes that will boost Luffy and Gon! Additionally, all scenes from both One Piece and Hunter X Hunter will be available in this gatcha, so if you are a fan of either of these characters, be sure to pull on this banner! The new scenes from this gatcha are as follows:

1. [Leorio’s Resolution]



Attack (lv. 75): 410

Defense (lv. 75): 490

Memory Skill: increase Combo Attack (+2)

2. [Nen Personality Test]



Attack (lv. 75): 470

Defense (lv. 75): 450

Memory Skill: increase number of Jumps (+1)

3. [A kitchen knife contains the soul of a cook]



Attack (lv. 75): 430

Defense (lv. 75): 450

Memory Skill: increase Combo Attack (+2)

4. [One who hurts his friends won’t ever gain forgiveness]



Attack (lv. 75): 490

Defense (lv. 75): 410

Memory Skill: Increase Grounded Damage (+250)

2. The Certain Knockout Pick-Up



This Gatcha contains scenes that have a very high attack or defense stat on them! Using these with their corresponding characters can make their attack or defense increase by an incredible amount! These scenes are perfect for taking on the new event that was introduced. The new scenes are:

1. [Oh! Nube!!!]



Attack (lv. 75): 700

Defense (lv. 75): 700

Memory Skill: add Dash & increase Dash Distance (small)

2. [Gonzo’s Revenge]



Attack (lv. 75): 500

Defense (lv. 75): 500

Memory Skill: increase Combo Attack (+1)

3. [Let’s go!!!]



Attack (lv. 50): 500

Defense (lv. 50): 500

Memory Skill: add Charge Attack

4. [I don’t like you]




Attack (lv. 50): 500

Defense (lv. 50): 500

Memory Skill: increase Combo Attack (+1)

3. Character Event! Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – The Man with the Demons Attraction ~



Event Dates: 10/24 13:00 ~ 11/07 12:59 JST

A new single player championship tour has been released! 4 cups have been introduced into this tour, each one introducing a new scene from the legendary series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

Each Cup consists of 5 rounds, and you only start with the first 2 Star Cup. As you finish every Cup, the next one will unlock so finish them all to get a chance at collecting the new scenes. Be wary though, every round will get increasingly more difficult than the last!

Each Cup will contain an exclusive scene that can only be obtained by either having it drop in one of the stages, or by clearing limited time challenges. The new scenes are:

1. [The Reason for knowing DIO]



Attack (lv. 75): 310

Defense (lv. 75): 350

Memory Skill: increase Jumps (+1)

2. [Avdol’s Recursion]



Attack (lv. 75): 300

Defense (lv. 75): 380

Memory Skill: increase Speed (medium)

3. [The Fearless Hol Horse]


Attack (lv. 75): 260

Defense (lv. 75): 260

Memory Skill: add SP Technique & decrease Cooldown (- 7 sec.)

4. [The Immortal Hanged Man]


Attack (lv. 50): 290

Defense (lv. 50): 250

Memory Skill: increase Aerial Attack (+150)

That covers everything that has happened in the update today, I hope you are all enjoying the new content!

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