11/15 Data Download Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

A big data download this week, showing us what to expect, not just this week, but also in the week that follows (only a little bit). There is some exciting stuff in here for me so I’m pretty happy, but I wonder what will stand out the most to everyone else.

Limited Banner?

No new limited banner this week again, considering what we are getting instead I am perfectly happy with that, but it probably won’t be long until we get another one so if you think anyone you like is a possibility then it might be better to save…

Medaka Box Event


We already knew this event was coming due to the fact that it was shown in game prior to the data download. I really enjoyed Medaka Box and seeing the love it is getting with this event is very nice for me.

Naze Youka from Medaka Box

Interestingly she will be the first unit to require a special evolver item to evolve (the syringe). I had a theory that Nami would have a similar evolution method, though we still haven’t heard anything else about her.

Naze Youka (Kurokami Kujira Costume) from Medaka Box

Well her costume is kind of a spoiler but I guess that’s something you can’t really avoid too much with a game like this and I guess this isn’t as big of a spoiler as Akuma Shogun being Goldman was in the Akuma Shogun event so I guess people just have to deal with it. It’s also kinda weird having the costume be the real character and the actual character being the alter ego but I guess it’s not a big deal.

Medaka Box Event Point Booster Gacha


This gacha is super interesting, up until now the x2 point boosters which we call “semi-limited units” have been kind of unique. Kawato-sensei was the protagonist of his series but one of his students was in the new hero gacha and he was a x2 booster. Saruno was the protagonist of his series but the only unit from Mr. Fullswing added and he was a x2 booster instead of a new hero.

Now we have War God Mode Medaka who, many of us were certain, would be a Limited Gacha unit at some point. I think this is really nice though and opens a lot of doors for the future, maybe powered up characters like Super Milk Time Tatsumi Oga from Beelzebub or new units from series already in the game like Heppokomaru from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo will appear in gacha like these in the future…a man can dream…

[War God Mode] Medaka Kurokami from Medaka Box

I will definitely be summoning for her, I just can’t help it.

The scene is fantastic, the manga colours are a bit understated compared to the anime but I’ll wait to see it animated before I pass judgement (I was almost upset about Teruhashi not having her signature outer glow on her sprite but it was added in game and maybe the same will be here with the fierce pink outer glow of War God Mode)

If every point booster gacha looked like this I think people would have less of a problem with them to be honest, the others felt like cheap bait for people who were big fans of those series feeling like they might not get another chance to pull those units. But with Medaka she feels like a limited unit anyway so it’s not as bad.

Akune Kouki from Medaka Box

Well we saw him in the banner image shown yesterday and we didn’t know if he was added to the banner by mistake or whether he was planned to be added during this event and really…we still don’t know?!

Well seeing him in the files at least makes me think that he will be added in this event, I assume either in the store or as a Login unit. In my opinion, Login would make the most sense because we are well overdue a new campaign with login bonuses and I think we will see that soon.

New Heroes Gacha


More series from the survey, a bit of an odd selection if I’m honest and still some big names from the survey nowhere to be seen. I do really think the survey was just used to gauge interest in certain series, rather than them only adding the most popular series, they want to add the series with unexpected support from the fans.

Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu!!

One of the hottest properties in Jump right now, Kageyama makes sense to be in this banner just to bait anyone who isn’t tempted by the slightly more obscure series. Is it just me or are they getting better and better at picking these Scene panels, some of them in the last few weeks have looked soooo good!

I have a theory that he will be Aqua (Blue) which I will explain a bit further down the post…

Train Heartnet from Black Cat

Is it a coincidence that To Love Ru got some love last week and we get Train this week? (they have the same mangaka: Kentaro Yabuki) hmm maybe this is a new way for us to predict stuff…or not….

I know a lot of people were really looking forward to Train being added, though I was surprised not to see an event of any kind, I mean we don’t even have an Ultimate class event at all this week. Well, I think it’s safe to say we will see more from Black Cat in the future even if, for now, we only get one unit.

Taruruuto-kun from Magical Taruruuto-kun


Taruruuto is finally being added. If you aren’t familiar, this is one of those series that is quite bizarre, very much late 80s early 90s Japanese humour that didn’t make it over to the west that often. There are at least a handful more characters from this series that I expect to see in the future but starting off with two units is perfectly fine for now.

He will most likely be Wood (Green) because he will counter the event which I will mention further down the post.

Reiki Kikoku from God Sider

A surprise, but a welcome one. While I’m not super familiar with God Sider, I have at least heard of it. I love the art style and considering Kōji Maki (God Sider’s Mangaka) is involved in at least three other Weekly Shonen Jump manga, it would be nice to see more.

Seeing Reiki gives me a lot of hope for the smaller series in the survey, I guess we were right in thinking that anyone who made it on that list has a chance to get in, which is exciting because that’s a lot of possibilities!

New Transcendent Class Event


Raivar’s Great Counter Attack!! will be the next Transcendent Class Event! The boss Raivar will be available as a drop! He will be Thunder (Yellow)!

Raivar from Magical Taruruuto-kun

Ahh I’m happy to see him added and he’s free!! Magical Taruruuto-kun has now appeared in all 3 Jump Gacha games, but Jumputi will be the first to add Raivar which is nice. I fully expect to see at least Honmaru, Iyona and Mimora at some point too.

Considering Raivar is Thunder (Yellow) that basically confirms that Taruruuto will be Wood (Green)

New Ultimate Class Event

No new Ultimate Class Event this week. It’s a shame but I guess this will give people a chance to farm up the two new events and some of the others they may have missed in previous weeks

Unity Battle – Wakatoshi Ushijima


You’ll have to take my word on this one because the images in game aren’t in a very nice format for Unity Battles so it’s not really possible to get a really nice visual aid for this until the banner images are added.

So a few assumptions here:

  • The banner images aren’t in the files yet so I think this event probably won’t be until Thursday next week (after the next data download)
  • There is no new Legend Summon in the files, meaning there is a good chance this event will drop a new character much like the Murasakibara Unity Battle
  • Considering Murasakibara and Frieza shared a typing, I would say it is very likely that Wakatoshi will be Fire (Red) and will offer Hadlar as a reward character
  • If the assumption above is correct then Kageyama will most likely be Aqua (Blue) as I mentioned in his section

Defeat Genzo Wakabayashi Gacha


This was pretty much expected, Genzo it seems, will be returning and with his return comes a new gacha to help you beat him. A nice little selection to be honest, these gacha have been improving a little recently.

Defeat Akuma Shogun Gacha


This gacha isn’t really new but it shows that Akuma shogun will return this week. Like I said last time, this banner is amazing but considering I am on 2/3 units that I want from this banner, it’s an easy skip for me, however I will farm some more Akuma Shogun copies while he is here.

Another Sale


We had this sale before or at least a very similar one, 3 times only, 2050 rubies and a Character Choice ticket for 9800 yen. I don’t know the whole roster for the ticket but unless there is someone you specifically want and feel like you will struggle to pull elsewhere, this is a big price to pay.

Scar’s Notes

All in all, this is an awesome week, nice events, nice gacha and a bunch of nice freebies. That being said, I really do have my fingers crossed for a new Campaign event. All these gacha are cool but you have to at least give the people a few rubies to pull with without gouging them for cash every few weeks. I have a feeling we might see Nami and Akune show up in whatever campaign we do end up getting so let’s just hope the other offerings from the campaign will also be nice.

I am personally quite satisfied to see War God Medaka, I hope that we get more events like this one for other series that have been a bit underloved in the past, I’m looking at Hinomaru Zumou, Hoshin Engi, Bobobo, D. Gray-man, Beelzebub, Hentai Kamen etc I could go on for a while there.

Anyway let’s all hope for our favourite series to get some love in the next event, see you next week!



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