Ore Collection 2

As always, thank you very much for playing Weekly Shonen Jump: Ore Collection, abbreviated as OreColle. We are grateful for your patronage.

From the start of service, the development team has been trying to improve the service while renewing the game specifications (training/arena/equipment etc)so that everyone can enjoy it. We have made the decision to perform a major rework of OreColle. Although there are some uncertainties about the time and details of this rework, we will explain the changes that we are currently planning in the following notes to everyone.

To everyone who has supported us day after day, we are sorry to have caused you trouble, thank you for understanding as we detail below the new game.

Jump Hero Taisen (Jump Hero Great War) – Ore Collection 2



Ore Colle 2 is an RPG where players fight with Jump Heroes to save the world. You will grow while you adventure in a story where you face up against a great enemy!

Jump Heroes


The Jump heroes, now in 3d!

*From the lineup of Ore Colle, the lineup will be changed for Ore Colle 2, certain works and characters will not appear. The details of the specifics will be announced at a later date



The battle type will be changed to a command selection type, where the 3D Jump Heroes fight at your command!



By joining forces the Jump Heroes can use powerful Ultimate Attacks and various techniques can be performed in combination with one another!




You can play against other players in the arena!

About the handover

Customers who are playing Ore Colle can transfer their account over to Ore Colle 2 regardless of if they have used real world currency for purchases or not. Various items however will not be transferred, we will detail below in more information. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Things that will transfer

  • User ID
  • User Name
  • Jump Orbs

Things that will NOT transfer

  • Collection Level
  • Stamina
  • Character Cards
  • Special Evolution materials
  • Character Tickets
  • Jump Gold
  • Memorial Points
  • Scene Cards
  • Skill Scrolls
  • Medals
  • Stamina Bottles
  • Over Boost Soda
  • Dumbbells (including Bench Press)
  • Gold Cards
  • Koma
  • Gold Boost item
  • Arena Stamina
  • All forms of gacha tickets
  • Box expansion
  • Arena Points
  • Arena Rank
  • Exchange Points
  • Follower List
  • Contents of your gift box


Depending on your playing situation on your Ore Colle account, you can recieve compensation on Ore Colle 2.

  • For every 20 Jump Orbs Spent (regardless of situation) receive 1 Three Star or higher confirmed gacha ticket.
  • For every day you logged in recieve 5 Jump Orbs

Please do not delete the application, it will be required for you to be signed in to the installed app in order to update and hand over your account to Ore Colle 2. We will give more information on the distribution of the items closer to the time.

Rework Flow


  1. Rework Notice (This announcement)
  2. Stop the sale of Jump Orbs
  3. Maintenance for Rework
  4. Application update (takeover process)
  5. Rework Open

We will announce the official rework date at a later time.

Jump Orbs will no longer be available for purchase soon. More details of the implementation schedule and hand over method will announced in a later notice.

Please understand beforehand that these details are not complete and we cannot answer questions about the update even if contacted individually. The details of the update may be subject to change due to various circumstances at any point.

3 thoughts on “Ore Collection 2

  1. Rerolled for days for Tsuna and Chrome in the same acc…and now they r telling me I can’t even trasfer em to the new game. Sad :/

  2. When will Ore Collection 2 is release to global ?
    Hope it will, or just add english language is ok 🙂

    Really love manga charactor (*v*)/

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