Jumputi Information Station – Special Event Festival

Here we will review the information from the Information Station  stream from today and all the new content and events announced!

Stream Reward Information

Some rewards will be distributed from this stream. The rewards you receive will be

  • 220 Rubies (for everyone) – Reward from RT Campaign
  • 1 Multi Ticket (for everyone) – Reward from Stream players clearing the new Shishiwakamaru event
  • 1 Multi Ticket (for players who voted for the Misoshiru & SumiP Team to win the battle) – Misoshiru won the battle! [SumiP was absent]

Jumputi Special Festival – Yu Yu Hakusho Edition

A special Yu Yu Hakusho festival event event will held! Relive major moments from one of the most beloved series in weekly shonen jump!


New Units

Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho


Type: Fire (Red)

Ultimate Attack: Jaō Ensatsu Kokuryūha

Buddy Skill: Cool your head and fight

Passive Skill: The man that mastered the Black Dragon Waves

Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho


Type: Aqua (Blue)

Ultimate Attack: Wholehearted Shot!!

Buddy Skill: I’m not losing

Passive Skill: Teacher of the Reikō Hadōken

Jin from Yu Yu Hakusho


Type: Wood (Green)

Ultimate Attack: Shura Senpūken

Buddy Skill: Just have to win and that’s that

Passive Skill: The “Shura” Monster

Rinku from Yu Yu Hakusho


Type: Thunder (Yellow)

Ultimate Attack: Makai Yoyo

Buddy Skill: That’s what it’s like to have a great teacher

Passive Skill: Team Rokuyukai Special Attack Captain

Shishiwakamaru from Yu Yu Hakusho


Type:  Wood (Green)

Ultimate Attack: Baku Tō Doku Shoku Sō

Buddy Skill: A pleasant moment approaches

Passive Skill: Team Uraotogi’s Ace

Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho


Type:  Thunder (Yellow)

Ultimate Attack: Will you die soon?

Buddy Skill: Do you need treatment?

Passive Skill: Bomb wielding quiet-class demon

Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho


Type:  Thunder (Yellow)

Ultimate Attack: Sei Kō Ki

Buddy Skill: Here comes the real finale

Passive Skill: Reikō Resshūken User

100% Younger Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho


Type: Fire (Red)

Ultimate Attack: 100% of 100% Full Power!!!

Buddy Skill: This is the first time I’ve felt such power…

Passive Skill: The point of Strength

Dark Tournament Login Bonus


Login for up to 8 days during to period below and receive “Dark Tournament Spectator Tickets”! Collect 5 to summon on the special Dark Tournament gacha!

Event Period: 11/29 04:00 ~ 12/11 03:59

Genkai’s Masterful Teachings Event


Clear this event and receive “Dark Tournament Spectator Ticket”. More information on the specifics of this event will be announced soon!

Event Period: 11/28 15:00 ~ 12/10 14:59

Spirit Beast Egg Period: 11/28 15:00 ~ 12/05 14:59

Let’s raise spiritual beasts together!


From this event you can collect “Reiki” and earn a Limited Edition “Transformed Puu” Legend Summon!

Event Period: 11/28 15:00 ~ 12/05 14:59

The Skillful Shishiwakamaru


In this Transcendent Class Event clear the stage to earn copies of 5★ Shishiwakamaru from Yu Yu Hakusho! Additionally a Yu Yu Hakusho goods campaign will be held to give players, who take part in this event, the chance to win certain real world prizes (example: a Yu Yu Hakusho Artwork Postcard Book), make sure to take part!

Event Period: 11/28 15:00 ~ 12/10 14:59

The Absolute Ruler of Explosives


A chance to earn 5★ Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho! Clear the event before the bombs go off to earn your rewards!

Event Period: 12/03 15:00 ~ 12/10 14:59

The Ultimate Battle!!


A Catastrophic Class Event! Clear the stage to earn copies of 5★ Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho! This stage will have 100% drop rate! Additionally, clear the stage on Catastrophic Difficulty to earn an exclusive costume!

Event Period 1: 11/28 15:00 ~ 12/03 14:59

Event Period 2: 12/07 15:00 ~ 12/10 14:59

Dark Tournament Story Event


A special story quest event is being held, at the end, 100% awaits your arrival…!

Event Period: 12/01 15:00 ~ 12/10 14:59

Version 2.8.0

Maintenance: 11/27 10:00 ~ 12:00

  • Version 2.8.0 Update
  • Feature Additions – Event Prep
  • Various Bug Fixes

Compensation (after the update):

  • 20 Rubies
  • 50 Stamina
Update preview


Boss actions will be shown below their character in battle, this will better prepare for what kind of gimmicks they will use against you! You can see this in action towards the end of the Video on Demand version of the stream!

24 Hours Only Guaranteed 5★


For a limited time only, 3 multi summons per customer! Get one Guaranteed 5★ unit or more in every summon! Multi summons cost 1000 Rubies for 10 units.

Event Period: 11/27 15:00 ~ 11/28 14:59

Scar’s Notes (contains speculation)

I’ll start off by saying, there is a good chance that banner above is a massive trap. There is a very high chance that they put desirable units on the banner image but they aren’t even rated up, it’s just the same rate for all units. I might be wrong but if you do plan to summon then I implore you to at least check the rates first.

The character Suzuki (also from Yu Yu Hakusho) appears on two of the event announcement banners but is not mentioned anywhere in the news or in the character previews. I can only assume that, much like Akune Kouki, who was shown in a banner but we had no info on, he most likely appear in one of the event shops.

We still aren’t really sure how everything is being implemented here, there are so many obtainable characters all from just one series. Also not sure how the gacha will be handled really. On that note, I am not 100% sure, but it seems like Hiei will also be summonable from the “Dark Tournament Spectator Tickets” Gift gacha. This is pretty nice if true.

I also think it is overwhelmingly likely that Demon Form Yusuke will make an appearance as a limited banner unit during this event. He would mirror Sensui in the same way that Adult Gon mirrored Neferpitou so Demon Yusuke will most likely be Wood (Green).

I am hoping that the gacha will not be entirely Yu Yu Hakusho units and we will get a bit of variety (maybe some smaller series from the survey?) but for now, all we know is that we are getting a very large influx of Yu Yu Hakusho units and the first instance of a unit from the second half of the survey being added.

I think they are aiming to make the Catastrophe event units and the Limited Gacha units that counter them, into big battles from super popular series. We already have Gon Vs. Pitou and now probably Yusuke Vs. Sensui. I could easily see SSJ2 Gohan Vs. Perfect Cell or maybe something like USS All Might Vs. All for One….

There are still some things I’m a little unclear on here, like I know the Spirit Beast Egg has something to do with Puu but i’m not exactly sure what. We will probably get more news on these events and some clarification on how everything works either tomorrow or the day after, we will also have a data download soon too.



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