12/06 Data Download

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

Things seem to be settling down after the initial fanfare of the Yu Yu Hakusho Event but for some people, this week will still be a big week. Can you really stretch the rubies out anymore though? So many good banners in a row is not good for the wallet…

Limited Banner?

No new limited banner this week, after having Yusuke arriving and Kurama repeating last week alongside all the other banners, I think this is a blessing

New Heroes Gacha

Another series from the survey makes a grand entrance! I know plenty of people that have been craving some more Jojo love and here it is! Also Ichigo 100% because…?!?! And I’m not really sure why there are only 3 characters in this gacha but I’m sure ~67% chance of a Jojo unit on the guarantee is a relief to see for some.

Joseph Joestar from Battle Tendency

Jojo part two is being added and once again the Jumputi artists have done a fantastic job of capturing that classic Araki artstyle. We are now on 2 out of a possible 6.5 Jojo’s and they seem to be proceeding in chronological order which would mean Jotaro & co. are next and that will for sure be a big event!

He will be Fire (Red) because the event he counters is confirmed to be Wood (Green) which you will see further down the post.

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli from Battle Tendency

I’m really happy we got Caesar, I was a little disappointed when we didn’t see Will with the release of Jonathan and I was kinda worried that the other parts may just follow suit and only release the Jojo of the part and the major villain. I’m glad I was wrong because he looks so cool!

No idea what type he will be and it’s possible that next week we will get another Jojo event that he counters (maybe a transcendent) but for now he will probably just be a cool unit to have

Satsuki Kitaōji from Ichigo 100%

More units getting added to launch series is always a good thing in my books! I don’t remember much about Ichigo 100% from the few volumes I read, what feels like a long time ago (and probably was) but I do remember that she was my favourite and the 3rd and final unit in a very compelling gacha for me…

She will be Thunder (Yellow) because the event she counters is confirmed to be Aqua (Blue) which you will see further down the post.

New Transcendent Class Event

Sweet Little Sister will be the next Transcendent Class Event! The boss Misuzu Sotomura will be available as a drop! She will be Aqua (Blue)!

Misuzu Sotomura from Ichigo 100%

This further confirms my theory from a while back that every series has an event and event unit planned from the get-go and the devs just pick and choose which ones to release as they feel like it.

As I said further up the post, considering Misuzu is Aqua (Blue) that confirms that Satsuki will be Thunder (Yellow) 

New Ultimate Class Event

No new Ultimate Class Event this week. I guess it makes sense with Sensui returning, they want us to spend out stamina there and on Reiki farming instead I guess.

Unity Battle – Kars

Now THIS is an interesting one. I was fairly certain that the next obtainable Unity Battle unit would be Hadlar but instead we have a different 80s big bad boss as an enemy!

Kars from Battle Tendency

Of all the bosses to make obtainable straight away from unity battle, this was a strong choice to start with. LOOK AT THIS MAJESTIC BEAST!! However, while I know Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a long series, so they can’t really spend as much time on each individual part, damn does it feel like we’ve skipped a lot of content from parts 1 & 2. The only silver lining is that, in the games files, each Jojo part is treated as a separate series so maybe they plan to revisit them later to add more of the peripheral characters, we can hope at least….

As I said further up the post, considering Kars is Wood (Green) that confirms that Joseph will be Fire (Red) 

Defeat Kars Gacha

This is a sexy gacha, I would be super tempted if I didn’t already have Senku. As much as I think Reiki looks cool and I kinda wanna pull him, 3.6.9 gacha are a trap no matter what spin you put on it, plus I think pulling for Joseph on the main new heroes gacha will be best for me.

Defeat Sensui Gacha

Similar to when Pitou returned and Limited Gon was no longer available, this gacha will take Mazoku Yusuke’s place in helping you defeat Sensui! It’s nice to see some unit’s returning to a featured spot on a gacha for the first time in a while, especially Salsa but for me there is no compulsion to summon here, bad summon format, 4 units when it could’ve been 3 and I’ve already done all I wanted to on the Sensui stage so….

Defeat Wakabayashi Gacha

This gacha returns with a new featured unit and summon gimmick! If you remember, the old defeat Wakabayashi gacha was just 3.6.9 and did not include Keiichi Anya from Rookies. In terms of the characters at least I will say, this is a strong gacha.

Thunder and Wood Step Up Gacha

These are the same nonsense banners from last week but now in the Yellow and Green varieties. I personally think these banners are a bit of a waste of rubies but if you are in desperate need of units of a certain attribute then I guess it’s okay….

Scar’s Notes

Not a bad week all round, especially for Jojo fans, but the lack of Login campaigns that actually give Rubies for some time now is a little frustrating, even if we do get some rubies here and there from missions and such, I hope the planned christmas login rewards are good for all of us!

Considering Christmas and New Year events may well take up most of this month and early January (gimmie lots of costumes please) we may see the next story event as soon as the next data download or even earlier if we get a stream or video update so let’s all hope!

Something to be happy about is the fact that, as we have been talking about a lot in the discord, the Summer costumes have been a BIG indicator of which series would get a new gacha unit next from the series already in the game. Now that Ichigo 100% is checked off, that leaves Gintama, Nisekoi and One Piece.

I’m fairly certain we will be getting a One Piece event in January anyway as a part of the 3 story events that were teased to be releasing over the Winter period (including the Yu Yu Hakusho event that’s on right now). But I could definitely see Onodera as the next gacha unit from Nisekoi and as for Gintama, I think that is a series that is at least deserving of an event like the Medaka Box one we got a while back (especially considering it is supposed to be ending for real this time)

Also we recently made a lot of changes to the back end of the site so there will be some differences where things aren’t set up the same way they were before on my end so they will look different for people viewing the site, I’m trying to iron out some of the weirdness as and where I can but it may take a while to get things the way I want them again.

Anyway, I hope we get some Christmas news in the next data download and maybe we can get a sneak peek at the next story event too? A man can dream…see you next week!

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