12/13 Data Download

It’s the start of the Christmas season in Jumputi this week, and one series in particular seems to be getting a lot of love, but what else will the holiday season hold for us?

Limited Banner

No new limited banner this week. To be honest I expect returning Limited unit banners for the actual week of Christmas and then maybe a new Limited or two for new year so not having one this week is a bit of a relief.

New Heroes Gacha?

Hmmm well there isn’t a traditional new heroes gacha this week, but there are new gacha to celebrate the new event so let’s take a look.

Zawsze in Love – Team Chitoge Gacha

Yami and Chitoge feature on this gacha with a Guaranteed Chitoge on the 5th multi! Also I’m using team here instead of “side” because it sounds better.

Zawsze in Love – Team Marika Gacha

Ryoma and Tachibana Marika feature on this gacha with a Guaranteed Marika on the 5th Multi! Marika is a new appearance unit!

Tachibana Marika

Nisekoi returns this week and Tachibana Marika is one of three units we will see added. This coming week in Weekly Shonen Jump there will be a special Nisekoi chapter released to cross-promote the live action Nisekoi movie that is slated for release on December 21st in Japan.

Zawsze in Love – Team Onodera Gacha

Allen and Kosaki Onodera feature on this gacha with a Guaranteed Onodera on the 5th Multi! Onodera is a new appearance unit!

Onodera looking adorable as hell here as a part of, yet another, very well timed release by the Jumputi devs. I’m happy to see that with the release of the new “Story Quest” style events, we are still seeing good weekly content with new units included. The colours may suggest that Marika will be Thunder and Onodera will be Fire but time will tell…

I’m not sure how I really feel about having three separate gacha here. It’s great to get a guaranteed unit you want but three banners trying to get us to spend over 4k on each just before potential Christmas and New Year goodies, to me, seems a bit much.

New Transcendent Class Event?

No new Transcendent Class event this week. We had both Misuzu and Unity Battle to farm this week and there will be a special event to farm this week so this is not unexpected.

New Ultimate Class Event

No new Ultimate Class event this week. It’s a little strange not to have a Transcendent or an Ultimate but there will be other stuff going on for Christmas for sure.

Christmas Login Bonus

During this event, login to earn Rubies and a Christmas Chopper Costume! Speaking of Special Costumes, a number of Christmas costumes will be available during this event!

Yami from To Love Ru, Ryoma from The Prince of Tennis, Misa from Death Note, Karma from Assassination Classroom and Chopper from One Piece will all have costumes available during this event as well as the new unit Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi!

Christmas Costume Ticket

Similarly to the 4 Million Downloads event, certain costumes will be made available through these tickets. We don’t have much information on the tickets themselves but we should get them from event clears and missions etc.

Nisekoi Event – Zawsze in Love

What does “Zawsze in Love” mean? Apparently Zawsze is Polish for Always so this is the “Always in Love” event. Clearing the event will earn you the three gifts for our lovely Nisekoi ladies, trade these gifts in for luxury prizes.

Event Unit?

Much like Akune Kouki, while there is no real confirmation anywhere, it does seem like Tsugumi Seishirō will be the free Max Luck event unit. To top things off, she comes with a costume to die for. I have yet to read Nisekoi but I think I have a favourite…

Sale Pack

1 time only for 4800¥ you will receive 1000 Rubies and a Guaranteed 5★ that will be either Ryoma, Yami or Onodera! These are the three gacha units that have been given Christmas Costumes, get them while you can!

Tadokoro Megumi Returns?

If you missed out on your chance to get her to Max Luck before, now is your chance! Collect the Silver Coins from clearing events & missions so you can summon on the Rainbow Terrine gacha for your chance to earn copies of Tadokoro Megumi!

Returning Heroes Gacha

The heroes from Hokuto no Ken and Black Clover return in this gacha for a limited time. Very nice gacha, 3.4.5 format with four fantastic featured units. If you are looking for good units or are a fan of both series then this could be a great gacha for you!

Scar’s Notes

Very happy to see a lot of xmas goodness in this data download. I expect that this event could potentially be quite a long one to take us up to and past Christmas Day itself, then we can move onto a New Year event. I definitely think that we haven’t seen all there is to this event just from what we have here.

I personally won’t be summoning on any of these banners, my reasoning is that I have played a fair few gacha games and when Christmas Day/New Year’s Day come around, you absolutely do not want to be low on rubies. 

The summer outfit characters strike again!

Once again, these costumes were an indicator of the events coming after them. Does that mean we can expect a Gintama or One Piece event soon? Maybe, I mean who knows really… Alternatively we could see events related to the second set of costumes instead.

I don’t know what the odd are that we see a Video Girl Ai event but World Trigger and My Hero Academia are most definitely on the horizon!

You may also remember all the talk about the Story Quest events that we knew would be coming in December and January but as it turns out, the developers have announced that they plan to do a stream and announce a Story Quest event every month for the foreseeable future! I can think of sooo many series that deserve the story quest event love, for me, Kinnikuman and Katekyo Hitman Reborn would make for absolutely amazing events! I do however, still expect the series that performed well in the survey to come first.

Anyway, I do expect a lot more information in the coming days and especially from next week’s data download / whenever the stream is, so I look forward to updating everyone again when that time comes around. See you then.

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