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*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

Our second ever story event is on the horizon! After the sheer size of the Yu Yu Hakusho Story Event, I’m sure many of you will be expecting something amazing to close out the year and well, I think this event will be very exciting for most players!

Jumputi Extraordinary New Year Festival ft. One Piece

By now, I’m sure you have seen that this event was on the way, but what exactly can we expect? Well we still don’t have all the information but we do have some at least, so let’s take a look!


“During this stream we will inform you about the latest game information and updates as well as the Jumputi Extraordinary New Year Festival ft. One Piece! In addition, there will be events to give out luxury rewards!

For this stream, a serious Jumputi announcement has been prepared, do not miss it!”

Watch live on youtube at 20:00 12/25 JST here:

There will certainly be more announced in this stream than just what we have found out here so I am looking forward to it. I am not sure what the “serious” announcement is but I have a feeling that it may have something to do with the approaching release of Tower PVP in version 3.0.0 which was slated for early 2019 and files have already begun popping up related to that in the game.

Limited Banner – Gear Fourth

Gear Fourth Luffy returns yet again. As good a unit as he is, he’s been around for a while now and 9 multis is a pretty big hit to take. I’m sure the whales that joined later will go crazy for this banner and truth be told, I understand why the devs didn’t switch this banner up at all, they’ll happily snap up all our Xmas and New Year money

Limited Banner – Gear Second

o-oh…okay? Looks like another limited Luffy is coming to the game. It seems a bit strange to have Gear Second come out after Gear Fourth but seeing as this is a Marienford event I guess I can let it pass. It seems like he will be Thunder (Yellow)

New Heroes Gacha?

Well I say New Heroes Gacha but not really…Sanji and Robin are, of course, new units but they have been lumped into this gacha alongside Version 1 Luffy and Version 1 Zoro. I think this gacha will be a big draw for new players (of which I’m sure this event will bring in plenty) but this banner may deter veteran players. The only upside being that this banner has the premium 3.4.5 format with a guaranteed Robin or Sanji on the 5th multi which seems will be the standard for these types of events going forward

Vinsmoke Sanji from One Piece

Sanji finally making his appearance, incidentally he showed up late in Orecollection too, coming out about 6 months into the game. Obviously his eventual addition was inevitable but it’s still nice to see these events padding out the rosters of launch series, I hope some smaller series can get such treatment in the future, in a similar fashion to the Medaka Box and Nisekoi Events.

He will be Fire (Red) as confirmed by the banner.

Nico Robin from One Piece

I find it funny that, so far, all the Strawhats have been in the post-timeskip form, except for Version 3 Luffy, I wonder if we will see any other instances of stuff like that happening. With Robin being added, we pretty much have all the strawhats I care about in the game, unless you count certain characters who are honourary or unconfirmed strawhats.

She will be Wood (Green) as confirmed by the banner.

New Transcendent Class Event

Do you want to be kicked at the speed of “Light”? will be the next Transcendent Class Event! The boss Borsalino (Kizaru) will be available as a drop! He will be Thunder (Yellow)!

Borsalino from One Piece

Just like with the Yu Yu Hakusho event, there is a theme to this Story Quest Event but not everything about the event conforms to that theme. In this instance it’s a Marineford event but so far we’ve only encountered 1 stage or gacha that follows the theme. I mean sure Kizaru is there at Marineford, but this event is based around Sabaody.

Seems like Nico Robin counters Kizaru considering their type matchup, in a similar way to Hiei countering Shishiwakamaru when the two characters didn’t really have much to do with one another.

New Catastrophe Class Event

Lazy Justice will be the next Catastrophic Class Event! The boss Kuzan (Aokiji) will be available as a drop! He will be Aqua (Blue)!

Kuzan from One Piece

As with the last two Catastrophic events, clearing the Catastrophe difficulty will earn you a special Aura costume for Kuzan. While I think these costumes often seem a bit lacklustre, it makes it sting a bit less if you are unable to earn them.

As with V2 Yusuke and V2 Gon, it seems that V3 Luffy will counter this stage. Though as it stands, there is no stage Sanji counters which is odd, however this won’t be all there is to this event, I will go into further detail lower down the post.

Unity Battle?

There is no unity battle currently listed in the files, however I have good reason to believe one will be coming just after xmas!

May and June Flashback Gacha

In a sort of countdown to new year / throwback to the year just gone, it seems we will be getting some flashback gacha! I would like to remind people that these gacha will most likely have all of the new heroes gacha units from these two months featured (not just the 4 on the banner) so consider that before summoning.

July and August Flashback Gacha

Once again some very nice units from these two months, if it weren’t for that fact that New Years celebrations are right around the corner, I might actually recommend these gacha.

September and October Flashback Gacha

The last of the flashback gacha. Since Kinnikuman’s buff he’s actually pretty nice so this might be a good opportunity for those who don’t have him, but once again, be careful with the rated up characters as it can be deceiving.

One Piece Login Campaign

A copy of Nami, a copy of Bon Clay and Rubies will all be given as rewards during this event, add that to the Chopper we got from the xmas login campaign and we get a bunch of free One Piece dupes.

Year-end Login Bonus

Two One Piece login bonuses?! Well sort of. Login during the campaign to receive Lottery tickets! Use the tickets on a special gacha starting from 1/1, we don’t have much more news than that about the gacha itself though.

Challenge from the Three Admirals

The banner image alone doesn’t really tell us much here, I can only assume this is some kind of story quest event but it mentions nothing about drops or rewards so I guess we will have to wait for the formal announcement either in game or on stream.

Scar’s Notes

So as the banner image for the event may have teased, Akainu is planned for this event also, logically as this is a marineford event, it would be strange for him to be missing. I anticipate that Akainu is the next planned Unity Battle, unless they introduce a new kind of event for him that is.

I also believe that we will see a new gacha Portgas D. Ace. My reasoning behind this is that it is almost certain that Ace won the poll for one piece characters. The only question is, how will he be implemented? A gacha similar to v2 medaka? Another one piece limited gacha? A whole new batch of one piece units gacha? something new? maybe even a new rarity or awakening? Who knows, I’m just happy to see that this event will get as much love as Yu Yu Hakusho did, if not more, this bodes well for future events.

With the xmas costumes in the bag, and looking lovely by the way, I do wonder whether we will see any New Years costumes. I know it is a very beloved time of year in Japan and gacha games tend to capitalize on this by giving out lots of goodies and putting on lots of events and gacha so I expect no different to be the case here.

Well this went MUCH better than anticipated, I guess it’s pretty clear that a Gintama event of some kind is sitting there waiting to be released, will we get a full Story Quest Event? Hmm probably not, I think something similar to the Xmas or Medaka Box events is a bit more likely but still would be nice to get a bit more Gintama love.

Well I’m looking forward to the stream it’s safe to say, although a stream on christmas day is a little awkward timing, but nonetheless I hope I’ll at least be able to catch some of it and find out what to expect coming soon. I’ll see you all next time 😀

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