12/27 Data Download

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

Another story event already?! Well yeah I said New Year would be a big deal but so many events, so many banners, how can anyone keep up? Also, what the hell happened to Ace? I mean last week was the One Piece Marineford Story event right? So why didn’t he show up and what happened to the survey? I can’t predict this stuff anymore tbh…

Limited Gacha – Whitebeard

I was certain that we would get Ace this week and clearly I was wrong. Whitebeard is cool too though and a fitting character to be the first character to become a Limited unit while still being the first and only version of that character. As a unit, he is good but we are getting so many new characters nowadays it’s getting really hard to keep up.

Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate from One Piece

Obviously, by this point he is already out so if you want him then go and grab him now. Also please do remember this, with a data download it normally only has the stuff that the game will need to run for the next 7 days, so if an asset isn’t in there when you expect it to be, that normally means it will be here in the next one.

Unity Battle – Akainu

This is a bonus unity battle so it comes with extra rewards that we wouldn’t normally expect, consider this an early New Year gift or late Christmas present from the dev team 😀

Sakazuki from One Piece

Much like the other obtainable UB units, he seems pretty okayish. Like better than a decent amount of gacha units if you get them to skill level 12. For me though, the real goodies here are the Jewels and tickets that this UB drops, get them while you can.


The stream has come and gone now, I didn’t have the time to make a new post on it before so I’ll include it here. A lot of the stuff in the stream has already been covered in the last Data Download post so I wont go over that stuff again, only the new stuff.

New Year Soba

To celebrate New Year, special Soba will drop after clearing stages. Use this soba to level up your character’s Skill Levels like a scroll! Collecting Soba will also clear missions that give luxurious rewards!

Event Period: 12/26 15:00 ~ 01/01 03:59

Hero Island Drop Boost

The amount of Treasure Chests that drop on Hero Islands will be doubled! The perfect chance to get those Legend Summon Skills maxed out!

Event Period: 12/26 15:00 ~ 01/04 14:59

Power Up Success Boost

The chance of Large Success or Super Success appearing while powering up your characters will be tripled!!! It’s time to strengthen everyone together!

Event Period: 12/26 15:00 ~ 01/04 14:59

Enhancement Quests All Open

During the period below, all of the following quests will stay open:

  • Boosted Gold Cavern
  • Hero Book Isle (All varieties)
  • Jump Souls Isle (All Varieties)
  • Super Class Events (All Varieties)

Event Period: 12/26 04:00 ~ 01/05 03:59

Line Stamina and FP Boost

During the period below, the amount of Friend Points and Stamina you can send and receive daily (via Line) will be doubled! Make use of this stamina to conquer all these events and earn all the rewards!

Event Period: 12/26 04:00 ~ 01/05 03:59

Vs. Tower

A preview of the Tower game mode, that has been teased since launch, was shown live on stream. Essentially, it is a 4v4 gamemode where you must defeat your enemy to move onto the next floor of the tower. The rewards get progressively better and at the top there is a prize character!

We only saw a very small amount of preview gameplay but it appear to be a reworked version of the turn based combat that we are used to.

Terryman from Kinnikuman

It seems that the Texas Bronco himself will be making his way into the game as the very first Tower Reward character. People who know me will know that I love Kinnikuman so seeing Terryman is pretty awesome for me, I can’t wait to try a team with the Machineguns in it and I look forward to the day that I can run a whole Idol Choujin team 😀

That’s pretty much all the important stream stuff out of the way, let’s move on to all the brand new stuff from the data download.

Limited Gacha – Majin

Let’s start the data download news off with a Big Bang. Majin Vegeta will be the next Limited unit. This gacha will be a part of a massive Dragon Ball event! But if that doesn’t excite you, don’t worry, there is a bunch of additional New Year events too! It seems like Vegeta will be Aqua (Blue)

Limited Gacha – Super Saiyan 3

Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku will return for a limited time, get a copy while you still can! With all the banners on at the moment, this will be a difficult one for fans of DB to avoid, but I think there are probably better banners to pull on as a part of this event.

Dragonball Gacha – Side A

I had originally anticipated that Gohan would be a Limited unit but this is perfectly fine too. I’m not sure whether these style banners are better or worse than the one we got for the one piece event though…

Son Gohan from Dragonball

I think this banner is mostly going to be desired a little more than side B. I know people have been really looking forward to Jumputi dropping SSJ2 Gohan but I never thought we would get an event this massive with SSJ2 gohan included while we were still in the first year.

Android 18 from Dragonball

This banner is kinda great all around. 18 and Gohan will be enticing for most, 3-4-5 format is always good and ~67% chance to get a new unit on each guarantee + Goku is a great unit so dupes of him wouldn’t even be so bad. The only downside to this banner is the fact that it’s technically a new heroes gacha split into 2 separate side gachas (each with an old featured unit). I think the Yu Yu Hakusho gacha was easily the best so far from these story events but who knows if we’ll get one that good again.

The banners don’t give much away as to what types these units will be so my guess is as good as yours.

Dragonball Gacha – Side B

By now you can probably see a theme forming for these gacha…

Trunks from Dragonball

When the Yu Yu Hakusho event came out I thought it was insane how much love yyh was getting. Now the One Piece event is here and is cool but not quite as big as I thought Marineford could be. But up next is the Cell Saga and hot damn is this event looking BIG.

Android 17 from Dragonball

Spoilers for the rest of this post but Lapis and Lazuli are the only Androids we will be seeing in this post. That’s not to say that there won’t be more in this event though, just not this week.

All the Dragonball sprites look decent though I wouldn’t say they were anything ground-breaking. The Cell saga is a great stage to set for our Story Event and the best part about this is, I don’t even know everything there is to know about this event yet, but I will share what we have been able to find so far.

Catastrophe/Transcendent Class Event?

No named catastrophe or transcendent event is in the files. Interestingly, there is another event that may have a catastrophe difficulty, but we’ll get to that later.

Unity Battle – Frieza

Look I’m not going to say that it’s a bad thing that Frieza is returning yet again, but we literally just started the Akainu UB and now we know another one is coming next week…

Just remember guys, don’t burn yourself out too much on these events. Just try and have fun and don’t take it too seriously if you can’t play every event to it’s fullest or pull all the characters you want, there will always be a next time.

Updated Defeat Frieza Gacha

Kise, Majima, Satsuki and Keiji all featured for this event now. These unit’s are decent and the 3-4-5 format makes this banner WAY more tempting, but with so many gacha on right now, it’s hard to decide what to spend on, especially for people who are big fans of One Piece and Dragonball.

The Cell Games

Collect Challenge Tokens and earn Luxurious rewards. Right now it is not 100% known what these rewards will be and how this event will play out but it seems like Cell will be farmable from this event in some capacity.

Cell from Dragonball

Perfect Cell will obviously be a focal point for this event and he even has a Costume that showcases him at 100% power. I’m not sure if this means there will be a catastrophe-esque stage available or whether his costume will be in the store just like in the Christmas and Medaka Box events.

Krillin’s Journey to Become the Strongest Earthling

The “Turtle Hermit Gi” item can be collected to awaken Krillin all the way to 6 Star rarity. It’ll be interesting to see what skills and abilities they will give him at higher levels, especially considering he currently doesn’t have a passive skill because he is too low rarity.

Also don’t forget to save any copies of Krillin you might get from now on and feed them to the 6 Star version for another 99 Luck unit to add to the collection.

Puff Puff Gacha

Collect pairs of “Girl’s Panties” to summon on the Puff Puff gacha, get a guaranteed 4 Star or higher Girl every summon. Well I guess the gacha is nice at least, a good chance to pick up some new units if we are lucky.

Dragonball Login Campaign

A copy of Master Roshi and some Rubies will be given as rewards during this event.

Master Roshi from Dragonball

I was disappointed when Master Roshi was added in an event a while back where you could farm his patented Training Shells but he remained completely unobtainable. Well now he is here but only as a login bonus character so I am led to question whether he will even be any good at all but we will see.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Training

Once per day, you can enter the hyperbolic time chamber for training. Receive big training rewards for clearing this event!

Collect the Dragonballs?

There is very little info on this event, we will learn more from the in-game news soon but for now all we know is that there will be an event to collect the 7 Dragonballs.

I think this is most likely similar to the “collect the dragonballs” events on Dokkan Battle, where you get to summon shenron and select a wish from a list, at least I hope it’s that good.

Otoshidama Login Bonus

For those that don’t know, Otoshidama is a thing they do in Japan where adults put some money in an envelope and gift it to the kids in their family. So this is a similar premise except we are getting more new year tickets instead. Speaking of which:

New Year Ticket Banner

Use the tickets you have been earning across all these events to summon on this massive gacha that includes many of the characters from throughout the year, including some Limited characters! This banner will drop on New years day.

New Year’s Eve Gacha

For 24 hours this special gacha will be here. The big draw of this gacha is the Large Set of Limited characters. I’m not sure if this will include the more recent ones, I would assume the pool will include all limited units up to Mazoku Yusuke. Please check the rates before summoning.

New Year 5 Star Gacha

Five times each, players can summon on this banner and get a guaranteed 5 Star unit every multi summon! Please note this banner probably will have a gigantic pick-up pool so proceed with caution.

Lil’s Otoshidama

If, like me, you are worried about your Ruby count with all these banners flying around. Don’t worry, Lil will be gifting every player with 500 Rubies for clearing her event!

New Year Lil

It would be nice if we could purchase and choose costumes for our little in-game navigator but sadly I think this costume will only be on display for a limited time, so appreciate how adorable she is while you still can.

Welcome to the Ginger Zone Event?

I uhhhh… I’m not sure why it’s called Welcome to the Ginger Zone but nethertheless, Misery will return as our guide for a festive version of the Outer Zone event! Three new limited edition characters will be available to obtain this time!

New Year Aya Toujou from Ichigo 100%

This would be a good time to point out that these are brand new characters, they are not costumes. It seems very bizarre to me and they are still the same attributes so I’m not sure what to expect from these characters. Would be nice if Aya is still a decent healer though.

New Year Gin from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

I do love that we are getting new Scenes with our costumes even if the result was just getting new versions of the characters in the end. I’ve never pulled a Gin the dog so now I can at least add a version of him to my collection.

New Year Akira Hayama from Shokugeki no Soma

His new design and scene look awesome. I do question why we needed a second free version of him that’s the same type as opposed to maybe making this a costume or releasing a gacha version 2 but whatever he looks cool so I’ll let it slide.

And another…..?

Well this is strange, he is not listed as being a part of this event, but I couldn’t find any banner that might suggest how we obtain him. Again this is a new unit and not a costume so I’m a bit confused.

New Year Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto

The Dragon Ball and One Piece fandoms got some pretty massive events, at least Naruto got….something? I’m not sure how we are supposed to obtain him but he looks cool and hopefully he is free like the rest.

Battle Rush – Shin Seijuro Returns

Ever since Orochimaru became obtainable I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Shin as an obtainable character and we are finally here! I’m really excited to be getting some more Eyeshield 21 characters. I’m not sure what happened to the HaHa Bros. that were previewed on the website but hopefully in 2019 we can see an Eyeshield 21 event of some kind.

New Year Boss Rush

Boss rush returns with new challenges to beat and new prizes to win. For those that don’t remember or were not here, boss rush is very similar to Battle Rush except the stages will be set up with slightly weaker versions of the various class event characters, in some instances you may even have to fight an ultimate class character in both rooms of 1 stage so it can be tricky to plan for, but with great rewards.

Sales Packs

It wouldn’t be a big event on Jumputi without some sales backs, but these seem pretty damn good…if you have some spare cash to throw around that is.

New Year Sale Pack 1

Three times per account, for 4800¥ you will receive 1000 Rubies and a Choice ticket. Choose the character you want from a select pool of characters.

New Year Sale Pack 2

One time per account, for 9800¥ you will receive 2050 Rubies and a Limited Choice ticket! Choose the character you want from a select pool of Limited characters.

Scar’s Notes

I have a feeling they will make a lot of profit during this event and they deserve it really, this event is absolutely massive and gives all the players tons of things to do, characters to collect and goodies to receive!

Thank you Jumputi Devs for making a great playing experience for all of us, it may not be perfect but I can appreciate the effort that has been put in this year and I look forward to 2019.

That will be all for now, I would go into more details down the bottom here in terms of predictions and stuff but this post is already massive as it is.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a Happy New Year too. I look forward to seeing you all in 2019 for even more awesome stuff on Jumputi ❤

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