Ultimate Class Event – Hyunckel

This Ultimate Class event will be held starting from 01/15!

The event – Indomitable Fighting Spirit ! This event will drop an exclusive character! Ultimate Class Events are some of the hardest quests the game has to offer so prepare well!

This will be your chance to get a copy of Hyunckel from Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken!

Event Period: 01/15 15:00 ~ 01/21 14:59

Stage Info

The stage will be available in 2 difficulties:

  • Ultimate Class – 40 Stamina
  • Transcendent Class – 30 Stamina

Stage Gimmick

Hyunckel will repeatedly put up a barrier. He will also inflict Bind and Blind (Darkness) so bring allies that can overcome it. Additionally, the Legend Summon Avan is recommended. Hyunckel will make increase the amount of bubbles required to make a skill bubble. Let’s find a good balance of Attack Power and Recovery in order to deal with Hyunckel’s Ultimate Attack – Grand Cross!

Stage Condition

  • Ultimate Class – You cannot use Rubies to continue

The boss will have a chance to drop a 5★ copy of himself, you can also receive multiple copies per run with Luck bonus in Multiplay. Hyunckel is a powerful unit who can be awakened to 6★ rarity so try your best to get a copy! Playing with friends is Highly Recommended!

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