02/21 Data Download

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

Well another month comes along and so to does another Story Event. This event seems to be on a much bigger scale than the others we have encountered, this could be a side-effect of content being a little bit more spread out across the month rather than forcing a new gacha every week, giving the devs some breathing room and a chance to work on a massive event like this.

Reminder: Database and Website Changes

Please remember, the database can now be found at a new URL, this is where the new units will be posted with their information and not at the previous location.

Jumputi Eng Database: https://ochd.co.uk/db/puti/en/

Jumputi Fra Database: https://ochd.co.uk/db/puti/fr/

Eventually we will be completely closing the old site so please do start using the new ones.

Something to listen to while reading

Vote and Survey

Figured I would mention this first, I already did a post on this event which you can see here but I included word of this banner here as well just in case people missed it. I will discuss what we can gather from this survey at some point.


“During this stream we will inform you about the latest game information and updates as well as the Jumputi Extraordinary Festival ft. Naruto! In addition, there will be events to give out luxury rewards! as well as a sneak peek of an upcoming event!”

Watch live on youtube at 20:00 02/26 JST here:

We have information on around half of the campaign already from the files but the second half of the event has been left out for now, we will learn more about that during the livestream I believe, for now all we can do is cover what we do know and speculate.

Green and Blue campaign

A chance to level up your Green and Blue units for this event! They will be useful for clearing certain stages that will be added during this event!

Boosted Gold Island, Green & Blue Books Island, Green & Blue & Rainbow Souls Island and Green & Blue Super Class events will all be open 24 hours a day during the period below.

Event Period: 02/21 15:00 ~ 02/27 14:59

Legend Reinforcement Campaign

In addition to strengthening your Green and Blue units, please also take this opportunity to strengthen your Legend Summons. Hero Story Islands will have x2 Chest Drop Rate during this event and the stages will only consume 1/2 stamina!

Event Period: 02/21 15:00 ~ 02/27 14:59

Daily Gacha Upgrade

Starting from 02/22 04:00, the daily gacha that has been available will change and now you can summon up to 2 times a day! The summons will run from 04:00 ~ 12:59 and 13:00 ~ 03:59 the following day.

Now let’s move on to the stuff that they haven’t announced yet!

Limited Gacha – Urameshi Yusuke Mazoku Dai Kakusei

We get a repeat of Mazoku Yusuke once again. He still remains one of the best units in the game, especially for beginners and he and SSJ3 Goku have returned to help players improve their squads for Tower Official Season One. Should you summon? This close to the anniversary, it’s hard to recommend.

Limited Gacha – Sage Mode?

No sign of Sage Mode Naruto’s return in the files just yet, but considering the theme of this event I would say it is very likely to be coming in the next week or two for those that missed out on him before.

Limited Gacha – 9 Tails Awakening

Limited Naruto for the Naruto event, this is the 2nd limited Naruto and the 4th Naruto overall and most would say there is still a ton of space to add more versions in the future. Naruto will be guaranteed on the 9th multi, with multis 1 & 2 being discounted as well as 3 & 6 being guaranteed 5★ multis.

[Demon Fox Cloak] Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto

Naruto is confirmed to be Wood (Green) … 2 green limited Narutos? Really? Well whatever it’s nice to see early series representation from Naruto, the same thing they did with one piece really, could we maybe see a Kaioken or Kid goku in the future please?

Unity Battle?

We currently have Hairein from World Trigger ongoing as a Unity Battle but I feel strongly that part 2 of this event will indeed include a Unity Battle, who that will be? There are a lot of strong candidates; Zabuza, Pain, Itachi, Madara and really lot’s more. It would be cool to see another limited from this event to counter a new UB but I’m not really sure how likely that is considering how massive this event already is.

Vs. Tower?

The first official season of Vs. Tower is underway! I wasn’t sure what was happening exactly last week but now we know that Keigo Atobe is the reward unit for this season and the updates and alterations have been met with mixed reviews. I personally think it’s a bit lame to recycle Atobe in this way but at least he is free and obtainable so I guess I can’t complain.

Naruto Side A Gacha

A BIG lineup for this first gacha we finally see Sasuke making his way into the game along with two very popular characters; Temari and Shikamaru. The Naruto seen here is V1 Naruto but don’t be disheartened about his inclusion, he still at least has one of the best Support skills in the entire game!

Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

He’s finally here, we really have been out here completing base rosters in 2019 except chad, hopefully this will continue for other series. The sprite looks good and it’s a good sasuke to use as a standard pool character. This leaves room for a limited sasuke down the line for sure. His type is currently unknown but is speculated to be Aqua.

Temari from Naruto

When you consider that most of this event is set around the battle with the Akatsuki, Temari’s inclusion makes a lot of sense, especially so due to her Popularity among fans. Although when you talk about popularity there are a handful of surprising exclusions from this event (or at least that we don’t know about yet) we’ll talk about those in a bit. Her type is currently unknown.

Shikamaru Nara from Naruto

When we talk about popularity, no surprise to see this man here either. Easily one of my personal favourite characters in Naruto. Not strange either to see these two characters in particular next to each other but it does raise the question of who gets in and who gets cut for Side B?

Naruto Side B Gacha?

Well there is a Side A so there must be a Side B right? But sadly it has not been included in the files this time. We can see for sure that a number of things have been excluded so we know this banner will come but as for it’s contents or release date, we can only speculate until the livestream.

My predictions based on what we have seen would be:

  • Gaara
  • Neji Hyuga
  • Rock Lee
  • V1 Naruto

With the little snippets we have seen this event is gargantuan so who a banner like this would be to be expected for such an event with 3 beloved characters featured.

Catastrophe Class Event – Sasuke Uchiha

Valley of the End will be the next Catastrophic Class Event! The boss Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto will be available as a drop! He will be Thunder (Yellow)!

[Curse Mark 2] Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

Sasuke will be Catastrophic Difficulty and come with an Aura costume to go along with it. Sasuke and Cell seem to be in a class of their own with these events, the “Auras” they have are actual effects they had shrouding them in the series.

Ultimate Class Event – Deidara

Art is an explosion!!  will be the next Ultimate Class Event! The boss Deidara from Naruto will be available as a drop! He will be Wood (Green)!

This banner is interesting to see in the Data Download because Deidara himself has not actually been added to the files yet. I expect this event won’t start until late next week or the following week from the looks of things.

Transcendent Class Event – Hidan

Under the Judgement of God will be the next Transcendent Class Event! The boss Hidan from Naruto will be available as a drop! He will be Fire (Red)!

Hidan from Naruto

I guess Hidan makes as much sense as any member of the Akatsuki, I would say there is a good chance that Shikamaru was made to counter him so I guess you can assume Shikamaru will be Aqua based on that fact. Hopefully we can avenge Asuma-sensei…

Beginner Event – Haku

The Mysterious Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals will be the next Beginner Class Event! The boss Haku from Naruto will be available as a drop! They will be Aqua (Blue)!

Haku from Naruto

This makes a lot of sense to be honest, one of the earliest major events in naruto becomes a beginner quest, I really like that a lot. But why is Haku Blue when Harribel was Blue just last month? Very Strange to have 2 beginner events in 2 months that are the same type. There are also some questions to be raised about the fact that evidence of Zabuza has been in the files since launch but Haku has been added now and Zabuza is nowhere to be seen…

This event is confirmed to have a Reward related to the gacha below as well as a Gama-chan reward which I assume will be a collectible related to Gold based on Naruto’s coin purse Gama-chan. Gama-chan has not been added to the files as far as I have seen yet.

Summoning Scroll Gacha

Collect Summoning Scrolls from the Naruto events and use them to summon on this gacha for a chance to summon Naruto characters!

I know many of us got shafted by the Bleach equivalent of this gacha but I still think it’s nice to get some freebies even if it just means extra luck for Sakura.

Naruto Story?

Nothing has been confirmed in the files but it seems pretty clear that Kimimaro and the other Sound Village Ninja will play a role in a story event most likely similar to the Dark Tournament story event from the Yu Yu Hakusho Story Event.

Kakashi Returns

Kakashi will be returning, now he will have an additional lower class difficulty stage available for those that struggled with the Ultimate Class Stage.

City Hunter & Cat’s Eye PickUp Gacha

Once again the Puti devs are proving they have their fingers on the pulse. For those unaware, City Hunter had a movie come out this month! The lovely ladies from Cat’s Eye also have a cameo role in this movie, as such, a special gacha is being held to commemorate this cool real life event. But that’s not all!

Kaori’s Hammer

Kaori Makimura’s 100T Hammer has made an appearance in the files. There is no real indicator of what it will be used for; an evolver? a gacha item? an event item? Hard to say right now but a City Hunter event of any kind to commemorate the movie would be nice

Ichiraku Ramen

The iconic Ramen dish has been added to the game for….reasons! This may serve the same purpose as the Soba from New Year but for now we don’t know

Battle Rush?

It’s been hinted at that Orochimaru Battle Rush will return and I have no doubt that it will for this event but currently it remains unconfirmed beyond his appearance in one of the promotional images.

Survey Characters

We are on a fast track to filling in all the existing series featured on the original survey. There are some notable exceptions from the series that have had events but these mostly make sense. The 3 kings were excluded from the Yu Yu Hakusho event because it was themed around the Dark Tournament and they will be saved for later. Same with Dragon Ball and having a Cell Games event with Buu Saga saved for later. Momo Hinamori was a weird choice for Bleach anyway if you ask me so her exclusion isn’t that strange. One Piece and HnK are the 2 that stand out as odd and we don’t have the MHA event yet so hard to comment on that.

Bleach Missing IDs

I meant to find time to talk about the open slots in the Bleach IDs at some point but I’m only just getting around to it now.

Four slots left open before Aizen. I think it’s safe to say that one of those slots is reserved for Chad but who else fills those slots? It’s tricky because there is definitely a chance that we are looking at Seireitei captains/vice captains or Arrancar Espada. Lots of characters I would like to see but mostly I’m hoping there is a slot left there for Captain Yamamoto (TYBW form please)

Naruto Missing IDs

Naruto is the first series to get all 4 units from the survey which is pretty huge and when you look at the scale of the event, the amount of units on the cards here is massive.

I should mention that, from this list; Iruka-sensei, Ebisu-sensei and Konohamaru are in no way confirmed to be being added in this event and are just left over sprites from when they accidently added some to the site last year. The characters involved in the event, that aren’t added to the files yet, seem to include:

  1. Neji Hyuga
  2. Gaara
  3. Rock Lee
  4. Kimimaro
  5. Sakon
  6. Jirobo
  7. Kidomaru
  8. Tayuya
  9. Deidara

If we assume that all these slots are open and available and those characters all end up being obtainable from this event then that means there is at least 1 more character that has been worked on. It’s fully possible that not all these units will be playable, thinking first and foremost about the Sound Ninja and how Kimimaro may be the only playable one, but we will still at least be getting a handful more units next week.

Scar’s Notes

Well it seems like recent discussions have been somewhere along the right track, after naruto the only remaining series needing a story event from the original survey are My Hero Academia and Fist of the North Star. Considering that FotNS appeared in the second survey, I would say there is a good chance that they didn’t get an overwhelming number of votes last time and so nothing major was made for it. That being said MHA will almost certainly be arriving with a Story Quest Event in Year 2 of Jumputi.

I say Year 2 because the Anniversary countdown is now beginning! The game released on March 28th 2018 and as of writing this article we are only 35 days away which most likely means it will be less than a month until the first Anniversary Data Download!

I have all sorts of things I’d like to predict for that but I’ll save it for another time. I think there is a lot more coming from this Naruto event and I’m sure we will see more next week so I’ll see everybody then!

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