07/03 Data Download

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

A very small data download, but this will be the last before the anniversary! This will be a nice filler to tide us over until next week.

Reminder: Database and Website Changes

Please remember, the database can now be found at a new URL, this is where the new units will be posted with their information and not at the previous location.

Jumputi Eng Database: https://ochd.co.uk/db/puti/en/

Jumputi Fra Database: https://ochd.co.uk/db/puti/fr/

Eventually we will be completely closing the old site so please do start using the new ones.

Naruto Tower campaign

As I alluded to in previous news posts, it seemed like they were building towards rated up characters in the tower and special tower events. This past week we had an event that blocked Heart bubbles from spawning in the tower naturally and now this week coming Naruto characters will have boosted “Status”, they will also boost point gain from winning matches. So make sure to include some Naruto units in your team if you can, it seems they will activate even from support slots!

Event Period: 03/11 15:00 ~ 03/17 14:59

Captain Tsubasa Gacha

One new character added in this gacha. All 3 Captain Tsubasa units from team Japan will be featured in this gacha and on the 5th Multi Summon receive a guaranteed Kojiro Hyuga!

Kojiro Hyuga from Captain Tsubasa

Team Japan’s #9 – Kojiro Hyuga will be available from this gacha for a limited time. He will be Thunder (Yellow)

Unity Battle – Karl Heinz Schneider

A new unity battle event will be held with the boss Karl Heinz Schneider from Captain Tsubasa available as a drop! He will be Aqua (Blue)!

Karl Heinz Schneider from Captain Tsubasa

It’s nice to see a new obtainable Unity Battle character as always. A bit disappointing that some are still unobtainable for the foreseeable future but let’s hope they don’t all get the same treatment as Atobe and come back as a tower unit…

“The ball is your friend” Gacha

Collect Footballs from events and use them to summon on this gacha for a chance to summon Captain Tsubasa characters! Not sure how this one will work as there are no Tsubasa 4* unit’s. Maybe they will be kind enough to give everyone a free Tsubasa character each…or more likely, the pool will be quite open.

Wakabayashi Returns

Wakabayashi will be returning, now he will have an additional lower class difficulty stage available for those that struggled with the Ultimate Class Stage.

Returning Heroes Gacha

This gacha will feature 4 popular returning characters. Pop and Dai from Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken, Prince Baka from Level E and Rikuo Nura from Nurarihyon no Mago!

Naruto Missing IDs

I thought it would be best to update this image from last time. As you can see a lot of the slots have been filled up. We still have 6 in this list that are unobtainable and at least one slot left open for one reason or another.

It’s a shame that we didn’t get all of the Sound ninja as obtainable characters but tbh there was already so much to do during this event, it’s fine to save them for later I think. Not sure what slot 071 is, it’s harder to say for sure because of the 3 before it that are not only unobtainable but not even in the games files. If I had to guess, I would say there is a good chance it is Zabuza Momochi.

Scar’s Notes

A small data download to be sure but this must be it, the last event of year 1 of jumputi?! It seems crazy that we are already moving into year two, but with the sheer amount of units and events we have had I suppose it should really come as no surprise that a year has passed. I have some theories/predictions/wishlists for what I think the anni event could look like. I will probably mostly save those for a video I have planned though.

I hope the events of anni can live up to everyone’s expectations, I really don’t want to over-hype it but the size of the regular events we get really make you think that these anni events will have to be gargantuan…Well I look forward to sharing Anniversary news with you hopefully next week, See you then!



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