Jumputi Survey For Upcoming Content – June 2020

Thank you everyone for playing Jumputi Heroes!

Everyone seems to be enjoying this big event. To commemorate this, and because we now have 8 Million Downloads, a player survey will be held.

Many different series have been added to Jumputi so this survey will ask players which series they want to see more of in the future.

Series that receive a large amount of recommendations will see more content in the future and the most popular work will take part in a Special Feature Festival in Spring 2021!

Answer the survey by clicking the link in the news post in-game that has the same banner as this post. Answer through the Line account linked to your Jumputi account and some time after the survey expires (early July) you will receive 100 Rubies!

It only takes about 3 minutes to complete so please share your input!

Survey Period: 06/22 15:00 ~ 06/29 23:59

Please find below translations of all the questions in the survey

On the main screen after you click the link, click “agree & continue” to begin.

Q1: What is your age and Gender? (please only select 1 option)

  • 10代男性 [10-19 Year old Male]
  • 10代女性 [10-19 Year old Female]
  • 20代男性 [20-29 Year old Male]
  • 20代女性 [20-29 Year old Female]
  • 30代男性 [30-39 Year old Male]
  • 30代女性 [30-39 Year old Female]
  • 40代男性 [40-49 Year old Male]
  • 40代女性 [40-49 Year old Female]
  • 50代以上男性 [50 Years old or older Male]
  • 50代以上女性 [50 Years old or older Female]

Q2: On average, how much Jumputi do you play each day? (please only select 1 option)

  • 15分くらい [Around 15 minutes]
  • 30分くらい [Around 30 minutes]
  • 1時間くらい [Around 1 hour]
  • 2時間くらい [Around 2 hours]
  • それ以上 [More than that]

Q3: Please select 3 series below that you would like to see more content from

  • 遊☆戯☆王 [Yu-Gi-Oh!]
  • 約束のネバーランド [Promise of Neverland]
  • ワールドトリガー [World Trigger]
  • テニスの王子様 [The Prince of Tennis]
  • 封神演義 [Hoshin Engi]
  • D.Gray-man
  • トリコ [Toriko]
  • アイシールド21 [Eyeshield 21]
  • ぬらりひょんの孫 [Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan]
  • 花の慶次 [Hana no Keiji]

Q4: Please select 3 more series below that you would like to see more content from

  • べるぜバブ [Beelzebub]
  • とっても!ラッキーマン [Tottemo! Lucky Man]
  • リングにかけろ [Ring ni Kakero]
  • ゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん [Yuuna’s Haunted Hotsprings]
  • 武装錬金 [Buso Renkin]
  • 食戟のソーマ [Shokugeki no Soma]
  • ろくでなしBLUES [Rokudenashi BLUES]
  • 男塾 [Otokojuku]

Q5: From the series you selected, please let us know of specific characters you wish to be added

Q6: What kind of content do you want to see in the Spring 2021 Special Feature Festival?

  • 超絶級イベント [Transcendent Class Event]
  • 究極級イベント [Ultimate Class Event]
  • 団結バトル [Unity Battle]
  • 超究極級イベント [Catastrophe Class Event]
  • 限界バトル [Genkai Battle]
  • 軍団対抗イベント [Team Battle]
  • 原作ストーリーをなぞるイベント [Event that follows the original story of the series]
  • 決闘 [Tower Event]
  • その他 [Other]

Q7: Please let us know your opinions, requests or thoughts on what you would like to see in the Special Feature Festival.

Thank you for filling out the survey, we hope you all look forward to new content based on these results, we will let you know the outcome at a later date!

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