Kochikame Feature Festival Early Information!

A Kochikame Feature Festival is just over the horizon as promised!

Below we have compiled information from various posts about the feature festival!

For this Feature Festival, Ryotsu has been appointed as the new producer of the game?! and he wants to be called Ryotsu#P now??!!

Congratulatory Messages

Congratulatory comments will be shared from the other members of the Police Box each day!

Keiichi Nakagawa

Senpai! Congratulations on your appointment as the Jumputi Producer!

Don’t worry everybody! Games are one of Senpai’s strong points.

I’m looking forward to the Feature Festival!

By the way senpai, the Nakagawa Corporation isn’t involved in this scheme…right?

Tatsunosuke Sakonji

Yes Ryotsu! The long awaited announcement of your promotion to Jumputi Producer!

Now I want you to use your Producer status to make an in-game collaboration with the Doki Memo Games!

Finally I will be able to use my beloved Saori in Jumputi!

…eh? What do you mean not this time?!

Reiko Akimoto

Congratulations on your promotion Ryo-chan!

You said you wanted this, so do it properly!

No slacking off and no skipping out on work!

If you’re successful, let’s all have a party to celebrate!

Plus Denkyoku

Ah, you are celebrating Ryotsu-san becoming the producer of Jumputi? I’m sorry you’ll have to excuse me, I have lots of important plans.

eh? Lemon-san will also be taking part in Jumputi?

…hold on one moment I just received an e-mail

It seems somone had to cancel so our plans will be scheduled for another day

It looks like I’m free to play Jumputi now! Ha ha…..

Daijiro Ohara

There’s no way… they really made him the producer….


It can’t be helped because it’s already been decided, so take it seriously!

Make sure not to be a bother to the Staff and the Players.

If you cause trouble, you’ll be fired for sure this time!

Matoi Giboshi

Kankichi did you really get the producer job?

You really can do anything!

But can you do a good job as producer?

Oh also! Grandma said I should tell you not to skip out on work this time!

So now you’ve been properly warned! Good Luck Kankichi!

Ryotsu#P Gift Campaign

Our new Producer wants to give everybody a gift but isn’t sure which to choose. So it will be decided with a RT Campaign!

The options are:

  • 5 hero doors
  • 2 limited doors
  • 5 jewel fragments
  • Or 300 stamina

Vote for the one you want to win in the tweet below!


If we hit 10k RT then Ryotsu#P has promised to double the winning reward!

Upcoming Events?

Some information about the event will be shared as we countdown to the event’s release!

There will also be campaigns and events held on the website to look forward to

Retweet Campaign: 09/11 15:00 ~ 09/17 23:59

Kochikame Quiz: 09/14 15:00 ~ 09/28 14:59

Share an Interesting Screenshot Campaign: 09/14 15:00 ~ 09/22 23:59

More information will be shared in following news updates.

Kochikame Advanced Scout Reports

We have been working hard on the Kochikame Feature Festival which we announced back in February with a special survey asking for fan input.

Part 1 – Design

Here we have presented some early images of two characters; Matoi Giboshi & Neruo Higurashi!

This is the first time this process has really been shown. We are glad to share it with you so you can learn a little bit more about the process.

Matoi Giboshi

Ryotsu and Matoi were once in a relationship, however they later found out they were cousins?!

Policewoman Matoi Giboshi from the Katsushika Police HQ joins Jumputi Heroes!

Neruo Higurashi

Neruo is a highly acclaimed officer from the Katsushika Police Headquarters. He is known as the Olympic-guy because he pretty much sleeps for 4 years at a time, only to come out of his hibernation on the day of the olympics.

In that one day he sets a record number of arrests every time! Olympic-guy Neruo Higurashi joins Jumputi Heroes!

As you can see, we use a lot of reference images. Numerous panels and illustrations are taken from different places to help us express the facial expressions, hair styles and movements from various angles.

The character illustrations are created in this way and gradually we move towards a completed artwork after reviewing and correcting the work many times.

We were able to make many characters for Jumputi in this way, but when making a character that is beloved by the fans of the series, it is very important to do a good job of expressing the character and key characteristics of the character to the absolute maximum extent.

There are a lot of small details that the Jumputi design team always tries their best to capture so make sure to keep an eye out for inclusions of even minute details that you may have missed before!

Part 2 – Color

Now let’s take a look at those same characters in the second phase of development, the “Color” phase!

Matoi Giboshi

Neruo Higurashi

In the same way as the design phase, lots of source images need to be referenced in order to try our best to recreate the colours as they appear in the series.

The colour scheme of the characters appearing in Jumputi are decided based on Manga colour pages and official illustrations from the mangaka.

Sometimes choices have to be made in cases where there are multiple variations, this is especially hard when there are so many different choices eg. if a series has a large amount of material to choose from. So the team chooses the option that fits best.

The reference frames must also be looked to when adding finer details such as shoes and watches as well as deciding which clothing to choose.

The colours have to be selected carefully so that we can easily express when a character is active or not for in-game situations.

Once colours have been confirmed for the illustrations, we are ready to start putting our characters into motion!

Part 3 – Motion

The character animations are actually created by compiling a large amount of detailed elements into 2 sprite sheets.

The first includes each element of the character so that we can make them move.

The second includes elements for non-standard motion like the Ultimate Attack

The effects and changes in facial expressions when attacking have to be calculated very carefully.

Additionally, adjustments are needed to create animations that match the characters, such as the movements unique to the characters or matching a specific moment from the series.

The most important element that players look forward to is the Ultimate Attack Animation.

So, with great care, we need to make sure they are set to impress!

Now these characters are ready to make their appearance! Look forward to their inclusion in Jumputi Heroes!

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