2nd Anniversary of Tower Campaign

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Tower a special campaign will be held!

Make sure to take part as there will be a number of rewards available!

Valentine’s Heroines Tower Boost

The 2nd Anniversary of Tower celebration will coincide with the Valentine’s Heroines Tower Boost.

During the period below, characters from the Valentine’s event will be boosted in tower!

Characters will receive Stat buffs as well as boosting your overall point gain each game (check in game for specific boosts)

Event Period: 02/15 04:00 ~ 02/21 23:59

Vs. Medal Store Legend Summons Update

From 02/15, the line-up for the Vs. Medal Store will be updated. The Legend Summons listed below will now have a chance to appear as a purchase option.

  • Kiyoko Shimizu from Haikyuu!!
  • Hyakki Yako from Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
  • Ruri from Dr. Stone
  • The Old Master from Saint Seiya
  • Golden Cloth of Sagittarius from Saint Seiya
  • The Light of Shandora from One Piece
  • Super Kanda Sushi from Kochikame
  • The Three Peachburst Amigos from Gintama
  • The Infinite Castle from Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Trish Una from Golden Wind

If you missed any of these Legend Summons during their original print, you will now have a chance to add them to your team!

Additionally, the books required to level them up will be added to the store lineup. Remember that by levelling them up you can earn a number of Rubies and Jewels from missions!

If you wish to know what any of these Legend Summons do, then you can check the Legend Summon Database

Release Date: 02/15 04:00

New Commemorative Tower Character

In celebration of the 2nd year of Tower a special Tower character will be added to the Vs. Medal Store!

Use your medals to obtain the powerful tower character Athena! Athena is a Thunder (Yellow) unit.

Athena from Saint Seiya

Every copy of Athena will cost 22000 Medals.

Let’s take a look at Athena’s abilities!

All skills shown are at level 12.

Availability Period: 02/15 04:00 ~ 08/16 23:59

Past Tower Characters Return

Characters from past Tower events will be featured for a limited time one after the other!

  • 02/15 – Starjun from Toriko
  • 02/22 – Terryman from Kinnikuman
  • 03/01 – Wakatoshi Ushijima from Haikyuu!!
  • 03/08 – Illumi Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter
  • 03/15 – Keigo Atobe from The Prince of Tennis
  • 03/22 – Mikan Yuki from To Love Ru
  • 03/29 – Chisaki Miyazaki from Yuuna and the Haunted Hotsprings
  • 04/05 – Soi Fon from Bleach

Each character will be featured for one week.

Campaign Period: 02/15 04:00 ~ 04/12 03:59

Increased Duel Medals for a limited time!

Regardless of whether you win or lose, earn 40 extra Medals per battle during the period below! A total of 400 per day in addition to regular tower rewards!

Campaign Period: 02/15 04:00 ~ 02/28 23:59

Changes coming to Tower

A number of changes are being made to tower so players can get more rewards and enjoy the game mode more!

Official Rivals Appear!

To help newer players, teams prepared by the development team will have a chance to appear on floors 1 ~ 20. Defeating them can help you to reach floor 21!

New Season Demotions Restricted

To help newer players, the demotion at the start of each season that sent players to a lower floor will now only apply to players on floor 25. If you are on floors 1 ~ 24 at the end of the season, you will stay in place when the new season starts!

Daily Mission Revamp

Daily missions associated with tower will be revamped!

Tower Season Rewards Update

The number of medals received at the end of the Tower Season will be updated! You can see an example of the new rewards below:

  • Reach Floor 25 – 1500 Medals
  • Rank between 5000 ~ 3001 – 1800 Medals
  • Rank 1 – 9000 Medals

The number of medals will go up the higher rank you reach!

Release Date: 02/15 04:00

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