Responding to player inquiries

The developers have shared some update information & responded to some common inquiries about Jumputi Heroes from June 2021

Please add Inumarudashi and Hokenshitsu no Shinigami

As announced during the live broadcast, we have decided to add more new series! We hope you look forward to their addition in future events.

I want you to add more characters to the Friend Point Gacha

We have received many requests regarding this, it is something we are currently considering. The main things we’re discussing are; how would we want these units to perform in game, how do we make these units feel different from event characters or tower characters and what sort of characters would be put here instead of being put in regular events or gacha.

I want you to increase the number of times you can exchange Jewel Fragments each month

For the first time, during July, we will be doubling the amount of times you can exchange Jewel Fragments. You will be able to get 6 of each Jewel for this month only.

I want a team copy function

I want a function that allows me to search for characters whose skill levels have not been maxed out

I want to be able to narrow down which units perform AOE attacks

We will continue to improve the UI so that everyone can enjoy the game more easily. These changes will come in future updates along with the improvements to sort functionality that we have mentioned in the past so please look forward to it.

Updates on Past Inquires

We would like to update you on some past inquires that we are continuing to work on.


I want to be able to get chat stamps that I missed in past campaigns

We will make it possible to purchase stamps that appeared in past campaigns from the Trade Medal Exchange. We plan to add this feature from Mid-August.


I want there to be more benefits from getting characters to Max Luck

We will be adding more lifetime missions for the number of Max Luck characters. We are preparing to add this after August.

I want to be able to summon on ticket gacha multiple times at once

We apologize for the time it takes to respond, but we would appreciate it if you could wait a little longer as we prepare this.

I want you to update the pool for the Two times daily free gacha

We are considering changing the specifications of the free daily gacha. One plan is to include guaranteed 5★ units after summoning a certain number of days in a row. We intend to implement an update around the end of July, so please look forward to it.


I want you to renovate summon animations

This is still under consideration. We are very sorry to have kept you waiting. We will inform you as soon as the changes are decided upon.

I want a stamp sorting function

We are very sorry that it took a while to respond. We will let you know as soon as this update is ready.

I want the sort function to be more convenient

We are considering how to implement this functionality alongside other functionality suggestions we received eg. the request to be able to narrow down the “AOE characters” that we received this month. However, the implementation time-frame for this is still undecided. We are very sorry to have kept you waiting. We will inform you as soon as the release date is decided.


I want you to implement relief measures for Hero and Limited character’s abilities diminishing over time

We are still considering our response to this. We need to consider how we can prevent inequality among players, such as those who have already sold duplicate characters, those who have used duplicates as level up fodder, those who have saved duplicates, etc. We will inform you again as soon as our response is decided.

I want you to review the rewards for Unity Battle

We will update rewards from the next Unity Battle. We will add contribution rewards and change ranking rewards so that those who work hard will benefit more.

I want to be able to choose which Legend Summon Books to buy at the Vs. Battle Medal Exchange

We are planning an update to increase the number of items displayed at one time in the Vs. Battle Medal Exchange. The date is currently undecided but we will update you on these changes soon.

I want you to raise the investment limit for my guild and I want to be able to invest 1 million with a single click

We apologize for the time it is taking to respond to this. We will inform you when we have more news on this update.


I want a data transfer method other than LINE

We are currently in the process of deciding how this will be handled. We will update you once we have made our decision.

The team building UI is hard to use

We have implemented the character swap function in the most recent update. We hope this feature will make things easier as it allows you to quickly switch characters around in their team slots without going back into your character box.

I want sort functionality for Legend Summons

We are very sorry to have kept you waiting. We are working on this and will inform you once a release date is decided.

Adjust the difficulty and rewards of Super Dimensional Battle

We are currently considering various updates and improvements. We are planning to review the score calculation formula so that it will be easier to improve your score and we will also be reviewing the grade classification so that it will be easier for players to get a feeling of growth and progress. In addition to the above, we will make continuous improvements, so please wait for further updates.

Thank you all for sharing your input every month! Please continue to do so on Twitter with the hashtag #プチ友の声

In the future, we intend to discuss player inquiries and requests on our livestream. We will also review past inquires and show our progress towards releasing updates.

We will continue discussions, development and operations as well as continuing to read all the input we receive so that everyone can continue to enjoy playing Jumputi Heroes.

Thank you for your continued support!

Jumputi Heroes Development Team

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