Intermediate Missions

To unlock these missions, you must clear the Beginner missions first. Clear all these missions to earn a Limited Choice Ticket!

Missions must be cleared in order, you clear each mission to unlock the next one. It is possible to clear some missions out of order, however, you will not be able to claim the mission reward until you clear all the prior missions.

  1. Clear Hero Island Stage 4-1: 100 Rubies
  2. Clear Hero Island Stage 4-2: 20 Super Red Reinforcement Books
  3. Join a Guild: 20 Super Green Reinforcement Books
  4. Clear Hero Island Stage 4-3: Guaranteed 5★ Ticket
  5. Clear Hero Island Stage 4-4: 20 Super Blue Reinforcement Books
  6. Reach Player Rank 30: 20 Super Yellow Reinforcement Books
  7. Get a character to +2 Limit Break: 10,000,000 Coins
  8. Clear Hero Island Stage 5-1: 100 Rainbow Jump Souls
  9. Clear Hero Island Stage 5-2: 100 Rubies
  10. Win a match in Tower: 100 Rubies
  11. Clear Hero Island Stage 5-3: 5,000,000 Coins
  12. Clear Hero Island Stage 5-4: 20 Jewel Shards
  13. Change your Emblem: 100 Rubies
  14. Clear Hero Island Stage 6-1: 5,000,000 Coins
  15. Clear Hero Island Stage 6-2: 1000 Event Grade Limit Break Doors
  16. Reach Rank 40: 500 Hero Grade Limit Break Doors
  17. Get 2 characters to +1 Limit Break: 10,000,000 Coins
  18. Clear Hero Island Stage 6-3: 100 Rubies
  19. Clear Hero Island Stage 6-4: 30 Jewel Shards
  20. Trade Jewel Shards for a Jewel at the Exchange: 5 Ultimate Attack Hero Jewels
  21. Use an Ultimate Attack Hero Jewel on a character: 5 Buddy Skill Hero Jewels
  22. Use a Buddy Skill Hero Jewel on a character: 5 Passive Skill Hero Jewels
  23. Use a Passive Skill Hero Jewel on a character: Standard Choice Ticket

Once you have cleared all 23 Missions and claimed your rewards, you will be able to claim the final reward for the Limited Choice Ticket!

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