Genkai Battle – Emperor of the Universe: Frieza

Genkai Battle – A difficult mode that will push you to your limits!

This time, the boss you must face will be the Emperor of the Universe [Full Power] Frieza from Dragon Ball! Frieza is a Thunder (Yellow) unit.

What is Genkai Battle?

Genkai Battle is a special event where you must continually surpass your limits to defeat an enemy that becomes stronger each time you defeat them.

By defeating the enemy, the next stage of the level will be opened where the stage gimmicks will be more difficult to deal with. Additionally, this event can only be cleared in Solo play, Coop and SOS are unavailable. You will also be unable to use Rubies to continue if you are defeated.

There are 35 stages in total.

[Full Power] Frieza from Dragon Ball

Earn various Luxury Rewards by clearing the stages of this event. You will also earn copies of [Full Power] Frieza and the special evolver item 100 Percent!! which is required to evolve Frieza to 6 rarity!

Clear all 35 stages to collect enough copies of Frieza to reach Max Skill!

Additionally, clearing stage 35 will reward the player with a special costume for Frieza!

What to watch out for!

There are a number of gimmicks to watch out for in this fight

  • Impressive Guard
  • Powerful Shock
  • Inflicts RCV Down
  • Boosted Damage to Schocked units
  • Boosted Damage to units with RCV down
  • Strong Preemptive Attack
  • Immune to ATK down
  • Immune to Burn
  • Absorbs Skill bubbles to boost his own Attack
  • Bursts a large number of bubbles in the middle of the board

These gimmicks will vary in severity/aggressiveness depending on which of the 35 stages you are facing.

Genkai Battle Frieza Ticket Gacha

Earn Genkai Battle Frieza Gacha Tickets from clearing the stages of the Genkai Battle.

You will receive 10 Tickets total. On the 3rd, 5th, and 7th summon receive a guaranteed 4 or above. On the 10th summon receive a guaranteed 5 unit.

Recommended events

These events include units that will prove useful on this stage.

Swirling Dark Clouds on Planet Namek

This is a story event. You can earn 4 Dragon Ball characters from clearing the stages of this event:

  • Captain Ginyu
  • Recoome
  • Zarbon
  • [Hidden Power Unleashed] Krillin

[Hidden Power Unleashed] Krillin can remove RCV Down as a support and Captain Ginyu can reduce the turns of Shock as a support!

The Saiyans are coming!!

This is a story event. Clear the stages of this event to earn copies of Nappa from Dragon Ball.

Nappa can reduce the turns of Shock as a support!

Burst Stream of Destruction!!

Clear this event to earn copies of [The Terror of Blue-Eyes] Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!

[The Terror of Blue-Eyes] Seto Kaiba inflicts damage that ignores Guard as a front line!

What are you doing!

Clear this event to obtain Lambo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Additionally, collect the special evolver Grenades to evolve Lambo to 6★ rarity.

Lambo can reduce the turns of Shock as a support!

Super Genkai Battle Green – Emperor of the Universe: Frieza

Super Genkai Battle Green – Space Emperor Frieza can only be challenged once you have cleared Level 35 of Genkai Battle Space Emperor Frieza. Even if you have already cleared Level 35, you will need to clear it again before you can challenge these new stages.

Click here to learn more about that stage.

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