Explosive Breakthrough Inosuke

Inosuke-sama is coming through!! This is a missions campaign that can be enjoyed by all players.

You can obtain [The Face Hidden behind the Boar Head] Inosuke Hashibira from Kimetsu no Yaiba the first time you log in to the game.

[The Face Hidden behind the Boar Head] Inosuke Hashibira from Kimetsu no Yaiba

This is a campaign where you can slowly power up Inosuke over time. It starts when you obtain him from your gift box after log in. Clear the Explosive Breakthrough missions to earn more copies of Inosuke and to earn his evolvers

Aim for the Tempura missions first! It’s Inosuke’s favorite food and will be required to evolve him to 6★ Rarity!

From there, obtain copies to aim for MAX Skill and then on towards MAX Luck! Get Insouke to MAX Luck and you will unlock the special aura Costume The Boar Pillar!

The missions are split into two parts, it’s best to aim to do these in order as Inosuke needs to be evolved to 6★ rarity before aiming for MAX Luck.

Please Note: 5★ rarity units can only reach 75 Luck. MAX Luck is 99 Luck. Please ensure to evolve Inosuke to 6★ rarity before you feed all your dupes and aim for MAX Luck

Part 1 Missions

You will receive your first copy of [The Face Hidden behind the Boar Head] Inosuke Hashibira when you log in.

Clear all the missions below to earn all 15 Tempura required to Evolve Inosuke to 6★ rarity!

  1. Obtain [The Face Hidden behind the Boar Head] Inosuke Hashibira [Log in]
  2. Clear 5 Stages in Co-op
  3. Clear 10 Stages in Co-op
  4. Clear 20 Stages in Co-op
  5. Clear 30 Stages in Co-op
  6. Clear 40 Stages in Co-op
  7. Clear 50 Stages in Co-op
  8. Evolve 5 Characters
  9. Evolve 10 Characters
  10. Evolve 15 Characters
  11. Power Up 10 Characters
  12. Power Up 20 Characters
  13. Power Up 30 Characters
  14. Clear 25 Stages
  15. Clear 50 Stages

Part 2 Missions

Clear all the missions below to earn enough duplicate copies of Inosuke to reach MAX Luck!

  1. Collect 5000 Event Droplets
  2. Collect 10,000 Event Droplets
  3. Collect 15,000 Event Droplets
  4. Collect 20,000 Event Droplets
  5. Play 50 Tower Matches
  6. Play 100 Tower Matches
  7. Play 150 Tower Matches
  8. Play 200 Tower Matches
  9. Win 50 Tower Matches
  10. Win 100 Tower Matches
  11. Win 150 Tower Matches
  12. Win 200 Tower Matches
  13. Clear 100 Stages
  14. Clear 200 Stages
  15. Clear 300 Stages
  16. Clear 400 Stages
  17. Clear 600 Stages
  18. Clear 800 Stages
  19. Clear 1000 Stages

Explosive Breakthrough Inosuke Final Mission

  • Get [The Face Hidden behind the Boar Head] Inosuke Hashibira to MAX Luck

Once you have completed all the missions above, you will have Inosuke at MAX Luck and you will have access to his special aura costume!

Please Note: These missions are intended to be slowly progressed through, don’t feel disheartened if you feel like you are taking a long time to clear them, you will get there eventually

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