How to Get Coins

Coins are the secondary currency for Jumputi Heroes. Coins are required to perform a number of actions in-game.

Coins are used for:

  • Levelling up characters
  • Evolving characters
  • Limit Breaking characters
  • Contributing to your Guild

With all Coin stages, always make sure to bring a 99 Luck Lead. You will earn significantly fewer Coins without the Luck Bonus.

#1 Increased Coin Dungeon

This stage is the most efficient for farming Coins. Normally, this stage will be open every Monday. During special events and celebrations, this stage may be open 24/7 for a set period.

#2 Super Coin Dungeon

This stage is the second most efficient for farming Coins. Normally, this stage is only unlockable with Keys or Rubies. When you first start the game, this stage will be open 24/7 for your first week as part of the beginner bonus.

#3 Coin Dungeon

This stage is the least efficient of the three Coin farming stages. This stage will be open every day of the week except Monday.


These other methods are unrelated to the specific Coin stages but may still provide a good number of coins for tackling other tasks and objectives.

Regular Quests

You can also obtain coins by clearing regular quests. During special events where Hero Island (Story Mode) is half stamina or double drop, this is a great time to farm Legend Summon Materials or Rank EXP, you will learn a lot of coins at the same time.

Missions and Event Specific Sources

Many different missions provide coins. This includes Daily Missions. Make sure to clear your dailies every day.

To see the full list of Daily Missions click here.

There are also some event/celebration-specific missions, login bonuses, and event rewards that will provide coins.

Make sure to check the most recent news posts to see which celebrations are currently running and how you can get the rewards.

Character Sale

Coins can also be obtained when you sell your characters. The amount of coins you can get depends on the character’s Level and Rarity.

WARNING: It is not recommended to sell Gacha characters. Even many 3★ & 4★ characters can be evolved to 6★ and reach 99 Luck.

It is only recommended to sell duplicates of event units that you have already maxed out or 3★ & 4★ gacha characters that you have already maxed out.

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