How to Get Soldiers’ Souls

Soldier’s Souls are a secondary currency in Jumputi Heroes.

Soldiers’ souls are primarily obtained from playing Unity Battle.

Unity Battle is a special game mode that you can only play by joining or creating a Guild. Click here to learn more.

Soldiers’ Souls can also be obtained from special missions during Monthly Tower Strengthening Weeks.

Monthly Tower Strengthening Weeks are special campaigns that happen once a month. Special missions are held as well as certain gacha and events returning.

Soldiers’ Souls can be used to purchase copies of Unity Battle characters from past events.

*Please note, not all Unity Battle Bosses will be made available in this store some characters are available through different means or have not yet been made playable.

There is also a small selection of items you can purchase from this store. We recommend you aim to obtain the characters first and try to max out their Skill levels before worrying about other items.

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