Jumputi Golden Week Campaign

It’s that time of year! All across Japan, everyone can expect up to 10 days off for Golden Week! From 04/28, a special campaign will be held to keep you busy during Golden Week!

For GOLDEN WEEK that man has returned… that’s right it’s GOLDMAN!

“A week dedicated to Gold, how fitting.”

Goldman has agreed to include you in his special regime, but only during this campaign!

Let’s join him on a quest to obtain Perfect Golden Muscles!

Golden Week Login Bonus

Log in and you can receive the Perfect Muscle RED Set!

Perfect Muscle RED Set will unpack a number of rewards into your gift box!

This set rewards the player with:

  • 1x Jewel Fragment
  • 2x Legendary Red Reinforcement Books
  • 2x Legendary Green Reinforcement Books
  • 2x Legendary Blue Reinforcement Books
  • 2x Legendary Yellow Reinforcement Books
  • 3x Ultimate Scrolls

Make sure to log in and get your reward!

Login Period: 04/28 04:00 ~ 05/09 03:59

Golden Week Special Missions

Log in to clear the special missions and get a special Chat Stamp!

Additionally, you can get Kinnikuman from Kinnikuman for free from missions!

Missions Period: 04/28 12:00 ~ 05/09 11:59

Adamantine God of Golden Week

You can earn Golden Muscle Coins by training with Goldman!

Golden Muscle Coins can be used on a gacha that will be shown below. The are two stages to this event, you can clear each stage Three times a day.

You can get a total of 300 coins per day, make sure to get them each day!

Let’s collect lots of coins!

Event Period: 04/28 12:00 ~ 05/09 11:59

Golden Muscle Coin Gacha

You can use 100 Golden Muscle Coins to perform a multi summon on this gacha one time.

Each multi you can get a number of luxury rewards! On the 27th Multi, you will get the returning Limited Gacha character Goldman from Kinnikuman guaranteed!

Event Period: 04/28 12:00 ~

Golden Week Hyper Muscle Missions

Clear these missions to get lots of coins!

  • Clear 5 adventures – 1,000,000 Coins
  • Clear 10 adventures – 1,500,000 Coins
  • Clear 15 adventures – 2,000,000 Coins
  • Clear 20 adventures – 2,000,000 Coins
  • Clear 30 adventures – 2,500,000 Coins
  • Clear 40 adventures – 2,500,000 Coins
  • Clear 50 adventures – 3,000,000 Coins
  • Clear 60 adventures – 3,000,000 Coins
  • Clear 70 adventures – 3,500,000 Coins

Let’s get lots of coins!

Missions Period: 04/28 12:00 ~ 05/09 11:59

Golden Week Special Multi Pack

Three times only per customer, you can purchase 500 Rubies for 3680 yen. You will also receive a Golden Week Special Multi Ticket!

This ticket will give you a multi summon which will contain 10 units, the first unit in the multi is guaranteed to be a Limited gacha unit.

Sale Period: 04/28 12:00 ~ 05/09 11:59

Golden Week Perfect Muscle Pack

Three times only per customer, you can purchase 100 Rubies for 490 yen. You will also receive:

  • Perfect Muscle BLUE Set
  • 4x Large Skill Scroll
  • 4x Large Support Scroll
  • 4x Large Passive Scroll
  • 1x GW Special 5★ Ticket

The GW Special 5★ Ticket gives a random 5★ but will also include a chance at Limited Grade units from 2019 and before.

Perfect Muscle BLUE Set is a Legendary Reinforcement Item and can be used to get a 6★ character from Lvl. 1 to Lvl. 99.

Sale Period: 04/28 12:00 ~ 05/09 11:59

Golden Week Jewel Pack

Three times only per customer, you can purchase 3000 rubies for 10000 yen. You will also receive one of each Jewel and 3 Ultimate Scrolls.

Sale Period: 04/28 12:00 ~ 05/09 11:59

Golden Week Second Chance Gacha

This gacha includes Limited gacha characters from 2021 and before (excluding seasonal limited characters).

Every multi on this gacha you will receive a Second Chance Ticket.

This ticket will allow you to perform a single summon on this gacha pool with double rates on 5★ characters.


The following discounts and specials will be available for a limited time:

  • 1st Multi – 500 Rubies
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ unit
  • 4th Multi – 1000 Rubies
  • 5th Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ unit
  • 6th Multi – 1000 Rubies
  • 7th Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ Limited Gacha Character

After the 7th multi, the gacha resets to the 1st multi

Gacha Period: 04/28 12:00 ~ 05/09 11:59

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