Countdown to the 20 Million Downloads Celebration

It has been revealed! This summer, prepare for a fright! Didn’t we already hit 21 Million downloads…?

The next event on Jumputi Heroes will be the 20 Million Downloads Celebration! This event is titled…

The Festival of Fears

To begin the countdown campaign, let’s start with the reveal of 2 new characters!

Rikuo Nura & Tsurara Oikawa from Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan!

[The Messenger of Justice from Hell] Meisuke Nueno from Hell Teacher Nube!

Both these new units will be Limited Gacha Characters! More information on them and when they drop during the event will be revealed at a later date.

New Limited Release Twitter Campaign

Retweet the tweet below for the chance to be one of 20 players who will win one of the two new limited units for free!

Additionally, all players will receive 200 Rubies if the tweet reaches 10,000 RT!

Campaign Period: 06/23 04:00 ~ 06/26 23:59

20 Million Downloads Celebration Lottery

If you clear all daily missions during the period below you can earn a Lottery Ticket!

A lottery will be held where 10,000 players will earn 500 Rubies!

More information on this campaign will be released when the event is fully revealed.

Campaign Period: 06/24 04:00 ~ 07/11 03:59

Countdown to Summer Limited Gacha Rush

A Limited Gacha of each type will be held during the countdown to Summer!

Returning Legendary Heroes and Dark Heroes will be SUPER rated UP and the first multi on each gacha will be Free!


The following offers will be available on each of these banners for a limited time

  • 1st Single – 25 Rubies
  • 1st Multi – FREE
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ unit
  • 4th Multi – 1000 Rubies
  • 5th Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ unit
  • 6th Multi – 1000 Rubies
  • 7th Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up Limited unit

After the 7th multi, the gacha resets to the 1st multi

Wood (Green) Limited Gacha

The following characters will be featured on this gacha:

  • 5Shoyo Hinata & Tobio Kageyama from Haikyuu!!
  • 5[Bonds Forged by Anti Magic] Asta from Black Clover
  • 5Gon Freecss & Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter
  • 5[Ultimate] Son Gohan from Dragon Ball

Gacha Period: 06/24 12:00 ~ 06/25 11:59

Fire (Red) Limited Gacha

The following characters will be featured on this gacha:

  • 5Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto from Bleach
  • 5[Explosive Explosion] Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia
  • 5Tanjiro & Nezuko Kamado from Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • 5[The Revolutionary Army’s Chief of Staff] Sabo from One Piece

Gacha Period: 06/25 12:00 ~ 06/26 11:59

Aqua (Blue) Limited Gacha

The following characters will be featured on this gacha:

  • 5Ryotsu Kankichi & Lemon Giboshi from Kochikame
  • 5All Might & Deku from My Hero Academia
  • 5[Awakened Yato Blood] Kagura from Gintama
  • 5[Hakka no Togame] Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach

Gacha Period: 06/26 12:00 ~ 06/27 11:59

Thunder (Yellow) Limited Gacha

The following characters will be featured on this gacha:

  • 5[Super God Speed Flash] Zenitsu Agatsuma from Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • 5[Evil Messiah] DIO from Stardust Crusaders
  • 5Killua Zoldyck & Hiei from Hunter x Hunter & Yu Yu Hakusho
  • 5[4th Dimensional Lightspeed Running Back] Sena Kobayakawa from Eyeshield 21

Gacha Period: 06/27 12:00 ~ 06/28 11:59

Countdown Double Six Star Sale Pack

One time only per customer, you can purchase 200 rubies for 980 yen. You will also receive a Double 6★ Ticket! This ticket will give you two random 6★ characters from a select pool!

Sale Period: 06/24 12:00 ~ 06/28 11:59

Countdown Limited 5★ Ticket Pack

One time only per customer, you can purchase 1500 rubies for 10000 yen. You will also receive:

  • 1x Skill Jewel
  • 1x Support Jewel
  • 1x Passive Jewel
  • 4x Ultimate Scroll
  • 15x Limited Grade Limit Break Door
  • 1x Countdown Limited 5★ Ticket

This ticket will give you a random 5★ Limited character from a select pool.

Sale Period: 06/24 12:00 ~ 06/28 11:59

New Taiwan Version Exclusives!

The TW server is entering the final part of their 3rd Anniversary Celebration this week. To follow the addition of Mirio, they will now be receiving some new One Piece content!

Limited Gacha – Garp

For a limited time only, summon on this special gacha for a chance to obtain the Legendary Hero Monkey D. Garp from One Piece!

Garp is a Thunder (Yellow) unit.

Monkey D. Garp from One Piece


The following discounts and specials will be available for a limited time:

  • 1st Single – 25 Rubies
  • 1st Multi – 500 Rubies
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ unit
  • 4th Multi – 1000 Rubies
  • 5th Multi – 1000 Rubies
  • 6th Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ unit
  • 7th Multi – 1000 Rubies
  • 8th Multi – 1000 Rubies
  • 9th Multi – 1000 Rubies – Guaranteed 5★ Monkey D. Garp

After the 9th multi, the gacha resets to the 1st multi

Gacha Period: 06/24 12:00 ~ 07/01 11:59

Ace!!! I’m coming to save you!!!

Clear this Ultimate Class event to earn copies of Sengoku from One Piece. Sengoku is a Thunder (Yellow) unit. The stage boss is [Gear Second] Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. Luffy will appear as an Aqua (Blue) enemy.

Sengoku from One Piece

Collect copies of this character by clearing the stages of this event.

Additionally, there will be a Catastrophe Class stage for everyone to challenge!

Clear this stage once to earn a special costume!

Let’s all aim for 99 Luck!

Event Period: 06/24 12:00 ~ 07/01 11:59

I know you. You’ll do it. Take care of my child!!

Clear this Catastrophe Class event to earn the Roger Pirates Flag Emblem!

In this event, the stage boss Gol D. Roger from One Piece will appear as an Aqua (Blue) enemy.

Event Period: 06/28 12:00 ~ 07/01 11:59

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