Super Genkai Battle Yellow – Battle God: Raizen

Super Genkai Battle – A super difficult mode where you must surpass your limits!

This time, the boss you must face will be the Battle God Raizen from Yu Yu Hakusho! Raizen is a Thunder (Yellow) boss.

Earn Luxury Rewards by defeating Raizen!

These stages will award additional copies of Raizen from Yu Yu Hakusho, however, it will not be possible to reach max luck from this event. Raizen is a Wood (Green) unit.

What is Super Genkai Battle?

Super Genkai Battle is a special event where you must continually surpass your limits to defeat an enemy that becomes stronger each time you defeat them.

By defeating the enemy, the next stage of the level will be opened and the stage gimmicks will be more difficult to deal with. Additionally, this event can only be cleared in Solo play, Coop and SOS are unavailable. You will also be unable to use Rubies to continue if you are defeated.

There are 5 stages in total.

What to watch out for!

There are a number of gimmicks to watch out for in this fight

  • Converts Skill bubbles to Block bubbles
  • Converts Green bubbles to Block bubbles
  • Powerful Poison
  • Absorbs Block bubbles to deal boosted damage
  • Boosted Damage to Poison afflicted units
  • Boosted Damage to Poison immune units

These gimmicks will vary in severity/aggressiveness depending on which of the 5 stages you are facing.

Recommended events

These events include units that will prove useful on this stage.

The Black Bull’s Devoted Big Sis

Clear this event to earn copies Vanessa Enoteca from Black Clover

Vanessa Enoteca can reduce the turns of Poison as a support!

I’ll kill you if you get in my way

Clear this event to earn copies Nobunaga Hazama from Hunter x Hunter

Nobunaga Hazama can reduce the turns of Poison as a support!

Only for the King!

Clear this event to earn copies Shaiapouf from Hunter x Hunter

Shaiapouf can reduce the turns of Poison as a support!

The Sleep demon on the Infinite Dream Train

Clear this event to earn copies Enmu from Kimetsu no Yaiba

Enmu can convert Block bubbles to Green as a support!

Puti Trade Medal Exchange – Gekkou

Clear this event to earn copies Gekkou from Sakigake!! Otokojuku

Gekkou can reduce the turns of Poison as a support!

Genkai Battle – Battle God: Raizen

Super Genkai Battle Yellow – Battle God: Raizen can only be challenged once you have cleared Level 35 of Genkai Battle Battle – God: Raizen. Even if you have already cleared Level 35, you will need to clear it again before you can challenge these new stages.

Click here to learn more about that stage.

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