Responding to player inquiries December 2022 Edition

The developers have shared some update information & responded to some common inquiries about Jumputi Heroes from December 2022.

Thank you for playing Jumputi Heroes. We had previously announced that we would be responding to Player Inquiries on our next livestream, but since there is a long period of time until the next livestream and we have received a lot of feedback recently, we will be responding to inquiries on the official Jumputi blog on a regular basis from this month onwards.

Regarding the handling of character duplicates

We recently implemented the Lvl. 15 update but we are looking into more ways to handle the problem of players ending up with duplicates of characters that provide no additional benefit (due to the character already being Max Skill).

We are currently working on implementing a system whereby the sale of Limited Grade characters can give players special exchange items other than Puti Trade Medals. The rewards that you will be able to trade these items for is still under consideration. The planned store line-up may include items such as gacha tickets, choice tickets, Jewels and certain special summoning items.

Reviving characters who were added early in the game’s lifecycle

Until now, we have been attempting to deal with this matter by regularly giving buffs to characters. However, it has proven difficult to finetune these buffs in a satisfying way. After much consideration, we are planning to add the Hidden Potential System (Panel System) during the 5th anniversary.

This system is planned to allow us to improve the Stats and Skills of Limited Grade and Hero Grade characters who were released early in the game’s lifecycle

*The pictures above are from an early build and may differ from the final build

Regarding Tower Bonus Weeks

This is something we have been doing since the game first started. We wanted new characters to be incorporated into teams quickly after their release. However, because of this fact, Tower Bonus Weeks have been held one after another in succession and players feel that new characters are a constant requirement to perform well in the Tower. As a result of this, the scope for playing with a variety of characters has narrowed.

We are planning to make adjustments such as increasing the number of standard Tower weeks, increasing the number of Bonus characters whenever a Bonus week is held and removing the points bonus from bonus weeks.

Problems with receiving campaign rewards

*I have had to alter what was said in this section because the devs claim that this problem is now fixed but some players are still affected.

An update was released recently to attempt to fix this problem. For many players it should now be fixed. However, if you are still unable to claim rewards due to either an error message or a message saying “this item has already been claimed” you should be receiving the rewards soon.

If this issue persists, then please follow the steps below to contact the developers.

Before we get started, please note that the Line Inquiry form might not let you choose Jumputi Heroes as an option from the dropdown of Line Games unless you have your device language set to Japanese.

We will also need your Account ID for this procedure so make sure to make a note of it before we get started. You can find your account ID here:

To begin the inquiry, click the bottom left button on the title screen:

Then navigate through the Line inquiry options as shown below:

You will now need to fill out the inquiry form.

In the details section, make sure to include the following information:

  • Date and Time you tried to redeem the item
  • User ID (copy and paste it into this section too for good measure)
  • Item name and quantity
  • Campaign Name
  • Any additional information you can think of that may prove useful to the support team when trying to answer your inquiry

Your answer should be in Japanese wherever possible. Even if you have to feed your responses into Google Translate or DeepL that would be preferable to responses in other languages.

For the Item name and quantity & Campaign Name you can find that information here with the gift links. It would be best to copy and paste the information from this section if you can.

If you are now able to claim rewards but missed on on rewards during the period the error was appearing, you should be able to use the old gift links from that period, even though they should be expired, as they have been updated to be redeemable until 01/31. You can check the gift links that have been updated posted on the page shown here.

Regarding archives of previous livestreams

We have been periodically taking down the VODS of our old livestreams. This is due to the nature of the contract we hold with the performers that serve as hosts or guests on our livestreams. We are only able to keep these VODs up on our channel for a limited time. We apologize for failing to inform you about this in advance.

Regarding Tower Ranking Emblem Rewards

We recently made changes to the rank distribution of Tower Emblem Rewards, however, we are considering further changes in the future due to players being unhappy with the current system. We will let you know more about these changes at a later date.

Regarding the frequency of Livestreams and Responses to Player Inquiries

We are aware that the inquiries of many players have not yet been answered. We have received many requests for more frequent and more detailed responses to player inquiries.

However, due to the current climate, it is difficult to hold livestream events as frequently as before. We did consider removing or reducing some of the aspects of the livestreams that were proving to be more challenging than in the past, so that we could hold them more frequently, such as having the Producer personally deliver the livestream by himself or with his assistant producer rather than bringing in hosts and guests each time. But we found problems in delivering this solution so we have decided find alternate ways to deal with the issue.

We are still looking into more ways that we can keep in contact with our players and while we try and find a better way to handle these communications, we have decided to begin posting responses to player inquiries on the blog again. These posts will be made on a regular basis.

We aren’t fully satisfied with this solution and we are aware that players feel the same way, however, we want to do what we can for now in order to improve our communication with the players. We will let you know more at a later date when we decide how to handle things moving forward.

Regarding recent changes to the in-game News section

We recently made some changes to the appearance and functionality of the News section.

We have received a number of requests to return this section to the way it was previously. Unfortunately these changes were made due to specification changes across all LINE Games and as such we will not be able to restore things to the way they were before this update.

Moving forward we will be making improvements to the News section and we will try to make everything easier to use and easier to read.

Regarding the rewards available from Exchanges

We have received a number of comments about rewards available from exchanges, especially in regards to items like Jump Souls and Enhancement Books which many players have a surplus of.

We will be adding to the line-up of rewards available from the Puti Trade Medal Exchange and the Duel Medal Exchange when appropriate.

We are also considering making Enhancement Books and Jump souls play a role in powering up your characters in the Hidden Potential System. We will be reviewing where they can be obtained from as well as increasing the upper limit on the number of each item you can hold.

Regarding the implementation of an account transfer system other than LINE

A password-issued transfer function is scheduled to be implemented in late February/early March 2023.

Regarding the difficulty level and rewards for Super Dimensional Battle

We are planning to revamp the Super Dimensional Battle in mid-to-late January 2023.

Additional Information

In addition to the inquiries from our players that we have answered above, we have also received more heated comments about the amount of rubies being distributed and the format/frequency of recent gacha featuring strong units.

We will be addressing this situation in a livestream at a later date.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you of some changes to the roadmap. This information was supposed to be relayed to players via a livestream but due to some changes in the current situation we will be sharing it here instead.

Haikyuu!! Feature Festival #2

At the time of the roadmap’s release, this event was scheduled to start in mid-February, but we have decided to change the release date to mid-April.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Feature Festival #2

There have been some changes to content that was originally planned for this event. We have also decided to delay the release date slightly to mid-January.

As a result of this delay, the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean Feature Festival will be delayed to early-February and the Mizuki Kawashita Sensei Feature will be delayed to mid-February.

We have received many other player inquiries, in addition to working further on the points discussed today, the management team and development team will be reviewing and discussing all the other inquiries and we will share more with you in the future as we work through them.

We are very sorry that we have not yet been able to make all the changes the players have been asking for a long time.

We will make every effort to make as many improvements as possible in the future, so please continue to support Jumputi Heroes.

Please continue to share your input on Twitter with the hashtag #プチ友の声

Thank you for your continued support!

Jumputi Heroes Development Team

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