Responding to player inquiries March 2023 Edition

Thank you for playing Jumputi Heroes. Today we will share some responses to player inquires and give you some more information on updates that are currently being worked on.

There is currently a known issue that causes the game to crash as well as a number of other instability issues. Fixes to these problems have been made and are pending approval for a new version release on the App Store. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are hoping the update will be available for download soon.

First we would like to discuss the Jumputi Survey held at the start of this month. Thank you all for your input. We will be covering some of the information collected from the survey today alongside our regular coverage on player input and work towards future updates.

Who responded to the questionnaire?

Here are some of the player statistics we were able to collect:

Q. Please input your gender.

  • Male – 82%
  • Female – 18%

Q. Have you ever spent any money on Jumputi Heroes?

  • Yes – 51%
  • No – 49%

Q. How much time do you spend playing Jumputi Heroes on average?

  • Less than 30 minutes per day – 15%
  • 30 minutes ~ 1 hour per day – 41%
  • 1~2 hours per day – 28%
  • 2 or more hours per day – 16%

Q. Please select your Player Rank in Jumputi Heroes.

  • 0~49 – 3%
  • 50~99 – 6%
  • 100~249 – 28%
  • 250~349 – 28%
  • 350~600 – 35%

Regarding the frequency of Limited releases and the Lvl.15 Update

Regarding the Lvl.15 Update, we have received many comments about the lack of Jewels. We have decided to adjust the distribution of Jewels, you should see an increase in the amount available from events and campaigns in the future so it will be easier to strengthen your characters.

Also, many people have complained about the lack of Rubies being distributed, especially when compared to the frequency of Limited Grade unit releases. We will adjust the distribution of Rubies in the future while trying to keep it balanced.

The current balance is set up in such a way that players can obtain Rubies by playing through Feature Festivals (from missions, login bonuses, campaigns, etc.). In reality, according to the actual player data, only a small percentage of players are actively obtaining all the Rubies we make available.

We intend to review our approach towards announcements so that players know how many Rubies will be available and what they need to do in order to get them

Q. Do you like the Level 15 Update?

  • It’s very good – 34%
  • It’s good – 44%
  • It’s not very good – 17%
  • It’s not good at all – 5%

Q. How do you feel about the current release frequency of Limited Grade characters?

  • It’s very good – 27%
  • It’s good – 44%
  • It’s not very good – 23%
  • It’s not good at all – 6%

Regarding Catastrophe Class Events & Sparks of a Lost Civilization

We’ve received lots of feedback regarding the difficulty of Catastrophe Class Events. Some players have complained about these stages being too difficult, however we are hoping the Hidden Potential update will help these players.

Many players expressed that they felt a great sense of accomplishment when clearing difficult stages like this. We think that, moving forward, we will make sure to still include Catastrophe Class Events and other similar events for our Hardcore players, but we will also provide the “Challenging Event” type stages as a lower difficulty option.

Regarding Sparks of a Lost Civilization, many players expressed issues with this game mode, such as; “The stages are too difficult”, “Team building for it is too restrictive” and “The game mode feels like a chore each month”.

We are considering what changes we can make to address these issues, such as lowering the difficulty level or reworking the entire event structure.

Q. How often do you challenge Catastrophe Class events?

  • I’ve challenged every one – 24%
  • I’ve played some of them – 68%
  • I don’t play Catastrophe Class events – 8%

Q. Do you enjoy playing Sparks of a Lost Civilization?

  • It’s very fun – 16%
  • It’s fun – 47%
  • It’s not very fun – 31%
  • It’s not fun at all – 6%

Regarding Super Dimensional Battle & Tower

Since it was recently revamped, players had lots to say about Super Dimensional Battle. We received requests to extend the timer, make it easier to create Skill bubbles and bring back the Friend Bonus. We are making adjustments as needed and attempting to make the mode more enjoyable. An update to this mode is planned for some time in May.

As for the Tower, one of the requests we saw a lot of, was players wanting the ability to battle against their friends. However, due to system limitations, this is proving to be quite challenging to implement. We are trying to see if there is a different approach we can take to implementing something like this. We will talk a bit more about this further down the post.

Q. Do you enjoy playing Super Dimensional Battle since it has been revamped?

  • It’s very fun – 26%
  • It’s fun – 52%
  • It’s not very fun – 19%
  • It’s not fun at all – 3%

Q. How often do you participate in Tower?

  • Every Day – 65%
  • Several times per week – 29%
  • I don’t play Tower – 6%

Regarding what content players find interesting

The survey results showed that powering up characters, character collection, and the gacha were the main areas of interest.

Following that, content such as Tower, Unity Battle, Super Dimensional Battle, and High-Difficulty adventures were also popular.

On the other hand, there were many complaints about not being able to obtain desired characters easily and not having enough Rubies or Jewels.

Therefore, in order to address these issues, we will be reviewing the overall supply balance of Rubies and Jewels and we will make efforts to announce where to obtain them more clearly in the future.

Q. Please select the Jumputi Heroes content that you enjoy/find interesting.

  • Getting Characters to MAX Luck – 14%
  • The Gacha – 22%
  • Super Dimensional Battle – 6%
  • Tower – 12%
  • Talking to my fellow Guild members – 3%
  • Character Collecting – 21%
  • Clearing Difficult stages – 8%
  • Sparks of a Lost Civilization – [*]
  • Unity Battle – 7%
  • Friendship Combos – 5%
  • Other – 2%

*Sparks of a Lost Civilization was an option on the original survey but does not appear in the results posted on the blog.

Responses to other Opinions, Requests, and Inquiries

Regarding the implementation of a Friend Battle function

Many players have expressed a desire to Tower Battle against their friends in real time. An update like that will be very difficult to implement as part of the Tower within the current system. We are currently exploring alternative ways to implement something similar instead.

Speaking of Tower, generally speaking, it seems that many players enjoy this game mode. A considerable number of players have told us that they want more ways to enjoy it. Therefore, we are considering implementing some kind of new feature to be released for the Tower 4.5 Anniversary later this year.

Regarding improvements to the sorting function

We have received many requests for various improvements to the Sorting function. Some of these improvements have already been implemented. Where possible, we will continue to work towards implementing the other improvements to Sorting that players have requested.

In particular, the community have been asking us for a long time to implement the ability to Sort and Filter Legend Summons and we are currently preparing to implement this update as soon as possible.

We are also considering adding a search bar for filters, however, it is proving difficult to plan out an update like this as it will be fairly resource-intensive. We will let you know more at a later date

Regarding 10 Step Tickets

Players have been asking for the ability to use multiple of these tickets at once like they can on other gacha. The implementation of these tickets is quite different to other gacha so this is proving problematic to address.

The solution we have settled on, is to implement an exchange where you can trade 10 of these tickets for a new kind of multi ticket.

We are aiming to implement this around June, so please wait a little longer.

Regarding Choice Tickets

Being able to see which characters you already own when using a Choice Ticket is a request that has become more and more frequent as more and more characters have been added to the game.

While this update is certainly possible for us to implement on paper, in practice, due to the number of characters and the processing constraints of user data, this could cause system slowdown and crashes. Therefore, making this change is a bit difficult right now.

A fundamental system overhaul is required, which will take a significant amount of time, making this a difficult update for us to talk about right now. We will let you know more in the future.

Regarding x4 Speed outside of Tower

While we do understand that players would like to see a 4x Speed function for adventures, similar to what is available in Tower, unfortunately, we feel that implementing such a change is would cause problems that are difficult for us to address.

Tower and regular adventures are fundamentally different in the way they are intended to be played, implementing a 4x speed function for adventures would result in significant imbalances.

Regarding Special Animations for Gacha

We have considered implementing special animations such as a “Guaranteed Limited” animation for the gacha. However, it will require a complete review and reconstruction of the current animations and UI, which will take a considerable amount of time to implement.

We would like to make it happen, but we are focusing on improving and enhancing the content and functionality of the game first.

Regarding reviving characters who were added early in the game’s lifecycle

We will continue to use the Lvl. 15 Update, Hidden Potential System and other special upgrades to work towards addressing this issue.

Regarding duplicates of Hero Grade units

We have been asked to provide some measure to deal with Hero Grade character duplicates. For now, we are starting by adding more items to the Puti Trade Medal Exchange, such as more Guaranteed ★5 Gacha Tickets.

However, we recognize that players are ending up with a significant amount of duplicates. Features used to address the duplicates problem with Limited Grade units, such as increasing the maximum skill level cap or implementing the Mega Puti Trade Medal exchange, won’t be as effective with Hero Grade Duplicates as players are getting so many of them compared to Limited Grade duplicates.

We will continue to consider various solutions to address this problem and let you know more at a later date.

Regarding issues with the Vs. Medal Exchange

We are looking to address some of the issues with this exchange. Firstly, the layout issues. Currently, there are too many items we need to display in there. One way we are looking to deal with this is to migrate many of the Legend Summons, and their books, out of the exchange and into the Voyage Log.

We would also like to allow players to purchase as many as they want/need of each item at once rather than restricting them to one item/set at a time. Implementing this feature will require a significant amount of time, as such, we are considering a temporary solution where certain items can be bundled together.

Regarding archives of previous livestreams

Unfortunately, the situation is still the same as before. Due to the contracts with our performers, the VODs of these livestreams need to be taken down after a certain period of time.

You can find an archive of all the talking points from the 5th Anniversary Livestream, as presented by GameWith here.

Please continue to share your input on Twitter with the hashtag #プチ友の声 so we can respond to your inquiries, we will also be updating you on the things discussed in this post in the future.

We will make every effort to make as many improvements as possible in the future, so please continue to support Jumputi Heroes.

Thank you for your continued support!

Jumputi Heroes Development Team

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