Responding to player inquiries May 2023 Edition

Thank you for playing Jumputi Heroes. Today we will share some responses to player inquiries and give you some more information on updates that are currently being worked on.

Regarding compensatory measures for duplicate Densetsu & Musou Grade units

Players have asked us to provide some kind of premium compensation for duplicates of Musou and Densetsu Grade units in the same way that we have for Limited Grade units with the Mega Puti Trade Medal Exchange.

We considered allowing players to sell Musou and Densetsu Grade units in exchange for Mega Puti Trade Medals. The idea being that, as they are rarer than Limiteds, they should yield a greater number of medals when sold. Then for a certain price, we could have provided a special Musou or Densetsu Ticket.

However, Musou & Densetsu Grade units are the rarest in the game and we feel that making them too easy to obtain would de-value them too much. We currently have no intention to make it easier to obtain these high rarity units.

For now, we do not think providing Mega Puti Trade Medals in exchange for Musou and Densetsu Grade duplicates would be suitable. We will be considering some other options for duplicate compensation and we will let you know more at a later date.

Regarding the Unity Battle top rewards being too hard to obtain

The special Unity Battle held on May 10th had a reward ceiling of 300,000,000 Points. We received a lot of complaints that this number was far too high and that there should have been rewards given out in between the higher points targets.

Since it was Golden Week and people would have more time to play and enjoy Jumputi Heroes, we wanted to give players a high goal to aim for with a big reward. We were surprised because more people took part than we expected but we still have to consider the overwhelming response of the playerbase which was “The point goal is too high and there should be more rewards in between”. We plan to make adjustments to the point goals for Unity Battle moving forward.

Also, during the event in question, the top reward was a Golden Jewel to celebrate Golden Week. Players feel as if they are missing out if such a valuable item is so difficult to obtain within such a short period, so we need to examine how we handle such rewards in the future. For the players who want to play a lot and aim for a high score, it may be more appropriate to have memento-type rewards such as Emblems to commemorate their efforts.

Regarding Hidden Potential Items

The playerbase has continued to let us know that you want the Hidden Potential Items to be made easier to obtain, especially in the case of Heroic Crystals which have only been available in very limited amounts up until this point.

We are planning to hold a special event from mid-June to help players awaken the Hidden Potential of their characters. We will also be releasing relevant stages to help Hidden Potential better integrate into the Jumputi ecosystem.

Regarding the distribution of rewards for the “Celebrate the Jumputi 5th Anniversary Twitter Campaign” (rooot campaign)

We are very sorry that many players were unable to receive their rewards from this campaign as intended.

We have made an effort to redistribute the rewards to those who missed out, but we have been told that many players still have not received anything and we are responding as needed.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by participating in the campaign.

In addition, due to the specifications of the campaign, it was easy to make mistakes when filling out the information on the website, so we will improve the input method to prevent such mistakes and confusion next time.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but for those who still have not received their rewards, even though the Twitter ID and Game ID entered were correct, please contact us via support so that we can investigate again.

Regarding the unauthorized use of Gift Links

The gift codes for a number of campaigns being held during the last event were obtained before they were intended to be released.

Regarding this matter, we accept that the Gift Links were too easy to obtain before release due to the format of the URL. We will make changes so that this problem will not occur in the future.

Obtaining rewards early like this is a violation of the Terms of Service, and in the future, we will take measures to deter this behavior such as suspending the accounts which take part if neccesary.

In order not to lose the fairness between those who have obtained rewards through fraudulent acts and those who have been playing normally, we have decided that, even though these codes weren’t intended to be disclosed like this, we will share the gift codes below.

It’s okay for everyone to use these gift links. The gift links are limited to one per person, so if you’ve received them before then these links won’t allow you to obtain the rewards again.

That’s it for this month’s player inquiry responses, however, we have one more thing to share.

Regarding the Taiwan server’s 4th Anniversary

The Taiwan version of Jumputi Heroes will celebrate its 4th Anniversary on June 18th. A celebration event is planned and we are just putting together the final touches of this event.

We can confirm that, as part of this event, the Taiwan server will be getting a new Densetsu Grade unit.

As a result of discussions held between the dev team and the management team, we have decided that both the Japan server and the Taiwan server will get this unit at the same time on June 23rd.

As we announced on the roadmap earlier this year, the Jumputi New World Grand Tour Ver.2 event will be held on the Japan server at the same time as the Taiwan server’s 4th Anniversary celebration. This event will feature a number of units being imported from the Taiwan server and we felt that it made the most sense to release the Densetsu Grade unit as well during this period.

We apologize for this sudden announcement, we have distributed 1000 Rubies for all players to coincide with this announcement so please make sure to collect them.

Please continue to share your input on Twitter with the hashtag #プチ友の声 so we can respond to your inquiries, we will also be updating you on the things discussed in this post in the future.

We will make every effort to make as many improvements as possible in the future, so please continue to support Jumputi Heroes.

Thank you for your continued support!

Jumputi Heroes Development Team

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