Responding to player inquiries June 2023 Edition

Thank you for playing Jumputi Heroes. Today we will share some responses to player inquiries and give you some more information on updates that are currently being worked on.

Regarding game crashes

As we discussed in the past, this issue is something we are focusing on, but it will still require a bit more time to fix. The increase in the amount of data being handled by the game is causing load issues for the game and it crashes as a result. We are working hard to fix this issue and it remains a top priority for us. We appreciate your patience and we will let you know more in a future post.

Regarding the Max Level Cap of My Ship

We plan to increase the cap to Lvl. 90 sometime around September. Also, regarding the My Ship Pass which has yet to be implemented, this feature is considered a lower priority than the aforementioned game crashing issue. We want to fix the game so that players will be able to play the game without any problems above all else. Once that issue is resolved we will consider the implementation of the My Ship Pass. We are sorry that it’s taking so long, we will let you know more in a future post.

Regarding Limit Break Doors

We have received many requests to increase the availability of Limit Break Doors, especially for the higher rarity ones such as the Limited Grade and Densetsu/Musou Grade doors. In the future, we will be making them more readily available from various places such as the Soldier’s Soul Exchange, Vs. Battle Exchange and Event Droplet Exchange. We will also be adjusting the number of doors that can be obtained overall in each event eg. in collection adventures etc.

Regarding characters that have been sold by mistake

A complaint we get now and again from players is regarding special event exclusive characters, if a player accidentally sells a copy then it can lock them off from completing certain missions, getting the unit to 99 Luck, or completing Friendship Combos. Some characters are difficult to reprint due to the nature of the deal agreed upon with the related parties, but we would like to take this problem into consideration in the future.

For [The Face Hidden behind the Boar Head] Inosuke Hashibira in particular, we have received a lot of complaints about players being unable to finish this character due to this issue. We are planning to make sure that this character will be obtainable from the “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Voyage Log” from mid to late July and onwards.

Regarding the Unity Battle Characters exchange rate

We have received a lot of feedback regarding the update to the Soldier’s Soul Exchange and the Unity Battles held during the “My Hero Academia: All Out War Feature Festival”.

Unity Battle characters were quite difficult to get to Max Skill in the past and in this update they became much easier to obtain, to get to Max Skill and even to get to Max Luck.

Since the 5th anniversary of the game, the management team has been making adjustments to the game, such as increasing the amount of items distributed and easing various other restrictions, with the hope that a wider range of people will be able to enjoy the game.

These changes to Unity Battle were a part of that initiative, we wanted to motivate new players by easing the difficulty of obtaining Soldier’s Souls and Unity Battle characters. Our hope was that this change would allow them to enjoy the game even more.

In addition, many long-time Jumputi players had no use for Soldier’s Souls anymore because they had already gotten all the units to Max Skill and there wasn’t much else to spend them on. This update helped to address that issue too because now they would have a use for all the Soldier’s Souls they had a stockpile of.

But we do understand that there are some players who didn’t enjoy this change. The most common complaint we received was “I put a lot of effort in for this but it seems like I wasted my time because it’s so easy now”.

These changes were made to allow a wider range of players to enjoy Jumputi Heroes, it was not our intention to alienate any members of our hardcore player base.

In light of this feedback, we will try to avoid making such extreme adjustments in the future, and we hope you will forgive us for making this change all of a sudden.

Regarding the collection adventures during Jumputi New World Grand Tour 2023

The Special Max Luck Missions during this celebration were meant to be a nice challenge for new players to obtain Rubies. We were hoping that making these missions a little challenging would help balance the rewards against the effort that players would need to put in.

We received a lot of feedback from players that felt it was too difficult to get these characters to Max Luck, especially as many of these units had not been available for a long time. Newer players couldn’t obtain these units until now and they only had a short period of time to complete the missions.

We will try to consider this in the future and we will adjust the difficulty where possible by adding characters to the Voyage Log.

Regarding “Cheaters”

Players have been asking us to take action against cheaters. We will be taking measures such as banning accounts to deal with users who engage in acts of cheating such as falsifying app data or using unauthorized tools and programs to gain an unfair advantage.

It is necessary to proceed with caution so as not to erroneously suspend players who have done nothing wrong. Therefore, it will take time for us to deal with this issue, but we would appreciate your understanding.

In addition, we plan to better prepare the dev team and strengthen our systems to crack down on cheating and respond more strictly than ever.

Regarding adjustments to the Road Map

As you may have noticed, there was a sudden schedule change for the latest event: “Demon Slayer Feature Festival: Demon Slaying Corps Memorandum“. We are very sorry for not being able to inform everyone about this change ahead of time.

In addition to this, there have been some changes to the schedule for this year so we would like to show you an updated version of the Roadmap.

Regarding the changes in July

Shueisha has decided upon the 55th Anniversary issue of Weekly Shonen Jump and so we have changed the event timing to better line up with that issue. The 55th Anniversary event will now be held from July 18th.

After discussing it with all those involved, we decided it would be preferable to bring forward the Demon Slayer event to June 30th to accommodate this change.

It was a very last-minute decision but we should have informed everyone as soon as we knew we would be making this change, we apologize for our failure to keep you in the loop.

Regarding the changes in August

We are very happy to let you know that Jumputi Heroes has reached 23 Million Downloads worldwide! We have decided to carry out a special celebratory campaign alongside the Summer Heroines event which is scheduled for early August. Additionally, as the Tower 4.5 Anniversary will be during mid-august we have also planned a celebratory campaign for that too.

Regarding the changes in September

The “New Series Feature Festival” will now be held in early September instead of late September. We are also planning separate events and campaigns for the 2000 Days Celebration. More information on this will be shared closer to the time.

Please continue to share your input on Twitter with the hashtag #プチ友の声 so we can respond to your inquiries, we will also be updating you on the things discussed in this post in the future.

We will make every effort to make as many improvements as possible in the future, so please continue to support Jumputi Heroes.

Thank you for your continued support!

Jumputi Heroes Development Team

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