Responding to player inquiries July 2023 Edition

Thank you for playing Jumputi Heroes. Today we will share some responses to player inquiries and give you some more information on updates that are currently being worked on.

“We don’t have enough coins for Limit Break”

We have received many responses from fans regarding this, especially during the Kimetsu no Yaiba Feature Festival in which we held missions that required you to Limit Break characters.

Even though players have enough doors, players are lacking the coins required to reach +99. We will continue to monitor our coin distribution and we will add bonuses as and when needed.

“We want more adventures”

Players have asked for more Transcendent ~ Catastrophe Class stages to be added to the game. Many of you have noticed that recent Celebrations and Feature Festivals have had a lower number of adventures than usual. However, there is a reason for this change. We have been prioritizing the addition of new adventures that a larger portion of the player base will be able to enjoy such as Unity Battle and Limited Battles.

The management team keeps a close eye on which stages players tend to be playing during each event and we have found that if an event has a large number of events, it has an effect on the number of players who take part, especially in events with high difficulty adventures such as Catastrophe class stages which often have extremely low participation numbers.

We also found that the character chosen to feature in high-difficulty adventures can affect the number of players who take part as well and that number can fluctuate quite a lot.

We are making improvements so that more people can enjoy the game by taking into account not only the number of players but also, for each player, the number of characters they own and their rank range when creating stages for them to play.

However, one thing that fans have been vocal about is that they want us to bring back Costumes as a reward for clearing high-difficulty adventures. Amongst the fans, those types of stages are considered one of the best parts of Jumputi. Even if you are unable to clear it at the time, these adventures can be added to the Voyage Log for you to try again later once your team is stronger. As it has been so highly requested, we will consider adding such events again in future Feature Festivals.

Regarding the difficulty of Limited Battles

We have received many different responses regarding the difficulty of the newest game mode: Limited Battle. Some feel it’s too easy, some say too hard and some are quite content with its difficulty level.

Let me explain our intentions with this game mode. When we first launched this game mode, we reduced its difficulty from the initial intended difficulty as we wanted people to get a feel for it. As a result, more people than expected ended up playing the mode.

Then, for the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Feature Festival, we adjusted the difficulty level of each stage to gradually increase as you played through the story of the series. As a result, many people were able to clear the first stage as they did with the last set of Limited Battles, but from the next stage onwards, as the difficulty level increased, the completion rate and participation rate started to decrease.

The management team would like to position Limited Battles as adventures with a high level of difficulty, but we would also like to vary them depending on the event they appear in.

Regarding problems hosting co-op lobbies

The management team are aware of the issues with hosting co-op lobbies. These issues are proving to be particularly prevalent in collection events.

We are considering ways to increase the benefits for both hosts and participants. We are also looking into ways to improve the system, for example; not sending all participants back to the home screen after each run and instead finding a way to make getting right back into the next co-op battle more easy and efficient.

“I want to Tower Battle against friends!”

We have received many requests for this feature over the years, and our development team has repeatedly discussed the possibility of implementing it. We would love it if players could casually play against their friends in Tower or even hold tournaments with each other.

However, with the way the current Tower system is set up, implementing such a feature is simply unfeasible and it has been difficult to implement something that will satisfy everyone. We will try to come up with some alternative solutions, but please be patient.

That’s everything for player inquiries this month but we have one more thing to share!

September’s mystery series Feature Festival

While it was not officially announced on any of our platforms, we have indeed revealed that the new series Feature Festival in September will be…

Sakamoto Days

We first teased this on the special 55th anniversary event website but you may have missed it.

In a recent interview, we confirmed that we wanted to bring something from the current era of Weekly Shonen Jump to Jumputi Heroes. Roboco was added earlier this year as a part of that initiative and now after discussions with our colleagues at Weekly Shonen Jump, the decision was made to add the Legendary Hitman – Taro Sakamoto!

Taro Sakamoto from Sakamoto Days

This will be a Sakamoto Days Feature Festival and we want to give you a sneak peek at some of the other characters planned for this event!

Shin Asakura from Sakamoto Days

Heisuke Mashimo from Sakamoto Days

Nagumo from Sakamoto Days

There will be other content planned for this event beyond what we’ve shown here but we can’t show you everything today.

The Feature Festival will focus on the Amusement Park Arc and the Airsoft Tournament Arc among others.

Despite her popularity and the fact that she is a main character in the series, Lu Xiaotan will not be added during this event because she doesn’t have any major fights in the arcs being covered, however, we plan to add her to Jumputi Heroes when the time is right.

Please continue to share your input on Twitter with the hashtag #プチ友の声 so we can respond to your inquiries, we will also be updating you on the things discussed in this post in the future.

We will make every effort to make as many improvements as possible in the future, so please continue to support Jumputi Heroes.

Thank you for your continued support!

Jumputi Heroes Development Team

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