Jumputi Heroes (ジャンプチ ヒーローズ) is a bubble popping puzzle game for Android and iOS that features hundreds of characters from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Jumputi Heroes launched on 28th March 2018.

As of November 2020, over 750 characters have been added from over 90 different Weekly Shonen Jump Series.

Jumputi Heroes is currently available in two regions; Japan and Taiwan.

The Taiwanese version of Jumputi Heroes launched on 18th June 2019.

The key notes between versions are:

  • Both versions are close in terms of content releases, no more than a month apart
  • The TW Version has a different approach to rewards due to the expedited nature of it’s content releases
  • All Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure content is absent from the TW version for unknown reasons (assumed to be a usage rights issue for that part of the world)
  • Certain characters release early on the TW version but the vast majority release first on JP
  • TW has also received Evolutions to some low rarity gacha units before JP
  • TW has certain quality of life updates that aren’t present on the JP version like continuous Auto, Beginner Island, an extra beginner currency system for evolvers & boosters and reduced price guarantees on returning banners among other things
  • Some characters have different skill sets between versions which can range anywhere from slight tweaks to being a completely different unit

The developers have stated in an interview that after expanding to the Taiwan region, there are currently no plans to extend any further and release versions of the game for other regions.

What is OCHD?

OCHD stands for Original Content High Definition.

The aim of this site is to create a platform for Jumputi Heroes content and resources.

I know how frustrating it can be trying to play a game and not understanding something or getting confused, so I made this site to try and help out as much as possible.

Even if you have no knowledge of Japanese at all you will still be able to play this fully Japanese game, thanks to the resources on this site.

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