There are currently only 4 types in the game

Fire (Red)

Wood (Green)

Thunder (Yellow)

Aqua (Blue)

These types are shown in game as:

  • Red = 赤
  • Green = 緑
  • Yellow = 黄
  • Blue = 青

These four types are the main way that characters are separated in game. Certain types have advantages against others as seen below

These type match-ups work in two ways

  • Units will deal increased damage to units they have type advantage against
  • Units will deal decreased damage to units they have type disadvantage against

This applies both offensively and defensively so here are some type matchup examples:

  • [Super Saiyan 3] Son Goku Vs. [Yoko] Kurama
    • Goku will deal decreased damage to Kurama
    • Goku will receive increased damage from Kurama
  • [Super Saiyan 3] Son Goku Vs. [God Speed] Killua Zoldyck
    • Goku will deal neutral damage to Killua
    • Goku will receive neutral damage from Killua
  • [Super Saiyan 3] Son Goku Vs. [Gear 4: Bound Man] Monkey D. Luffy
    • Goku will deal neutral damage to Luffy
    • Goku will receive neutral damage from Luffy
  • [Super Saiyan 3] Son Goku Vs. [Sagittarius Cloth] Seiya
    • Goku will deal increased damage to Seiya
    • Goku will receive decreased damage from Seiya

Remember to take these match-ups into account when planning your teams. For the vast majority of content you will want to use a full team of units with type advantage against the stage boss.

Beginner Missions

Remember that most of the time, clicking the red button on the side of the mission will take you to the screen you need to be on (if possible)

  1. Summon on a Gacha Banner (Doesn’t include the free tutorial multi summon)
  2. Beat stage 1-2 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  3. Beat stage 1-5 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  4. Power Up a character (use books on a character)
  5. Beat stage 2-2 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  6. Beat stage 2-4 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  7. Clear a book stage
  8. Get a character to Level 30
  9. Beat stage 3-2 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  10. Clear a jump soul stage
  11. Evolve a character
  12. Beat stage 3-4 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  13. Clear the Yellow Book stage on the limited trials island (you have to open these with a key or with rubies, you should get 1 bronze key, which is the one you need for books, from a lifetime mission for clearing stage 3-2 of Heroes Story)
  14. Get a character to Level 60
  15. Beat stage 4-2 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  16. Summon on the Friend Point Gacha
  17. Clear a Super Class event (the events that drop 4★ characters and give experience for their skill levels)
  18. Get a character to Level 60
  19. Evolve a character to 6★
  20. Play a quest in multiplayer

This mission list is up to date as of 10/14 2018

Daily Missions

  • Log in – 10,000 Coins
  • Clear 5 adventures – 50 Stamina
  • Clear a Book stage once – Five 6★ Book Gacha Tickets
  • Clear a Coins stage once – 100,000 Coins
  • Clear a Jump Soul stage once – Five 5★ Jump Soul Gacha Tickets
  • Clear a Skill Level stage once – 5 Rubies
  • Power up a character once – 10,000 Coins
  • Send Friend Points to friends – 100 Friend Points
  • Attempt Vs. Battle once – 10 Rubies
  • Attempt Vs. Battle two times – Ultimate Attack Skill Scroll (Large)
  • Attempt Vs. Battle three times – Support Skill Scroll (Large)
  • Attempt Vs. Battle four times – Passive Skill Scroll (Large)
  • Attempt Vs. Battle five times – 1 Jewel Fragment
  • Complete 4 Daily Missions – 20 Stamina

Missions reset at 4:00am JST everyday (the same time you get your login bonus)

What is Unity Battle?

Unity Battles are special events that you can challenge when you join a guild. By defeating a “Bounty” in cooperation with your guild, you can get luxury rewards including Legend Summons, new units, Jewels, and more!

The more bounties defeated the more prizes that can be earned! Each player’s “Degree of Contribution” will be taken into account. This is determined by the amount of damage you inflict to the Bounty. Once your “Degree of Contribution” reaches a certain number, you can receive prizes such as Legend Enhancement Materials, Exchange Medals and Rubies!

How do I Join In?

To take part in a Unity Battle, you must be a part of a guild! You can see the Unity Battle section of the guild by clicking on the Jump Assistant as seen in the picture below


Let’s Get the Order Form!

“Bounty Orders” are necessary to find a bounty. If you clear any adventure during the event period a “Bounty Order” may drop. If one member of the guild uses a “Bounty Order” other members will be able to join and play for a certain time

There are also rarities for bounty orders, the drop rate of luxury items will be higher with higher rarity Bounty Orders. The chances of finding a Rare Prize on a higher rarity Bounty Order will also be increased!

Entering rooms will require “Raid Tickets”, everyone will start with 10, which is the maximum capacity, and one will recharge each hour after you use one. By using a bounty you will get your first room host free, but every run after that on that bounty will require the use of a Raid Ticket.


Let’s Damage the Bounty for Prizes!

To defeat the boss, you must reduce their HP to 0. You can challenge alone or as a group with players from your guild. This may sound easy, however, the bosses you will be fighting have an outstandingly high HP pool. Thankfully, the damage given to the Bounty is maintained even after the battle is over so there is an opportunity to re-challenge the boss multiple times and scrape away at their HP.

Don’t forget that Bounties can Run Away so do your best to defeat them within the time limit! Although at higher levels you will have to plan around multiple runs of the stage as the difficulty will be far harder.

The maximum level varies from boss to boss, however, the average is around 30. Also, each bounty will have a time limit of 2 hours to defeat.


Let’s Get All Kinds of Rewards!

In Unity Battle there are 4 kinds of rewards:

  • Participation Reward
  • Victory Reward
  • Contribution Reward
  • Number of Hunted Reward

Since various rewards are available, this is a good opportunity to challenge yourself to earn lots of prizes!

Participation Reward

You will receive this reward even in the event of a TIME UP or Defeat, but you cannot earn this reward if you surrender. These usually give Books & Scrolls of the bosses Attribute.

Victory Reward

This reward is obtained when the bounty’s HP reaches 0, If you challenged the bounty even once and dealt damage then you will be given this reward upon victory! These rewards are the same as the Participation reward, the difference being you will receive more of them.

Contribution Reward

Each player’s “Degree of Contribution” will be taken into account. This is determined by the amount of damage you inflict to the Bounty. Once your “Degree of Contribution” reaches a certain number, you can receive prizes such as Legend Summon Enhancement Materials, Rubies, Jewels, Soldier Souls, and even new units!

Number of Hunted Reward

The more bounties you are a part of defeating the higher these rewards will be. This is calculated at the end of the bounty period, and will reward the player with Soldier Souls, Books, Scrolls, and even Rubies!

How to advance favourably in Unity Battle

Invest coins in your guild to boost HP, ATK and DEF. Work as a team to build yourselves up to a point where you can defeat tricky bounties. Each attribute can be levelled up 35 times.

Account Backup

Currently the only method of account backup or transfer is through Line. Once you have an account you like and you are sure you will be keeping it, go to the App marketplace for your device (Play Store or App Store) and download the Line application.

Back Up

Login or create an account on the Line app. Go to your game, click the settings cog in the top right hand corner and click the button with the icon shown below:ico_menu_004

It will then prompt you to allow the game to have access to your Line account, after allowing this you should be all backed up. To test if it has worked see if the icon above is still in your menu (you may have to reset the game for it to disappear) if it is still there then your account is not linked but if it is there then you are set!

Account Transfer

In order to transfer to a new device, on the new device download the game and play through the tutorial, as above click on the icon shown and login to line, you will be prompted with the message below, click on the button to the left and accept that you want to recover account from line, at this point it should kick you back to the startup screen but once you reload the game you should be back in your saved account


Reroll Guide

In this guide I will explain if you should reroll, if so who should you be looking for and how to do it!

Should I Reroll?

My personal opinion is that two or more 5★ gacha units is the best place to start for any account. Obviously you get to choose one unit at the start so I suggest rerolling until you get a second 5★ unit to go with them.

Who should I pick?

Right now they would all be considered good units, some will say go with Midoriya, others will say Goku but I think the best character to choose is your personal favourite as any of them can be great assets to your account but no one 5★ alone can carry your through all the content.

Who else should I be aiming for?

Again I would recommend the character that you personally want most. You can find a use for pretty much every 5★ in the game so just choose you favourite and aim for them

How do I reroll?

Download the game, play through the tutorial, choose your free 5★ and hope you get what you wanted, if not then on iOS delete the App and reinstall, on Android either do the same or go to settings and clear data for the game

Once you have your account of choice link in to your Line account. Some people are wary of Line if it is something they haven’t used before but it protects your game’s account by saving it to your Line account and is currently the only way to transfer account data if need be.

Isn’t there a fast reroll method?

We have yet to find one but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, if we find one I will update this guide to let everyone know!

Jumputi Dictionary [WIP]

This is a work in progress to attempt to put all the terminology from the game together.

Please bear in mind that for many of the translations we do not use the literal translation but the thing that best suits the situation


There are 4 types in this game:

In-game they are always referred to by their color name however the file names in game indicate which elements they represent. The in-game references for these types are as follows:

  • 赤 = Red
  • 青 = Blue
  • 緑 = Green
  • 黄 = Yellow

The type advantages and disadvantages are as follows:



There are 5 classes in-game, they have no special icons and can only be seen in text on the character profile screen. The translations for these types have been altered to better fit their descriptions:

  • 体カ = Tank
  • 攻撃 = DPS
  • バランス = Balanced
  • 特殊 = Special
  • 回復 = Healer


Each character has 3 keys stats:

In-game these are referenced in the following ways:

  • HP = HP
  • 攻撃カ = Attack
  • 回復カ = Recovery

Modifiers, Buffs, & Debuffs

Along with the above stats, there are several different modifiers that can be applied to each character that either affects the board itself or affect the unit itself. They are as follows:



Bind is a modifier that will stop a specific unit from being able to deal any damage or heal (though they may still use buddies).  In order to remove this status, you must pop a certain number of bubbles, the color of which depends on the chain that you are bound with.

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, & Pink require the unit to pop bubbles of the Same Color.

Multi-Colored requires the unit to pop bubbles of any 2 or more Color Combinations.

Grey requires the unit to pop bubbles that are the same color as the unit that is bound.


Here are the key currencies/consumables in-game and the purpose they serve:

  • Coins – The generic currency of the game, used for actions such as powering up and awakening units
  • Stamina – In order to play a single player mission or host a multiplay you will be required to consume stamina
  • Exchange Tokens – These can be obtained from selling unwanted units, a store will soon be made available where you can trade them in
  • Friend Points – Can be earned from multiplay, missions and SOS can be used on the Friend Point Gacha
  • Rubies – The premium currency of the game, used for expanding your box, refilling your stamina, unlocking limited stages, reviving your team and summoning on premium gacha banners
  • Emergency Tickets – There are required to call in helpers and make a single player mission into an SOS mission



There are 4 key items in-game which can be seen in the image above, these are (in clockwise order):

  • Books – Used to level up characters
  • Jewels – Used to increase the max level cap of a unit’s Ultimate Attack, Buddy Skill or Passive Skill
  • Jump Souls – Used to awaken unit’s (increase their rarity)
  • Scrolls – Used to increase the level of a unit’s Ultimate Attack, Buddy Skill or Passive Skill

All these items come in multiple rarities and versions:

  • Books – A set of multiple rarities for each color
  • Jewels – Available in 3 different varieties, one for Ultimate Attack, Buddy Skill or Passive Skill respectively
  • Jump Souls – A set of multiple rarities for each color and a Rainbow version
  • Scrolls – Available in 3 different varieties, one for Ultimate Attack, Buddy Skill or Passive Skill respectively, and 3 different rarities; Small, Medium and Large

How do I get these items?

  • Books drop from almost any stage, if you need specific colored ones for boosted exp or a lot of high rarity ones then farm the various daily book stages
  • Jewels are very rare items and will only be given out through special stages and events, do not expect to see a lot of them
  • Jump Souls drop from almost any stage if you need specific color or rarity ones for awakening specific units then farm the various daily Jump Soul stages
  • Scrolls are quite rare, typically only available from limited missions and stages, like Jewels, do not expect to get a lot of these

If I don’t get a lot of Scrolls of Jewels what is the alternative?

  • The only alternative for Jewels if to use duplicates of the unit instead, for farmable units this should not be too much of an issue so save any Jewels you do manage to get for good Gacha units
  • Skill scrolls, in general, are not necessary, you can farm skill exp from running class events and all Super Class events have a list of units who get x5 Boosted exp from the event so the most efficient way to do it is waiting for a stage where the unit you want to level is boosted and farm the stage with them in your team or as a buddy for one of your units


The drops at the end of beating a stage are broken down into 3 categories:

  • ボ一ナス = Bonus
  • ドロップ アイテム = Item Drops
  • 運 ボ一ナス =  Lucky Bonus


Bonus (ボ一ナス ) drops are, from what we can tell, a completely random chance to get some drops from the stage on top of your other drops.

Item Drops

These are the items earned from chests that drop on the stage itself


Luck (運) is the fourth stat that each character has. This stat is different to the other 3 so it has its own Dictionary entry. Essentially luck has no effect on gameplay, the only thing Luck has an effect on is whether or not you get Lucky Drops at the end of runs.

Only the Luck of the top team member is taken into account in solo

The amount of Lucky Drops you get is determined by the luck stat in the ways shown below:

  • 1 ~ 49 Luck – Chance of 1 lucky drop
  • 50 Luck – 1 Guaranteed lucky drop
  • 51 ~ 98 Luck – 1 Guaranteed lucky drop + chance of a second
  • 99 Luck – 2 Guaranteed lucky drops

Luck has no influence over Bonus drops or Item drops. Luck only influences the Lucky drops

In multiplayer Luck is counted for the first unit being used by each player so with each player able to earn up to 2 Lucky Drops each with a 99 Luck unit, a total of 8 extra rewards from lucky drops is possible on multiplayer when playing with a 4 person multiplayer team

More coming soon!