Jumputi Christmas Festival

From 12/17, the special event “Jumputi Christmas Festival” will be held!”

Let’s all chill together and have a great time this Christmas! We all want to earn lots of fun rewards together in this super festive event!


Maintenance will be held during the period 12/17 10:00 ~ 12:00

  • Version 2.9.0
  • Event Preparation
  • Bug Fixes and minor changes

Compensation: 20 Rubies

More information on the version 2.9.0 update will be released later.

Christmas Login Bonus

Login during the period below to earn rubies and some other special rewards! Login for 1 day during the campaign to receive 5★ Tony Tony Chopper also, login for 6 days during the campaign to receive his special Christmas Costume [Rumble . Christmas] 

Additionally, Tony Tony Chopper will be a bonus character for the event “Zawsze in Love” Let’s build a team that can win and get lots of rewards together!

Event Period: 12/18 04:00 ~ 12/27 03:59

Zawsze in Love

From 12/17, the special event “Zawsze in Love” will be held!


Raku Ichijou is a normal high school student, except for the fact that he is the only son and heir of the Shuuei Yakuza Clan.

10 Years ago, Raku and a girl were parting ways and he promised to marry the girl once they met again. The “promise girl” gave Raku a pendant and held on to the key that could open it once they met again. After these 10 years have passed, Raku has no memory of the girl’s name or appearance, but he does remember the promise he made.

One day, a transfer student appears named Chitoge Kirisaki, who just so happens to be the daughter of the infamous Bee Hive Gang, a faction that has been in direct competition, rivalry and battle with the Shuuei clan.

It turns out that their families had arranged for Chitoge and Raku to pretend to be in a relationship. As events unfold around this “Fake Love” questions begin to arise about whether Chitoge could be the “promise girl” because she does indeed own a key from 10 years ago.

However, Chitoge is not the only person to hold a key from that time. Raku’s high school crush, Kosaki Onodera, also owns a key from 10 years ago. As well as another childhood friend, Tachibana Marika.

Any of these three girls could hold the key to Raku’s pendant, but who is it and how will Raku find out?!

During the event period, if you clear the special events and missions being held, you can earn the various “Stuffed Toys” which can be used in the event store to purchase 
Tsugumi Seishirō as well as her special evolver item “Revolver” and her [Shyness] costume! Not to mention the various other luxury rewards that will be available!

Let’s collect the Hamster, Bear and Gorilla plushies to trade in for prizes!

This event will have 6 stages: Episodes 1~5 and a special episode which is equivalent to Ultimate Class difficulty. The drops and difficulty will vary from stage to stage.

On the Special difficulty, bring one of the Nisekoi girls along for a special cutscene! *Special difficulty can only be cleared 3 times per day, all other difficulties can be farmed as much as desired.

Also, make sure to take advantage of the bonus characters in your team, they will help you earn lots more plushies! You can check which characters are boosted once the event is released, please bear in mind that you can only use the bonus from 4 characters at once.

An exception for this special event, unlike previous iterations, you will be able to collect plushies together in coop! Let’s all work together and collect a bunch!

Additionally, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of December, the number of plushies that drop will be boosted!

Event Period: 12/17 15:00 ~ 12/26 14:59

Special Daily Missions

To help you in your efforts to collect many plushies, special daily missions will be held.

  • Collect 30 Bear Plushies – 30 Bear Plushies
  • Collect 70 Hamster Plushies – 70 Hamster Plushies
  • Collect 70 Gorilla Plushies – 70 Gorilla Plushies

Missions Period: 12/18 04:00 ~ 12/27 03:59

Tadokoro Megumi’s Birthday! The Rainbow Terrine Gacha Returns

Tadokoro Megumi’s Birthday is on December 19th, to celebrate the popular Rainbow Terrine gacha event will return! Collect Silver Coins from various events and once you have 5 you can summon on a 5 Gacha for 5★ Megumi among other prizes.

Silver Coin Drop Period: 12/19 15:00 ~ 12/26 14:59

Gacha Period: 12/19 15:00 ~ 12/27 14:59

Christmas Challenge

Defeat Karma within 3 turns to receive luxury rewards such as Rubies, 5★ ticket fragment, Christmas Costume Ticket and a Karma Christmas Costume.

Event Period: 12/21 15:00 ~ 12/26 14:59

Christmas Costume Exchange

Across the special events being held in this holiday season, you can earn special Christmas Costume Tickets that can be traded in for select Christmas Costumes. More information on how to obtain these tickets will be explained in more detail in individual event announcements.

Exchange Period: 12/19 15:00 ~ 01/02 14:59

Jumputi Christmas Party

For your first clear of this event, will earn you a Christmas Costume Ticket and a Multi Ticket!

Event Period: 12/23 15:00 ~ 12/26 14:59

Masakazu Katsura Theatre ~ Chain!!

Iori and the mysterious Video Girl that took her away~ A story event where each day,2 new stages are opened sequentially. This story consists of 6 episodes. The more you progress in the story, the harder it becomes.

Let’s chase down the mysterious Video Girl and rescue Iori Yoshizuki! Clear the final stage to get a reward copy of 5★ Iori Yoshizuki from I”s. Furthermore, you can earn additional copies from re-challenging the final stage and she will have a 100% drop rate.

Event Period: 12/22 15:00 ~ 12/26 14:59

Bonus Characters

Claude Ringheart and Karma Akabane will return during this event and can both be used as bonus characters for the “Zawsze in Love” event.

Christmas Sale Pack

One time only for 4800¥ you will receive 1000 Rubies and a Guaranteed 5★ that will be either Ryoma, Yami or Onodera! 

These are the three gacha units that have been given Christmas Costumes, get them while you can!

Sale Period: 12/17 15:00 ~ 12/26 14:59

Zawsze in Love Gacha

The units on these gacha will boost the drop rate of Plushies on the “Zawsze in Love” event. Chitoge Kirisaki will boost the drop rate by 75%. The two new appearance characters; Kosaki Onodera and Tachibana Marika will boost the drop rate by 100%.

Zawsze in Love – Side Kosaki
Zawsze in Love – Side Marika
Zawsze in Love – Side Chitoge
Special Offers
  • 1st Single – 25 Rubies
  • 1st Multi – 500 Rubies
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 4th Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 5th Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Featured Nisekoi Heroine

After performing all 5 steps the gacha will reset to step 1.

Standard Rates
  • 5% chance of a 5★
  • Guaranteed at least one 4★ or higher in a Multi

Gacha Period: 12/17 15:00 ~ 12/26 14:59

Jumputi Special Event Festival – Yu Yu Hakusho Edition


Welcome to the first ever Super Festival Event! In this special event, a massive Yu Yu Hakusho celebration will be held for all the players including campaigns, quests and rewards!


This will be the first of 3 events like this, the other two will follow in December and January respectively! Who will feature in those events?! We hope you look forward to finding out!

Continue reading “Jumputi Special Event Festival – Yu Yu Hakusho Edition”

Transcendent Class Event – Raivar


A Transcendent Class event will be held starting from 11/21

The event: Raivar’s Great Counter Attack!!!

This event will drop an exclusive character that will be useful in the future and can even reach 99 Luck for free!

This will be your chance to get a copy of Raivar from Magical Taruruuto-kun!

Event Duration: 11/21 15:00 ~ 11/28 14:59

Continue reading “Transcendent Class Event – Raivar”

Student Council Executive Order Event


From 11/15 the new event “Student Council Executive Order” will be held!

The items “President’s Armband”, “Vice-President’s Armband” and “General Affairs Manager’s Armband” will be available as rewards


Clear missions and special events during this event period to earn luxurious items and even 5★ characters. 5★ Naze Youka will be available during this event, she also has a special awakening item “Syringe” and a “Kujira Kurokami” costume!

#1 Kurokami Kujira Nee-san


In this event the items “President’s Armband”, “Vice-President’s Armband” and “General Affairs Manager’s Armband” will be available as rewards

This event’s stages will be laid out from 1st Box to 5th Box. Each stage will have differing drops and difficulty. There is also a Special Edition stage equivalent to Ultimate Class difficulty. Furthermore, if you have certain characters and bring them along you can gain a points boost!

  • 1st Box – 3 Stamina – General Affairs Manager’s Armband x3
  • 2nd Box – 5 Stamina – General Affairs Manager’s Armband x4
  • 3rd Box – 10 Stamina – Vice-President’s Armband x2
  • 4th Box – 15 Stamina – Vice-President’s Armband x5
  • 5th Box – 20 Stamina – President’s Armband x5
  • Special Edition – 1 Stamina – President’s Armband x10

You can challenge 1st Box ~ 5th Box as many times as you like but you can only challenge Special Edition 3 times per day.

Event Period: 11/15 15:00 ~ 11/22 14:59

#2 Special Armband Daily Missions

Special Daily Missions will be held during this event to earn more Armbands as well as some extra Rubies!

  • Collect 25 General Affairs Manager’s Armbands – General Affairs Manager’s Armband x30
  • Collect 15 Vice-President’s Armbands – Vice-President’s Armband x15
  • Clear the event “Kurokami Kujira Nee-san” 5 times – President’s Armband x10
  • Clear all daily missions – 10 Rubies

Missions Period: 11/15 04:00 ~ 11/23 03:59

#3 Kurokami Kujira Nee-san Point Boosting Gacha


This gacha will feature Pick-up units that boost the amount of all types of Armbands you earn from the stages of the event “Kurokami Kujira Nee-san”

Included in this gacha will be the new and exclusive 5★ unit “War God Mode – Medaka Kurokami”. She will DOUBLE the number of armbands dropped from this event!

Special Offers

  • 1st Single – 25 Rubies
  • 1st Multi – 500 Rubies
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 4th Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 5th Multi – Guaranteed [War God Mode] Medaka Kurokami

Gacha Period: 11/15 15:00 ~ 11/22 14:59