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Here are some answers to questions we often see being asked by new members of the community

There a 6 different kinds of missions.

Beginner missions, which are for new players, will appear in the leftmost tab. Once you clear the Beginner missions, they will be replaced with intermediate missions.

Intermediate missions will appear in the leftmost tab. Once you clear the Intermediate missions, this tab will disappear.

Daily missions appear in the next tab to the right (or the leftmost tab if you have already completed the beginner and intermediate missions). These missions reset every day at 04:00 JST.

Lifetime Missions appear in the next tab to the right, there are many hidden missions in this section that can only be seen once you have cleared the mission before.

Event missions appear in the rightmost tab. These missions change depending on which events are currently running. While it’s not possible for us to give a comprehensive list of all the event missions, we have at least provided the Explosive Breakthrough missions that appear in this tab.

  • For a list of the Beginner Missions click here
  • For a list of the Intermediate Missions click here
  • For a list of the Daily Missions click here
  • For a list of the Lifetime Missions click here
  • For a list of the Explosive Breakthrough Inosuke Missions click here
  • For a list of the Explosive Breakthrough Roshi Missions click here

For anything else, I recommend asking in the Discord Server

The most common mission players get stuck on is Intermediate Mission #21.

For this mission, it’s important to know that there are 2 different kinds of Jewels.

Regular Jewels can be used on almost any character (though they should be reserved for Limited, Musou and Densetsu Grade units). But these Jewels cannot be used to clear this mission.

Hero Jewels can only be used on Hero Grade (Standard Gacha) units. You need to feed these to a Hero Grade unit in order to clear Intermediate Mission 21, 22 and 23. You get given the Hero Jewels as rewards starting from Intermediate Mission 20.

You get a unit to Max Luck by feeding duplicates of the character. The maximum Luck value is 99.

The unit must be evolved to 6ā˜… rarity first! If you feed dupes before evolving a unit to 6ā˜… you risk wasting dupes or, in some extreme cases, soft-locking yourself out of getting a unit to Max Luck.

Max Luck is mainly intended for event units, the majority of players will not be aiming to get gacha units to Max Luck.

The amount of dupes you need to get a unit to Max Luck varies depending on the Luck value of the unit copies.

For example, the Beginner class units can be cleared in a total of 6 runs because the Luck value of the drops and mission copies are so high (one of the missions gives you a 50 Luck copy).

Harder stages like Ultimate Class events will require significantly more runs (30+) because the unit copies drop with a lower luck stat.

This can depend of on a few factors so it’s not something that is consistent. But I can give you an idea of some rough numbers based on the kind of event:

  • Beginner Class – Around 6 Runs (Clear the first 3 stages and run the final stage 3 times)
  • Transcendent Class – 25+ Runs
  • Ultimate Class – 30+ Runs
  • Catastrophe Class – 30+ Runs
  • Points Events – Can vary wildly
  • Battle Rush/Genkai Battle – Not intended to be farmed to Max Luck

On many stages you can speed up the process by using a Max Luck to get Character Crystal drops.

The first unit you should Max Luck is one of the beginner units. They only take about 6 runs total to reach Max Luck so it’s very quick. These events are also always live on event island.

You can recognize the beginner units by the 🔰 logo on their event banner. You can also tell if they have the lowest difficulty setting lit up under their banner image as shown below.

Eventually, to clear all the missions, I recommend getting all the Beginner units to Max Luck. For now though, just pick 1 of each type from the list and get them to Max Luck. Doesn’t matter which because they’ll be switched out in due time.

When you start the best sources of Rubies you have are:

  • Completing Story Mode
  • Obtaining Legend Summons and getting them to Level 10
  • Levelling Up your Player Rank
  • Completing Beginner Missions
  • Completing Intermediate Missions
  • Completing Lifetime Missions
  • Log in rewards
  • Completing Daily Missions
  • Play Co-Op
  • Invite people on LINE to play Jumputi Heroes

Check the missions section of the FAQ and you’ll see how many Rubies you can get. Please do remember though, as with any gacha game, Rubies seem like a plentiful resource at the start but will quickly diminish over time. Make sure to spend them wisely.

The 7 Day Beginner Bonus starts as soon as you clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 1-4. For 7 days, many events will be half stamina and double drop including events that normally wouldn’t be like brand new events. Additionally, the Super stages on Strengthening Island which would normally required Keys to open will be open for free until the end of the 7 days. Make the most of this bonus because once it’s gone it’s gone.

When you start, there are quite a few things the game will want to hold your hand through. As such, they don’t give you access to everything right away. Here is how you unlock each of the locked sections:

  • Beginner Missions – Clear Tutorial
  • Intermediate Missions – Clear Beginner Missions
  • Strengthening Island – Clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 1-2
  • Level Up Characters – Clear a Book stage on Strengthening Island
  • Evolve Characters – Clear a Jump Soul stage on Strengthening Island
  • Gacha – Clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 1-3
  • Event Island – Clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 1-4
  • Daily Medal Stage – Clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 1-4
  • 7 Day Beginner Bonus Unlock – Clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 1-4
  • Event Exchange – Clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 1-4
  • Co-op (Multiplayer) – Clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 2-4
  • Level Up Legend Summon – Clear Hero Island (Story Mode) Stage 3-4
  • Slot 1 Buddy #2 – Player Rank 8
  • Voyage Log Exchange – Player Rank 10
  • Slot 2 Buddy #2 – Player Rank 10
  • MyShip – Player Rank 10
  • Voyage Log – Player Rank 10
  • Pearl Exchange (Costumes) – Player Rank 12
  • Guild – Player Rank 12
  • Unity Battle – Player Rank 12
  • Soldier’s Soul Exchange (Unity Battle) – Player Rank 12
  • Slot 3 Buddy #2 – Player Rank 15
  • Vs. Medal Exchange (Tower) – Player Rank 20
  • Slot 4 Buddy #2 – Player Rank 20
  • Tower – Player Rank 20
  • Slot 1 Buddy #3 – Player Rank 25
  • Slot 2 Buddy #3 – Player Rank 30
  • Establish Guild – Player Rank 30
  • Super Dimensional Battle – Player Rank 30
  • Slot 3 Buddy #3 – Player Rank 35
  • Slot 4 Buddy #3 – Player Rank 40
  • Limit Break – Player Rank 40
  • Friendship Combo – Player Rank 40
  • Sparks of a Lost Civilization – Player Rank 40

This section is still a work in progress. If there are any other questions, you want answers for, don’t be afraid to message @Scarfacedking#2067 on Discord and let me know.

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