How To Install

Jumputi Heroes is a Mobile game made for Android and iOS. As such, there are 3 ways to play:

  • On an iOS device
  • On an Android device
  • On an Emulator

Emulators are not recommended if avoidable, due to bugs that have cropped up for many players.

However, emulators are still a valid option if you don’t have a phone that can run the game.

Additionally, if you are planning to reroll, it would be best to do that on an emulator before switching the account over to your phone.

IMPORTANT: Transferring your account between iOS and Android or vice versa will result in you losing your Rubies

There are 2 versions of the game available:

  • Japan Version (Main Release)
  • Taiwan Version

You can see the key differences between versions listed on our About page.

Android – JP. Version

The app will be unavailable on Google Play for non-JP Play accounts. You can make a JP Play account but it’s a tedious and unnecessary process.

We recommend downloading the game from QooApp. There are many other sites you could download the game from, however, QooApp has been a reliable and trusted source for some time and we can’t guarantee the safety of games downloaded from other sites.

Just click here to download it from QooApp.

Alternatively, if you want to try another site:

  • You can search by the Official Name: ジャンプチ ヒーローズ
  • You can search by the Package Name: com.linecorp.LGYDS

Don’t forget, if you do not download it from Google Play, you will need to enable app installation from external sources on your device.

How to do this differs from device to device. You can search for this option in the settings search bar, it is normally under Security->More Settings->Install Apps from external sources.

If you do decide to make a JP Google Play account you can find a link to the game here.

Android – TW. Version

The Taiwan version is not currently available on QooApp.

We recommend APK Pure as an alternative.

Just click here to download it from APK Pure.

Alternatively, if you want to try another site:

  • You can search by the Official Name: JUMPUTI HEROES 英雄氣泡
  • You can search by the Package Name: com.linecorp.LGYDSG

As with the JP version, you will need to enable “Install Apps from external sources” in your settings.

If you do decide to make a TW Google Play account, you can find a link to the game here.

iOS – Both Versions

Downloading this game for iOS is a little bit trickier.

I believe there are a few ways to do this but this option is the most commonly used.

You will need to make an App Store account for the region of the game you are choosing (Japan or Taiwan).

As I don’t have an iOS device to perform the download process myself, I have instead linked a video below that will guide you through the download process.

Click here to watch the video. JP iOS games are covered from 2:58 onwards.

This guide is for JP games but should still work for TW games too, just choose Taiwan as the region and fill out the information accordingly.

Click here for a link to Jumputi on the JP App Store.

Click here for a link to Jumputi on the TW App Store.

Emulator – Both Versions

The process for downloading the game on emulator is exactly the same as Android.

Be warned however, certain emulators cannot run the game and some will run it but with glitches.

NOX or Bluestacks are typically the recommended emulators to use. However, depending on the PC that you use, certain emulators may work better than others.

I have had some success with PhoenixOS but I needed to create a Modded Apk. I’ll explain that in more detail below.

I had to use Phoenix because on my computer NOX would crash the game whenever the Bomb debuff appeared, leaving some stages unplayable and and even causing issues in Coop and PVP.

This can just depend on stuff like your graphics card and or video drivers so just try a few different emulators and see what works for you.

If you are planning to Reroll on emulator then switch your chosen account over to iOS, please ensure to use all your rubies before transfer otherwise they will be lost.

Resigning APKS

This is something I don’t necessarily recommend and is not normally necessary but in some cases may help you to get the game running on emulator if other options do not work.

Download APK Easy Tool from here.

Download the version of the app you want (JP/TW) from APK Pure.

Go to the options tab and set the settings up as I have below:

After matching my settings, go back to the main tab.

Before you import the APK you downloaded into APK Easy Tool, change it’s name to standard alphanumerical characters. I only recommend this because occasionally the program has had some issues with the Japanese and Chinese characters found in the APK name.

After you have changed the name you can click “Sel. APK/JAR” and choose your APK.

Then click “Decompile”.

Once it has finished Decompiling, click “Compile”.

This will re-compress the files into an APK and give it a new signature.

Once it has finished you can click on “Compiled APK Directory” to see the new APK, then you can try installing it on your desired emulator.

These settings have worked for me when signing issues have prevented my emulator from running the APK but you may want to try tweaking these settings if it doesn’t work for you.

Re-signing will not make the APK work on “Any” device, it purely tries to get around APK Signature issues which can appear in certain cases.