Below I will list the questions I most often get asked, along with my responses to those questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed here feel free to contact us

Q: Where can I find news on this game?

A: We have a news section which we update whenever there is new stuff on the game to talk about. You can also find plenty of news on the Ore Collection Sub-Reddit and if you want to keep right up to date, follow us on Twitter and join the Ore Collection Discord

Q: How do you level up in this game?

A: You level up by collecting scenes, the number of scenes you need to collect for a level up is the small number just below your level.

Q: What is the orange bar next to my stamina?

A: That is stamina overflow, unlike other games you can’t use this stamina until the bar is full, then you will receive a 100 stamina capsule

Q: Should I reroll? who should I reroll for?

A: We have a guide for this here, but in brief,  whichever JUMP unit is currently available or wait for a jumpfest.

Q: How do I add my friends in this game?

A: You can’t really. This game doesn’t have a Friend list but rather a Follower List. Each person can follow 50 people and have 50 followers. Only people you follow will show up alongside the random players on your guest list.

Q: What is a JUMP unit?

A: We have a page dedicated to JUMP units which can be found here.

Q: What are these Missions?

A: There are 5 different types of missions.

  1. Daily Missions
  2. Event Missions
  3. Lifetime Missions
  4. Campaign Missions
  5. Beginner Missions

For Beginner, Daily and Lifetime missions you can click on the links to learn more about each. Campaign and event missions are specific to the campaign or event they come with.

Q: What are Koma?

A: Koma are special panels that can be equipped to characters to give them a stat boost.

More information on them can be found here

I will update this as and when it needs to be updated