Menu Guides

Main Menu

I’ve tried to make a diagram to make the main menu a bit easier to navigate for English speaking players:

menu breakdown.png

However there are still a few things to go over:

The manga volume with the characters on it (in the background), is your team. Clicking on this will take you to your team management page.

Leveling Up

As you can see in the image below, this account is Level 50. But how do you level up?


In this game there is no exp bar, the only way to level up is to collect scenes. the number below the level is the amount of scenes required to reach the next level, in this case, this account needs 7 more scenes to reach level 51. Scenes can be obtained in a number of ways including; Story rewards, Event rewards, Event shops, Tower Rewards, Completing Scene Collections and the Scene Gacha. When you level up you will get a stamina refill and for certain levels you will get mission rewards, an increased size stamina bar and deck bonuses.


There are 3 forms of currency in this game:

Memorial Stones (Blue Gems)

Memorial Stones

These are used to summon on the scene gacha, you can obtain these stones by clearing any stage in the game, completing missions and from even stores.

Jump Gold (Coins)


Jump gold is used for; leveling characters, awakening characters, Jump awakening characters, limit breaking characters and leveling characters skills. Gold is easy to come by but you need considerable amounts of it in order to level skills and limit break all your units.

Jump Orbs (Rainbow Gems)

jump orbs

These are the premium currency of the game, you use there primarily to Summon for new units from the character gacha, however they are also used for refilling stamina, continuing failed quests and expanding the character box.

25 orbs for a single summon, 250 orbs for a multi (normally), 5 orbs for a stamina refill, 10 orbs for 5 more character spaces and 10 orbs for continuing a failed quest. If you are coming over from Bleach: Brave Souls then you’ll have a good idea already of how these prices are, if you are coming from one of the other games then the best way to look at it is: 1 Rainbow Gem/Dragon Stone = 5 Jump orbs, spend accordingly.

Stamina & Overflow

stamina bar

The green bar is your stamina bar, the orange bar is your stamina overflow bar.

The stamina bar will increase in size, by small amounts, when you hit certain level milestones.