Awaken! Legendary Super Saiyan Event Break Down


In this article I will cover the missions, stage rewards, what to buy from the store and the final stage of this event.

This event has 8 Stages that can be challenged on 3 difficulties:

Beginner – Intermediate – Expert

As with all the events this game has held so far; the harder the stage is, the better the drops are. So for this event the optimal stage for general farming is Stage 8 on Expert.

How do I get everything from the event?

In order to get everything from the event you need to clear all the missions, clear all the stage rewards and earn points in order to buy everything from the shop, you will also need to complete the Dragon Ball Scene Collection v.2.


In order to clear all the missions you will need to:

  • Beat Stage 8 (Beginner) 5 times
  • Beat Stage 8 (Intermediate) 7 times
  • Beat Stage 8 (Expert) 10 times

Doing this will earn you all the mission rewards.

Stage Clear Rewards

In order to earn all the Stage Clear rewards you will need to clear every stage once on each difficulty.

Point Shop Clear

I do not recommend clearing out the store, only buy what you want/need, that being said this is a great event to farm, Gold All Rounder and Universal scrolls as well as lots of Dumbbells, Gold and Memorial Stones.

In order to clear out the Point Shop you will need to buy everything in there, this will cost you (if my math is right): 507,575 points

In a worst case scenario (never getting any bonus point multipliers) per run of Stage 8 on Expert you will receive: 1170 Points

At worst it will take: 434 runs of Stage 8 on Expert

Which will end up costing you: 7812 stamina

As for my recommendations for the shop, this is my personal priority list:

  1. The 5* Dragon Ball Scene
  2. 1 Copy of Son Gohan
  3. 2* Scroll (Universal)
  4. 3* Scrolls (All)
  5. Rainbow Pens (All)
  6. Everything 50 points or cheaper
  7. Gold
  8. Memorial Stones
  9. Dumbbells
  10. Everything else (except the extra Son Gohan copy and Medals)
  11. Wait for Store Restock (if it comes)
  12. The extra Son Gohan Copy
  13. Medals

This will vary from person to person depending on what you want/need for your account at the time but this is just a general guideline

Let’s move on to the characters involved with this event. There are 2, the free to play unit, Gohan and the Jump unit, Adult Goku;

This Event’s Free To Play unit


Son Gohan

from Dragon Ball

Type: Strength

Class: All Rounder

Era: 1980’s

Leader Skill:  Boost the Attack of Strength and Heart units by a Large amount


Ultimate Attack: Inflict 710% of this units ATK to target enemy, chance to blind (for 2 turns)

Skill 1: Boost Attack by an Extreme amount against Intelligence units and characters with the Alien characteristic (for 4 turns), Inflict 210% of this units ATK to target enemy

Skill 2: Inflict 3 hits of 60% of this units attack to target enemy

Skill 3: Boost this units ATK by an Extreme amount

Stats (lvl. 50)

  • HP: 4558
  • Attack: 925
  • Defence: 590
  • Speed: 29


  • Under 80% HP, Increase this units ATK by a Medium amount
  • Under 50% HP, Increase this units damage by a Large amount
  • Increase the ATK of all Alien Characteristic allies by a Large amount


  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Weak
  • Prodigy

How To Obtain this unit

You will receive 1 copy from:

  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 1 (Beginner)
  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 8 (Beginner)
  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 8 (Intermediate)
  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 7 (Expert)
  • Scene Collection Completion Reward – Dragon Ball vol. 2
  • Point Shop Purchase – 15,000 pts (once)
  • Point Shop Purchase – 20,000 pts (once)


In order to max limit break Son Gohan you will need 6 Copies of the unit. Unlike previous events, you will not receive enough copies of Gohan from normal play, this means you will need to purchase at least one copy from the store. Make sure you have all the copies you need before the event goes away, as we do not know when the event will return.

You will receive 2 copies at 5* rating

How to Awaken the 3* and 4* versions of this unit

Son Gohan requires an event specific Awakening item called a Senzu bean. You will receive 1 Senzu Bean from:

  • Stage Completion reward – Stage 8 (Beginner)
  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 3 (Intermediate)
  • Mission Reward – Beat Stage 8 (Beginner) two times
  • Mission Reward – Beat Stage 8 (Beginner) three times
  • Mission Reward – Beat Stage 8 (Beginner) five times
  • Mission Reward – Beat Stage 8 (Intermediate) one time
  • Mission Reward – Beat Stage 8 (Intermediate) two times
  • Mission Reward – Beat Stage 8 (Intermediate) three times

Each 3* Gohan requires 2 Senzu beans to reach 5*, As you receive two 5* Gohans, you only need to awaken 4 of the remaining Gohans.

You will need all 8 Senzu Beans in order to awaken all the Gohans you need to Max Limit Break.

This Event’s Jump unit

Son Goku (Adult)

from Dragon Ball

Type: Heart

Class: All rounder

Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of Strength and Heart units by a Large amount

Jump Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of StrengthTechnique and Heart units by a Large amount


Ultimate Attack: Inflict 300% of this character’s ATK to the Target Enemy and a further 300% to the whole enemy Main Team (Cooldown: 60)

JUMP Ultimate Attack: Inflict 600% damage to entire enemy team, roll back enemy skill gauge by 20% (Cooldown: 35)

Skill 1: Inflict 150% of this character’s ATK to all enemy Main Team, reduce target Defence by a large amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 45)

Skill 2: Inflict 400% of this character’s ATK to the Target Enemy and reduce skill gauge by 20% (Cooldown: 30)

Skill 3: Inflict 300% of this character’s ATK to all Enemy Supports (Cooldown: 40)

Skill 4 (Jump Only): Increase the Speed and chance of Critical Hits for this unit by an Extreme amount for 4 turns, additionally, increase this units number of normal attacks by +1 for 3 turns (Cooldown: 40)


  • Increase Attack of Main Team Allies by a Large amount
  • Improve Defence by a Large amount against enemies with the Hand to Hand Combat characteristic
  • All Main Team Allies will ignore the first hit of damage at the beginning of the fight


  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Pure
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Hero


  • HP: 7830
  • Attack: 1530
  • Defence: 1000
  • Speed: 33

Jump Stats

  • HP: 8691
  • Attack: 1713
  • Defence: 1110
  • Speed: 35

How To Obtain this unit

Son Goku (Adult) can only be obtained from this limited gacha. We assume that all limited gacha characters will come back eventually but so far none of them had so we can’t confirm anything.

How To Jump Awaken this unit

Son Goku (Adult) requires awakening medals from the Dragon Ball event in order to Jump Awaken. You will need the following medals;

  • 30 x 1980’s Era Medals
  • 60 x Vegeta Medals
  • 60 x Krillin Medals
  • 60 x Frieza Medals
  • 60 x Goku Medals

This medals can only be obtained on Expert difficulty.

In my personal experience the best place to farm these medals is Stage 8.

Beating Stage 8

This event has followed a trend, that formed after the end of the Video Girl Ai Event: Maze of Memories, of relatively easy events. However for some this may still be a challenge so I am here to help.

General Tips & Tricks

  • While mono-Strength is the best choice for this event, almost any type of team composition can beat this event.
  • Stage 8 is the best stage to farm medals, memorial stones, gold, 3* dumbbells, gold All Rounder scrolls, gold Universal Scrolls and of course points
  • The All Rounder Scrolls that drop on this event can be used for Son Goku (Adult) or if you don’t have him Son Gohan is also an option

Frieza’s Defence buff can be pretty annoying, but even worse than that is his Ultimate Attack which severely lowers your teams damage output from ultimate attacks, my suggestions are:

  • Wait for the Ultimate Attack debuff to run out on your units (3 turns) before using your ultimate attacks
  • Just kill him with normal attacks (pretty easy with strength teams)
  • Make use of skills to kill frieza
  • Use skills from units like Kazuyoshi Usui (Skill 1) to remove debuffs on your team or buffs on the enemy

Teams that I have used

This event is quite easy, if you’ve been playing for a while then building a team for this event shouldn’t be a problem for you, if you are having problems then don’t worry, I will share some of the teams I used to beat the event here:

Extreme Defence Strength team

Recommended Guest Leader: Any Strength Leader

Red F2p

Extreme Attack Strength team

Recommended Guest Leader: Any Strength Leader


Extreme Attack Agile team

Recommended Guest Leader: Jump Rei


Extreme Attack Intelligence team

Recommended Guest Leader: Any Intelligence Leader


Extreme HP Heart team

Recommended Guest Leader: Any Heart Leader, Goku is pretty good


Extreme Defence Physical team

Recommended Guest Leader: Any Physical Leader or Jump Kurapika or Jump Rei


Extreme Attack Technique team

Recommended Guest Leader: Jump Kenshiro


Large Attack Strength and Heart team

Recommended Guest Leader: Jump Rei or Goku


Large Attack Strength, Physical and Agile team

Recommended Guest Leader: Jump Pegasus Seiya or Jump Rei


Large Attack Royalty team

Recommended Guest Leader: Jump Rei


Large Attack Persistence team

Recommended Guest Leader: Yusuke


All these teams have been tested and are able to beat the event (with the right levels and skill levels)

I will have a video of all these teams beating the event up here soon!

Closing Thoughts

Another event that is relatively easy, this event will be on for an ever longer period than normal events too so everyone will have plenty of time to get everything they need from the event. As always having high level and high skill level units, wherever you can, will be a massive help. JUMP Rei is most definitely the MVP of this event, bring him as a guest leader and let him switch in when someone dies. Guest leaders aren’t affected by Frieza’s Ultimate Attack Debuff so Rei will always jump in and inflict full damage making him the perfect candidate for your guest leader.

As for the teams above, basically anyone can be swapped out as long as they fulfill the same role, there are certain teams that can’t beat the event without a Guest Jump Rei so be ready to search for them in your guest list. In general just try to bring Strength hard hitters and whittle him down.

If you have any feedback please do let me know!

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